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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,094
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,438
Hi, I need to know that how can we determine the access times to a LEO satellite(a,e,i,etc) by a ground...
Feb17-10 01:55 PM
0 855
I was reading about what would happen if an Anti-Matter star and Matter star collided. What I read says the collision...
Nov2-06 07:34 PM
0 3,232
I've heard it stated on popular TV science programs that light from the big bang could seen if we could look far...
Sep15-10 11:13 AM
4 1,348
hi and yes i have read all other threads and news about the discovery of ring of dark matter. i was just...
Jun5-07 10:06 AM
0 1,214
It is generally stated that observed baryon to photon density (about 6.1x10^(-10)) is too small. What is the reason?...
Jun24-12 04:08 AM
1 1,026
I have a question about the hydrostatic equation for a star's central pressure. I know that the central pressure for...
Aug4-08 07:38 AM
5 12,580
Instantaneous action of gravity According to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, instantaneous action at...
Mar11-13 11:58 AM
2 899
What does the spacetime landscape look like - or what is it predicted to look like - at the location of a black hole?...
Sep22-07 11:53 PM
1 1,297
Hi, I have a question about black holes that has to do with their evaporation. What is predicted to happen once a...
Nov9-07 11:37 AM
Chris Hillman
32 4,772
Is the expansion of the universe phenomenon considered a force or what? Basically I'm wondering how the mechanism of...
Jun19-08 12:14 AM
8 2,900
Can someone help me on this: Hawking Bernstein radiation can cause a BH to evaporate. The second law of BH dynamics...
Jan22-14 03:06 PM
1 563
I want to calculate the delta V needed to move objects around in a 1-d gravitational field. The relevant equations as...
Nov28-13 03:56 PM
1 905
Hi, Im currently an A Level student and we today begun to discuss fields. We were discussing the four different types...
Feb20-04 01:20 PM
4 2,578
Hi all, Sorry to ask a naive question - I've read that the vacuum energy density (due to quantum fields) is...
Apr17-12 08:58 PM
0 895
Although I have a basic knowledge of blackholes and the effect they have on matter, I have a question as to what...
Jun10-05 10:50 AM
4 1,606
As far as I know, matter and anti-matter are only different in charge and spin. Therefore a star undergoing fusion...
Jul24-13 08:45 AM
24 4,506
I've read that there's a point in a black hole where matter is infinitely dense. There is zero volume but infinite...
Nov6-13 11:18 AM
6 856
Can a black hole be a portal to another dimension?
Nov6-13 09:45 PM
Simon Bridge
6 871
Hello I have been modeling the rotation curves of galaxies. Can help in calculating the rotation velocity for a thin...
Nov26-11 03:27 PM
0 1,310
Hello. I need help with a truncation of the surface density of a thin exponential disk. To calculate the speed. At ...
Nov30-11 12:14 PM
0 920
Need help in calculating the double integral using the method Monte Carlo. Work of S. Casertano URL...
May12-12 03:56 PM
0 1,292
Could there be a portal inside or near the sun? Consider the magnetic field and energy of the sun.
Aug8-12 09:24 AM
4 830
May be am taking you a way too back, but I really don't understand what this Information in a black hole is !! Ive bin...
Oct27-11 12:11 AM
12 3,315
A non-rotating body of electron-degenerate matter above a certain limiting mass must have an infinite density. Now my...
Sep26-11 01:18 AM
11 4,145
According to the special relativity, an object that has a mass cannot travel at the speed of light. So nothing in this...
May14-11 11:09 PM
18 4,126
Have some doubt regarding the behaviour of the light near the Black hole.....What happens to the path of light at...
Jan22-11 10:28 AM
19 2,403
I am here with another silly doubt....Is twinkling because of the star or the distance? What matters here? For...
Jan25-11 11:38 AM
12 1,886
Dont ignore this as a hypothetical one, but really I have some doubt... suppose we made a very bright torch light and...
Jan25-11 10:08 PM
4 1,636
Do you think that the artificial satellites of earth revolve inside the Roche limit? If inside, why are they not...
Jan25-11 10:42 AM
7 2,171
Presently, I am working with the "Lunar Habitats" and planning to present all the knowledge I've gathered in an...
Feb6-11 01:15 AM
0 900
According to theory of black hole radiation, black holes are expected to emit a thermal spectrum of radiation, and...
Sep20-11 04:17 PM
5 2,201
Hi...I started writing blogs related to Astronomy and Astrophysics 1 year back. But for this 1 year, I could hardly...
Sep16-11 10:26 AM
2 1,182
Imagining a clock...the middle of the face where the hands rotate from represents the sun. If at 12 and 6 were to...
Mar12-08 11:26 AM
4 6,068
how much mathematics is important in astrophysics? (which topics mainly?) is astrophysics is a kind of theoretical or...
Mar29-10 04:06 PM
Agent M27
1 1,109
im 13 from the UK and i have a dream of becoming an astrophysicist but i think im too thick. now, im trying really...
Sep3-12 03:39 PM
11 2,396
What would happen to a star if it took a direct hit from a gamma ray burst? For example if a gamma ray burst from...
Oct17-11 11:11 PM
13 4,569
Would a star that is too small to go supernova (Sol or Alpha Centauri) still go supernova if its core somehow...
Aug18-11 10:32 AM
Ken G
11 3,207
It seems like black holes could just as easily be expelling the matter they rip up. Couldn't a black hole just be...
Aug26-11 04:04 PM
33 5,806
I'm just finishing my first year at community college, and I'll be there again in the fall and winter. After cc, I'll...
Apr11-11 09:11 AM
2 1,099
ive been researching cosmic rays, and came across this question that i can't quite work out. can anyone help? what...
Sep25-07 09:11 PM
0 1,209

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