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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,297
HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,912
Consider a two body system for simplicity: M1 << M2. M1 is in a circular orbit about M2. The tangential speed of...
Aug30-07 10:21 PM
7 2,604
What is a typical distribution of mass in a typical spiral galaxy. I understand most is in the centre, but how much?...
Aug28-07 04:52 AM
3 3,766
Something I've been wondering for a while, but haven't been convinced by the answers I've received. If an astronaut...
Aug27-07 06:18 AM
1 1,799
When the Sun burns out entirely and reaches the ambient temperature of outer space, what will be its radius, mass, and...
Aug27-07 05:12 AM
2 5,085
Accompanying the article "Magnetars," by Kouveliotou, et al, Scientific American, February, 2003, is a graphic labeled...
Aug24-07 07:20 PM
RJ Emery
2 1,734
I got in an argument and I was defending one of the theories about Venus' slow prograde rotation. I'm defending the...
Aug24-07 02:07 PM
2 1,911
The question I'm about to asked has probably asked before many times b , but I keyed in a "supermassive blackholes and...
Aug21-07 07:36 AM
George Jones
8 2,878
Hello, I've come looking for advice, direction etc on submitting a proposal to NASA. I emailed their general...
Aug20-07 12:19 PM
13 3,144
Assuming M-Theory is correct and there are a multitude of other membranes which contain other universes, can we begin...
Aug20-07 12:07 PM
0 1,164
Hi , I am rather new to this (well just found the site today) and I was wondering weather any of you knew the answers...
Aug8-07 09:28 AM
3 2,099
I seek a suitable and current graduate level text on astronomical spectroscopy. The desired emphasis is on stellar...
Aug5-07 12:53 PM
1 2,759
How do gravitational waves originate? Does the mass of the body, from where they are originating,decrease?
Aug3-07 03:50 PM
6 1,974
Let's try something. Everybody imagine an expanding three-sphere. When cosmologists give you the balloon analogy,...
Aug2-07 05:53 PM
20 4,239
It is my general understanding that once a star goes supernova, the remnant core of the dead star will (always?)...
Aug2-07 03:15 PM
2 2,230
Let's say that there's a dome with some radius and height. Is there a way to calculate the area of the light hitting...
Aug1-07 05:46 PM
5 2,121
Hey guys, I didn't really know where to put this and this seemed like the most logical place. Also sorry if there's...
Jul30-07 11:36 PM
7 7,178
What is the distance from the moon where the gravitational influence of the Earth is weaker than that of the moon? I...
Jul28-07 12:32 PM
11 3,074
Can anybody tell me the accepted figure for the diameter of the universe? I rather thought it was a simple 27 billion...
Jul23-07 05:12 PM
34 8,611
Does a black hole have a radius or is it zero? I dont mean the event horizon, but the matter that have been squized...
Jul19-07 11:11 AM
12 2,512
I would like to model a cooling sphere, losing heat at the boundary through radiation. Is there a book that can help...
Jul19-07 03:26 AM
2 3,912
Hi dunno if im in the right area but i have a random question about future space craft and the speed they travel. ...
Jul15-07 06:26 PM
6 1,255
I need a help in selecting my new presentation topic my teachers always use to say that the topic should be very...
Jul13-07 12:55 PM
Huma waseem
2 1,204
I'm just wondering whether anyone has any theories as to what causes the electrons in the Aurora Borealis to...
Jul10-07 05:43 PM
10 3,589
Hello, I am trying to make a very rough computer model of the clumping of matter into galaxies in the large scale...
Jul6-07 07:11 PM
3 1,267
Applying the standard physics definition of 'spin'....If one were to take a black permanent marker and draw circles of...
Jul3-07 11:23 AM
17 2,395
can someone explain to me in simple language why does not Moon fall on the Earth? I dont understand it why? ...
Jul3-07 06:58 AM
15 3,841
The empirical MOND explanation of galactic rotation curves involves switching over in the low acceleration regime from...
Jun29-07 04:33 AM
7 1,903
White dwarfs and neutron stars have very low uncertainty in position (since the particles are practically on top of...
Jun27-07 08:41 PM
2 1,783
In GR calculations below the cosmological scale, it is conventional to assume that a sufficient distance from the...
Jun26-07 04:34 AM
Jonathan Scott
1 1,305
How much does the moons mass contribute to the earths orbital distance and characteristics around the sun. If the...
Jun25-07 06:38 PM
5 6,370
As blumfeld0 has already said, a topic (first posted by SF) that has come up on another thread deserves a thread of...
Jun22-07 10:57 AM
10 2,862 includes a concise timeline of the solar system future ===quote...
Jun22-07 01:12 AM
10 3,085
I have been trying to prove a point to a friend that it is theoretically possible to open a wormhole to another...
Jun22-07 12:54 AM
12 2,703
So black holes are incredibly dense points of matter that affect everything in their area with very powerful gravity...
Jun20-07 09:30 AM
George Jones
30 4,333
I am currently a student-teacher pursuing my teaching certificate for high school physics. Over the past month or so,...
Jun18-07 05:05 PM
5 2,653
Why doesn't a star collapse in the early stages of its life instead of the later. You would think that with less gas...
Jun15-07 11:32 PM
2 2,869
Is it possible to calculate the radii of a star knowing its mass, luminosity and effective temperature? Thanks
Jun15-07 02:20 PM
7 1,444
Can the distance between two bodies be calculated to prove they are gravitationally bound? Use two bodies with...
Jun13-07 07:59 PM
3 1,534
hi friends can you help me in collecting systematically some important phenomenon or 'effects' in astronomy and...
Jun13-07 08:36 AM
1 1,705
How does a blackholes gravity escape its own event horizon? thanks
Jun8-07 07:59 AM
27 3,800

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