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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,258
HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,856
Does light have mass? Is light affected by gravity? What should something have to be affected by gravity?
Oct6-12 09:00 PM
Simon Bridge
10 1,822
I have been having a conversation via email with someone who adamantly agrees with the statements of geocentricism. My...
Oct6-12 08:17 AM
6 1,360
For a ground-based Cherenkov radiation detection, what are the theoretical/practical constraints on the gamma-ray...
Oct5-12 09:15 AM
8 1,748
Wheeee! More confusing thread titles! Here, let me elaborate: What I intend to do here is figure out a way to...
Oct4-12 06:33 PM
3 879
I've been looking at planar rotations, in a volumetric medium, for a while and came up with a rather strange solution...
Oct4-12 02:17 PM
0 939
On the Origin of Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields There is recent evidence that the solar magnetic cycle has been...
Oct4-12 10:46 AM
7 2,176
Just looking for some input on an idea I had before I approach a physicist at a college... Let me know what you...
Oct4-12 04:12 AM
4 1,143
Hello all, Cosmic Variance just had a great post up about Black Holes, wherein they were talking about something...
Oct3-12 07:08 PM
2 1,271
I've been reading a lot about space elevators being built from carbon nanotube thread and having lifters powered by...
Sep30-12 08:06 PM
5 1,521
A friend wrote this in an exchange we had about iron and its role in the process of fusion. I question the last...
Sep29-12 01:53 PM
1 736
A comparison of a large star and a black hole: Both have identical masses. Correct me if I'm wrong but...
Sep29-12 05:04 AM
20 2,718
My astronomy lab group is planning a research project. We will have access to a .6 m reflecting telescope in the...
Sep29-12 02:54 AM
1 1,315
Hypothetically, if we weren't receiving all the light from a galaxy, is it possible that this would reconcile the...
Sep28-12 05:00 PM
13 1,808
so, when it comes to EM or strong force or weak force, you cannot tell the difference it some object exists inside a...
Sep27-12 11:16 PM
2 846
for example take two halves of a black hole as m1 and m2. since we told black hole has no volume so we take distance...
Sep27-12 11:08 PM
3 973
I just finished watching a few Stephen Hawking specials. I watched "Did God create the universe" and the one about...
Sep27-12 01:10 PM
Ravi Mandavi
9 1,472
I'm not sure if I'm questioning gravity here, but I was thinking about the movement of the planets around the sun and...
Sep26-12 10:40 PM
7 1,851
A few years ago, I worked out a problem considering what gaseous molecules a planetary body could expect to retain or...
Sep26-12 06:12 PM
0 805
Lets say mars has a density of 6 g cm/3 instead of its current density and kept its radius. What would the effects...
Sep26-12 08:25 AM
13 1,581
Theoretically; As any mass approaching the core of a black hole, then would the tidal force difference effect the...
Sep24-12 08:10 PM
4 1,013
Basically, all more distant galaxies have a Red Shift that increases with the distance to the galaxy, the Universe is...
Sep24-12 01:19 AM
2 1,037
I am loving this forum :) I am troubled by the conventional image of space being inverted by a black hole - if...
Sep22-12 04:59 AM
27 2,202
hi there, I was just at a seminar in which the speaker was talking about using gravitational lensing to investigate...
Sep20-12 01:23 PM
m k
5 1,213
From previous answers - according to the general theory of relativity, kinetic energy contributes to gravitational...
Sep19-12 08:26 AM
7 1,267
Dear All I want to know the formula to extract the longitude of the satellite from the TLE (two line element)...
Sep18-12 07:39 AM
0 974
What is the relationship between the following in an elliptical orbit: -foci -geometric center -barycenter -the...
Sep17-12 11:30 PM
1 939
Hey everyone. Let me preface this by saying, I love physics and astronomy, but am by no stretch an expert in either...
Sep16-12 11:50 PM
8 1,639
Hi Clever People, I've been watching an amazing program about dark matter, dark energy and dark flow. I thought...
Sep16-12 10:05 AM
44 6,850
Maybe this is a simple question but, all the stuff I've been reading so far keeps talking about protostars and their...
Sep15-12 02:18 AM
3 1,259
A stellar mass black hole is around 10 solar masses, and some stars can be much massive than this. And doesn't a black...
Sep10-12 04:21 PM
25 2,725
the big bang theory suggests that all the matter around us was once infinitely concentrated at some particular high...
Sep8-12 03:34 PM
16 5,174
I'm trying to rewrite Newton's law - GMP2 = 4(pi)2r3 as P2 = a3 under these conditions: that the mass M is the sun's...
Sep7-12 12:21 AM
1 1,437
I live in a home where we don't make very much money, but I would really like to go to school for Astrophysics. As of...
Sep5-12 06:54 PM
2 1,430
What would happen to the Earth's momentum theoretically speaking if the moon was destroyed by some outside body such...
Sep4-12 04:59 PM
10 1,558
What timefram does short term atmospheric retention mean?
Sep4-12 12:05 AM
1 958
I saw this image when I was a kid. The photograph of Jupiter taken by NASA's Voyager. Beautiful. But nothing special...
Sep3-12 11:28 PM
3 1,380
im 13 from the UK and i have a dream of becoming an astrophysicist but i think im too thick. now, im trying really...
Sep3-12 03:39 PM
11 2,385
Hi all, This is my first post. I am a fourth year undergrad doing a project on astrobiology. in order to do...
Aug31-12 08:57 AM
1 1,507
Some say its liquid some say its solid, heres what i think. While i believe about 60-80% is solid, i believe the rest...
Aug31-12 07:39 AM
Simon Bridge
8 1,280
Hi, I have a rather basic question: most 'cosmic rays' have an energy of about 109 eV, but there are also...
Aug27-12 10:34 AM
2 1,197

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