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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,891
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,279
if i know a meter is observed at an altitude of 6km, to be traveling with an initial velocity of 20 km/s and the...
Jun21-08 11:59 AM
1 1,556
I'm looking for a picture like this but with the...
Jun15-08 07:15 AM
1 3,039
I'm looking to establish a simple explanation of coordinate acceleration- Basically, as GR established, gravity is...
Jun18-08 01:41 AM
1 1,423
Does exist a system to calculate how mass creates a curvature in relativity, and how it creates redshift?
Jun16-08 09:54 AM
1 1,105
Hi all, How to measure the tangential component of velocity of receding starsor quasars? I ask this because the...
Jun19-08 12:53 AM
1 2,455
hi i just wanted to ask if someone could explain this graph for me ...
Jun25-08 07:03 AM
1 1,595
Could we rewrite the Newton law as F=G\rho\rho1\frac{}{} d^{}2? I' ve read this in a book. Is it right?
Jun24-08 05:47 AM
1 961
What is Hanny's Voorwerp? Looks like Kermit the Frog to me! Garth
Jun25-08 03:41 AM
1 1,716
I happened to see this and thought someone here might be interested It has been accepted for publication in...
Jul15-08 08:28 PM
1 1,202
how to measure the spin angular momentum of there any specific formula for blackhole Or the usual J=mvr...
Aug13-08 02:40 AM
1 4,488
Hi ! I have mounted a tri-axis accelerometer on a telescope which gives me angles for x,y & z axis, is there a...
Jul31-08 05:11 PM
1 4,194
Hi all, My question is, does the radius of a star vary significantly between different wavelengths? I am...
Aug6-08 12:26 PM
1 1,735
Just a question, I am by no means a astrophysicist... just a lowly thinker who doesn't think much IF a multiverse...
Aug7-08 12:48 AM
1 1,563
Ever wondered what it is like to make a major discovery in astrophysics? You may be interested in reading Jocelyn...
Aug14-08 10:39 AM
1 1,629
I've seen some measurements of supernovae, and they often mention a ring that's expanding. I can follow that. What...
Aug30-08 05:54 AM
1 2,836
Where could I find the spectra of most elements on line? I would expecially the He 2 spectrum, the Be and the B ones....
Sep1-08 09:57 AM
1 1,182
I have been reading all of the previous threads on this topic, but they are all locked or in some strange stasis...
Sep2-08 07:45 AM
1 1,337
Hi, In a few journals I've come across the term "centimeter continuum emission" - e.g. 21 cm continuum emission....
Sep4-08 10:11 AM
1 1,294
Sorry didn't see this forum. I need some help with calculating simple theoretical parallax error:...
Sep17-08 05:22 PM
1 1,225
i've just been reading about dark energy on a site, and it seems it's quite a riddle at present. it stated that the...
Sep18-08 11:00 PM
1 1,294
Hello everybody: I've got a few questions that I could not find answers to, so perhaps someone on this forum can...
Sep19-08 09:38 AM
Jonathan Scott
1 1,925
Stars seem to occur in almost every color, from red to near violet, but not green. Why are there no green stars?
Sep28-08 02:04 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,249
Steinn Sigurdsson reports on sensitivity of new planet-search instruments, how slow a wobble can they pick up? If...
Oct6-08 09:57 AM
1 1,793
In this statement: " a lower limit on reionization of z > 6.7 with 3\sigma confidence." What is the meaning the...
Oct4-08 04:26 PM
Vanadium 50
1 1,383
Other than an engineering project, what could we look at with a 25 m+ telescopes?...
Oct13-08 11:22 AM
1 1,317
Is there a set average temperature for the universe? And taking into consideration our habitable temperature is x...
Oct14-08 04:48 PM
1 1,360
someone told me that it is impossible for a human being to survive in a spacecraft while traveling to the moon due to...
Nov18-08 08:05 PM
1 909
Is the corona heating problem with only Sun? Or all stars having this problem? i.e. outer layer of all stars have high...
Nov23-08 05:58 AM
1 1,570
I did some research in regards to the age and metallicity of population I stars in hopes to come up with a novel...
Dec5-08 08:45 AM
1 3,623
Hey guys, I was just wondering. If light can slow down at the temperature of 0 degrees Kelvin, isn't it possible for...
Dec14-08 09:38 PM
Vanadium 50
1 1,205
To me 10^9 is more special than velocity of light..thats why we exist? 1. why there is one more baryon than 10^9...
Dec17-08 09:12 AM
1 1,236
Iím new to these forums and indeed physics as a practice. Although physics has always interested me, it has only been...
Jan3-09 01:51 PM
1 1,554
Ok so i don't know squat about either subject, so blame Nova for this post. The show was talking about reaching...
Dec25-08 05:35 AM
George Jones
1 743
I am using the following C library for a variety of solar position calculations:...
Jan14-09 11:56 AM
1 4,024 From the discussion in APS Viewpoints. The two experiments taken together—XENON10...
Jan12-09 07:24 AM
1 1,202
Hi guys, I understand that in the Sun electrons are released upper chromosphere and corona which causes synchotron...
Jan15-09 12:11 PM
1 1,152
Is there an equation to predict the distance of a hypothetical planet from it's host star to be locked? (For G, K, M...
Jan18-09 03:51 PM
1 1,887
What exactly is Fermi-Dirac statistics? Because I think I can't understand fermions without knowing that.Thanks! ...
Jan27-09 12:54 PM
1 997
There is a hollow cylinder out in space (Cylinder A), shaped like a giant soda straw. Inside the cylinder are...
Jan29-09 07:59 AM
1 1,930
Hey everybody, I'm doing my International Baccalaureate extended essay (2500 to 4000 words) in Astrophysics, which...
Feb4-09 05:34 AM
Vanadium 50
1 3,993

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