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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,182
HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,749
I read in "Simply Einstein; Relativity Demystified" that if someone were to obeserve an object falling into a black...
Jun8-10 07:51 AM
17 1,990
Is mass reduced by emittance? If so if you heat an object would its mass reduce quicker?
Jun6-10 12:19 PM
3 1,043
Are waves only 'waves' if you try and represent them in 2D? If an object emits waves in all directions are the waves...
Jun6-10 11:57 AM
13 1,193
Ok so I was watching this program on TV and the guy ended up getting r=0 With this he put this value into the...
Jun6-10 10:13 AM
4 5,563
 I want to ask here if tidal forces can in a sense be considered as the opposite of the centripetal forces that drive...
Jun6-10 05:19 AM
0 932
I'm not quite sure how reliable this is as a source but I thought it provided a good derivation for the Hawking...
Jun6-10 03:13 AM
1 2,867
How fast is the rotation of the Earth slowing down ?
Jun5-10 03:43 PM
5 1,305
That explain cosmic microwave background ? Cosmic microwave background (referring to the hiss that was detected by...
Jun4-10 02:12 AM
11 2,719
What's the range on the mass of lenticular galaxies? I've already looked through a few of my books and did a quick...
Jun3-10 04:15 PM
0 1,243
I have only taken my highschool Physics course so excuse me if I don't understand some things right away. I looked at...
Jun3-10 03:56 PM
1 1,184
WHat is the present status about the black hole information paradox? Is there some consensus? Could someone...
Jun3-10 06:17 AM
9 1,890
A year ago a friend of mine told me that have seen a film that claims that it seems that the planets in not exactly...
Jun3-10 05:32 AM
14 1,501
I asked this on another thread, but I think it might need a thread of its own. If this has already been covered, can...
Jun2-10 06:44 PM
7 1,526
The May 2010 issue of Scientific American had an article titled Through Neutrino Eyes: Ghostly Particles Become...
Jun2-10 01:34 PM
10 2,178
Article about how the most powerful GRBs may come from black holes that spin in the opposite direction to the...
Jun2-10 01:35 AM
0 1,072
I have a question about what happens if: A collapsing star (with an appropriate mass <20solar masses) forms a...
Jun1-10 11:51 AM
brother time
3 1,436
like the title says, I am having trouble understanding how the universe expanded at many times the speed of light. ...
May31-10 06:42 AM
1 1,366
do all planets have magnetospheres?
May30-10 03:15 PM
5 3,394
If black holes are not real, just wondering? By the way they may or may not exist. But since some people don't beleive...
May30-10 07:58 AM
George Jones
31 3,257
why does mercury move with such velocity while pluto is much slower?
May29-10 11:07 PM
5 2,128
I have been slowly working through Carrol and Ostlie's Intro to Modern Astrophysics but at the rate I am going I will...
May29-10 06:24 PM
1 739
I have a (probably elementary) question about the end of a massive star. I know that the two issues are a neutron...
May29-10 06:08 AM
13 2,288
An April 18 article, Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy reports recent observations of...
May27-10 08:13 PM
3 1,989
Hello, I am trying to revise for my Solar System exam and going through a past paper i have a question relating to...
May27-10 01:04 AM
5 1,666
You have two black holes of the same mass and charge widely separated in space. One was formed from matter and one...
May25-10 03:53 PM
22 5,864
Hy. I was wondering what is the energy of the planets (in our galaxy)? How it is called ? frequency ? i don't know. ...
May25-10 03:47 PM
5 1,071
I am having a hard time understanding the theory that a collapsed hypergiant forms a gamma ray pulsating black hole. ...
May23-10 01:35 AM
3 1,432
I always here about neutron stars and black holes sucking the gs from their companions. However, a star loses mass...
May22-10 11:22 AM
10 1,530
May22-10 09:43 AM
2 1,709
Are there any known celestial bodies that at any time could collapse and produce a GRB directed towards earth? I...
May22-10 09:38 AM
1 1,017
We can imagine a sphere floating freely in space. Perhaps it is something like a ping pong ball. We attach a piece...
May21-10 08:13 AM
0 881
Would it be possible to use a black hole as a weapon? What I was thinking is that you could use a very powerful gun...
May21-10 04:39 AM
36 6,794
how will you find the distance to the star sirius using parallax method using eath based telescpoes? i know the...
May20-10 08:47 PM
Agent M27
6 1,771
What are the best two clues, in your opinion, to the nature of Active Galatic Nuclie?
May20-10 02:12 AM
0 836
If the earth for some reason started rotating faster would we notice it? Would we experience any g forces?
May20-10 12:07 AM
5 946
What comes next if the dark matter hypothesis fails? A hypothesis that is fundamentally incorrect blocks any progress....
May19-10 10:35 PM
46 5,069
was just thinking if no luminous matter exist beyond the visible part of the universe. then that indicated that...
May19-10 07:43 AM
3 1,138
Sorry if someone already asked these, but I didn't see anything that was the same. A few of my friends are in a...
May19-10 07:22 AM
23 2,339
Are there any theories that suggest that there are smaller degenerate states than the state reached in a neutron star?...
May17-10 06:42 PM
2 1,696
Reading Saul's thread on dark matter on the ropes, I...
May16-10 09:57 PM
0 1,547

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