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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,090
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,433
What will be the rotational speed of the Earth when gravity would be only 5.0m/s2
Mar14-07 11:36 AM
6 7,452
I have a few questions regarding these phenomena. 1. I don't quite understand what is going on in the picture. ...
Jun7-12 05:59 PM
21 7,425
I have been reading up on wormholes and though I can't claim to understand every thing I've read there is one thing...
May18-11 09:11 AM
21 7,417
suppose there are two bodies,one revolving in an orbit around the otherDifferences in orbital and axial rotation of a...
Sep17-11 10:28 AM
16 7,413 What are your thoughts on this?
Jan23-11 08:24 PM
33 7,395
Blue-shifted Galaxies Why are the blue-shifted galaxies located pretty much in two directions in the sky about 180...
Dec26-09 01:38 AM
19 7,335
Hello This is my first post and excuse me I'm a bit dim (hence my username). So, I've had this question rattling...
Jan11-10 12:29 AM
9 7,324
Here's the idea: As one approaches the event horizon of a black hole, gravity increases, and time slows. The...
Mar4-06 02:56 PM
10 7,311
This problem is pretty complicated, and I have fooled around with it in Maple but I don't understand the concepts well...
Nov23-04 07:47 PM
20 7,296
Hello all, First, since I'm just a physics teacher, and not an astrophysicist, my questions may sound "obscure" or...
Jan14-10 08:33 PM
9 7,280
Would it be true to say that if we believe the big bang theory, and we believe the best current theories, then there...
Jan28-12 04:36 PM
43 7,231
I understand that main sequence/white-dwarf binary systems are the cause of type Ia supernovae. Is it possible that...
Apr2-07 02:58 AM
4 7,213
Supernovas (exploding stars) are the most power explosions known to science. They are so awesomely powerful, they...
May22-11 07:19 AM
36 7,205
Hey guys, I didn't really know where to put this and this seemed like the most logical place. Also sorry if there's...
Jul30-07 11:36 PM
7 7,197
Just from general ideas gained over time I am under the impression that structure in our universe started with slight...
Apr16-07 02:53 PM
36 7,173
There is a great deal of misconception and misinformation surrounding the topic of radiation pressure in stars. I...
Mar27-11 05:10 AM
43 7,170
I read an interesting article which asserts that the existence of black holes cannot be falsified, and therefore they...
Nov5-09 08:16 PM
73 7,154
Since at event horizon, the escape velocity of black hole must be greater than speed of light but even light can't...
May27-12 06:09 AM
52 7,127
Hello, I'm a liberal arts type with an interest in wormholes, so bear with my "science". From my readings, there...
Feb10-11 10:49 AM
16 7,118
For simplicity consider an unmanned probe to a star in our neighbourhood say 10 to 20 LY. Most discussions of this...
Oct21-10 12:32 AM
44 7,108
First let me say, I am not a scientist, I'm an MBA type, but I am fascinated with physics and the Universe and have...
Apr18-09 03:36 AM
22 7,061
I am interested in building a three shell mathematical solar model based upon the core, the radiative zone, convective...
May19-12 05:08 PM
Vanadium 50
23 7,060
The passage below is quotted from wikipedia: "The cycle between one maximum elongation and the next lasts 584 days....
Feb16-06 11:02 PM
1 6,971
I understand that a great number of star's we see are no longer there (now dead)we are just seeing the light traving...
Nov20-09 11:05 AM
3 6,967
From nuclear theory and texts its known that every second 570 millions tons of hydrogen are converted to 566 millton...
Apr28-08 05:05 AM
4 6,910
It's my understanding that everything in space is in some sort of "free fall", which is pretty much what an orbit is....
Sep22-08 06:03 PM
37 6,890
The Saturn V rocket for the Apollo missions had rocket reignition at stage 3 to boost speed from 28,160 km/h to...
Aug21-09 03:21 PM
2 6,886
Hi Clever People, I've been watching an amazing program about dark matter, dark energy and dark flow. I thought...
Sep16-12 10:05 AM
44 6,870
Hello Folks, I have an interesting question (I think)... how far back in the history of universe would you have to...
Oct21-12 08:05 AM
38 6,865
Would it be possible to use a black hole as a weapon? What I was thinking is that you could use a very powerful gun...
May21-10 04:39 AM
36 6,825
me and my cousin rikkhon speculate that if we enter a black hole in an unimaginable velocity(synchronising with the...
Dec7-06 11:22 PM
21 6,791
What are they? :confused:
Aug25-05 09:27 AM
32 6,777
I have a question regarding a simple application of Newton's equation of gravity. As an exercise, I applied the...
Apr4-05 05:11 PM
4 6,712
A comet is observed to have a perihelion distance of 0.6Au and a period of 341 years. Calculate it's Aphelion...
Dec23-09 10:43 AM
8 6,693
Theoretically, what would be the closest one planet could safely exist away from another?
Sep3-06 11:08 AM
1 6,651
In thermodynamic books I read free expansion does NOT change the temperature of the gas as no work is done against any...
Jun23-10 06:40 AM
22 6,648
Is the amount of information taken in by a Blackhole, proportional to the amount given out?
Dec21-05 09:54 PM
38 6,632
Here's an idea that I have been working on for the past few months. After weeks of writing out idea after idea...
Oct26-07 07:56 PM
Chris Hillman
11 6,569
What causes of the equatorial bulge? I have tried looking it up online but I am having some trouble finding a good...
Mar13-08 12:44 PM
10 6,558
let's say we remove one of the planets from it's orbit around the sun (let's remove it far away from the solar system)...
Dec19-03 11:44 AM
39 6,551

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