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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,078
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,425
This problem is pretty complicated, and I have fooled around with it in Maple but I don't understand the concepts well...
Nov23-04 07:47 PM
20 7,296
I recently read the new Scientific American and in one of the articles it says that the observable universe can see a...
Jul27-11 02:17 PM
1 4,133
Hi dunno if im in the right area but i have a random question about future space craft and the speed they travel. ...
Jul15-07 06:26 PM
6 1,256
About a week ago at campus, we had a colloquium on dark energy. I have been studying it some, and a couple of things...
Feb10-12 12:45 PM
2 1,609
well there are gaseous planets... what are the laws that avoid the existence of a giant liquid planet with a little...
Nov23-12 03:11 PM
4 1,047
A system emitting gravitational radiation loses mass. But how is this explained in terms of the system. Take for...
Nov22-09 08:44 AM
Jonathan Scott
7 1,810
If gravitational waves have such tiny amplitudes (typically several orders of magnitude smaller than a proton), then...
Feb22-10 11:31 AM
10 1,655
Hi guys, I'm not to great at physics and all but I want to learn more. I hope you guys can help me in that...
May20-07 09:32 AM
6 2,442
If the planets are forced into circular orbits by inertia and gravity, why are the orbits of comets oval shaped? What...
May10-07 10:49 AM
9 2,182
So black holes are incredibly dense points of matter that affect everything in their area with very powerful gravity...
Jun20-07 09:30 AM
George Jones
30 4,336
If light can travel through a vacuum, whats to keep it from traveling out of the "boundaries" of the universe? If...
Oct9-07 08:40 AM
8 1,900
I'm wondering how realistic it is for a 50 solar mass star to have a core temperature of 3.14*(10^7) K. This isn't...
Sep23-09 06:15 AM
1 3,281
If a small black hole were to fall into a star or brown dwarf, presumably it would initiate accretion and fusion in a...
May31-11 09:40 AM
6 1,710
Is it possible to calculate the radii of a star knowing its mass, luminosity and effective temperature? Thanks
Jun15-07 02:20 PM
7 1,446
Astronomers using ESA's gamma-ray observatory, Integral, have detected what appears to be the fastest spinning neutron...
Mar21-07 06:47 AM
0 1,477
As we all known: neutron-star has strong magnetic field! Does blackhole have strong magnetic field too?? Thank you in...
Mar31-07 10:54 PM
2 8,680
(1)If two white-dwarf stars combined together,there will be supernova? which type? (2)If two neutron stars combined...
Apr24-07 08:47 PM
7 2,099
If two black holes combind together,the main form energy emited by this event is "gravitational waves"?? ...
May26-07 11:03 PM
16 3,646
Does 1a type supernova release the same amount of neutrino as 2 type supernova?
May22-07 06:56 AM
1 4,164
If the gravitation has very very tiny deviation from inverse square law!our solar system became unstable? If so ,how...
Nov9-08 09:47 AM
4 1,276
The sun by itself accounts for about 99.86% of the Solar System's mass. Whether the heavy elements(heavier than...
Mar15-09 12:12 AM
0 1,464
A recent study indicates that Betelgeuse has decreased in size by 15% since 1993. ...
Jun11-10 06:42 PM
10 4,658
If a neutron star accumulate materials from its companion star ,then it's mass exceeded Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff...
Sep26-09 09:04 AM
4 1,477
Coalescent of two white dwarfs can produce supernova? What kinds of supernova?
Sep12-09 09:06 AM
0 1,081
Why dark matter can not collapse into a blackhole under it's own weight?
Aug3-11 01:28 AM
6 2,235
Hi, I'm from the UK and I'm in my final year of an aerospace engineering PhD which focuses on civil aircraft and...
Jul27-12 04:44 AM
2 1,103
i was just wandering..... at the point where gravity is strong enough to be greater than the kinetic energy of which...
Dec8-03 10:04 AM
27 2,454
Hi I know the meaning of trigonometric parallax, but what is angular extent? In a problem, it is stated that the...
Feb14-11 10:09 AM
4 3,132
Hello, I am trying to revise for my Solar System exam and going through a past paper i have a question relating to...
May27-10 01:04 AM
5 1,672
Hi! I am reading text in metal abundances, for example one of my books states that the metallicity of the milky way...
Nov8-07 12:00 PM
2 1,411
Hi! I have a project where I am supposed to model the s-process in a star in its Helium shell burning region, and i...
Nov17-07 10:56 PM
2 1,966
In many papers tell that the expansion history of the universe can be obtained by studying the SNe Ia (traditional...
Feb25-07 08:37 AM
0 1,753
Hi all, I need to get an aitoff all sky flux map. I have flux given by an equation that depends on different...
Dec28-09 03:34 PM
0 2,281
Why does time stop in the event horizon of a blackhole? Or at least slow down, from what i know.
Feb24-14 01:46 PM
6 828
What proof do we have that dark matter exists.
Feb28-14 07:02 AM
28 1,729
Hi guys Im currently investigating planetary orbits in maths and one of our problems is to prove that Pluto spends...
Apr23-06 09:02 AM
1 1,782
Hello everyone! New poster here. I would first of all like to thank you all, since in these threads i have found...
Apr23-10 12:49 PM
George Jones
1 1,291 Video lecture by Eliot Quataert, a young guy at UC Berkeley expert on GRBs. He brings the...
Sep15-09 11:12 AM
0 957
The preprint on this has not come out yet. What we have is a 5 January blog entry by Sigurdsson....
Jan7-10 03:20 PM
Frame Dragger
9 2,460
Governato et al. have offered a solution to a long-standing puzzle about structure formation. Published in the...
Jan18-10 11:15 AM
0 1,014

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