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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,724
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,172
I do know that stars explode on occasion... but I don't understand how gravity could possibly have enough force...
Jan12-06 02:50 PM
32 6,224
Just realized that this paper hadn't been posted here, and thought everyone might like to see this. ...
Jan21-06 10:02 AM
12 2,214
This may sound silly but is it possible to see a black hole grow, how do we know that black holes consume and hold...
Jan14-06 09:24 AM
5 1,470
Is it correct to say that as the Earth (or any other planet I guess) gets closer to the Sun during parts of its yearly...
Jan21-06 11:02 PM
6 2,763
The former is a hypothesis that originated with observations of (apparent) periodicity in the extinction record, and...
Jan18-06 07:34 AM
14 8,414
In the future when the sun ejects its outer layers as it becomes a white dwarf would there be enough ejected matter...
Jan20-06 06:52 PM
7 1,802
Hi all, I have currently been reading up on dark matter halos as I’m considering doing a small project on them for...
Jan14-06 02:22 AM
7 2,582
A general unification of magnetism&gravity and Strong and weak forces? Saw an...
Jan14-06 01:14 AM
3 1,276
Consider this scenario: a Mars-size object strikes a glancing blow at Venus's backside that's facing toward the Sun....
Jan16-06 07:17 PM
10 3,737
does this mean they really 'stop'. vaporize means 'decrease rapidly and disappear'. i know that. but i just want to be...
Jan21-06 12:11 PM
8 1,615
I have a quick question about the singularity, is it infinitly small and dense and if so why? Why do we know it to be...
Jan18-06 06:38 PM
2 1,569
From the apparent stability of the orbits of the planets in our solar system (let's leave out EKB objects, for now),...
Jan20-06 04:08 PM
14 1,804
Figuring out the weight of celestial bodies in the solar system, please. Algebra-representations also requested. ...
Jan24-06 09:59 PM
4 1,485
It is said that high massive planets can eject small planets in planetary forming systems. I don't understand that...
Jan22-06 03:58 PM
2 1,550 Modified Newtonian Dynamics, an Introductory Review Riccardo Scarpa To...
Jan29-06 02:53 PM
12 1,799
Greetings to you all. It's more than just a bit over my head. I am more here as an observer, but I do have a few...
Jan24-06 03:07 AM
6 1,888
Stellar evolution modeling is a science that, to put it charitably, plods along. Here is one of the more interesting...
Jan24-06 08:18 PM
1 1,953
According Hawking radiation theory the black holes eventually will evaporate. This process gives energy. The process...
Jan28-06 04:57 PM
20 2,547
If space is "nothing" then how does rocket propulsion used by space shuttles work? What exactly do those blasts push...
Feb2-06 07:55 AM
21 8,050
i don't get it. really large stars are unstable and there are frequent outbursts. so they are called variable stars....
Jan30-06 11:01 AM
1 1,299
What is behind the pulsation of the light of a Cepheid?
Jan30-06 07:13 AM
8 1,806
Black holes are constructed from ordinary matter. Their charge to mass ratio, a measure of photonic interaction, is...
Jan29-06 01:19 PM
2 2,471
I would like this thread to explore the asociative effects of both dark energy and dark matter in the universe. I...
Feb11-06 01:41 AM
23 3,108
For this problem assume the "EM spectrum of astrophysical relevance" is between 1m and 10^-3nm. Calculate the...
Jan31-06 02:03 AM
4 1,288
would anyone happen to know the formula for the intensity of a subsidiary maxima from a spectra?
Jan31-06 10:55 PM
0 2,844
Well, hopefully this is going to be my last help-thread for a while, i'd like to start repaying the members. You may...
Feb2-06 01:50 PM
3 1,668
So I heard a theory once that a planet, gaining mass through collisions, could over time become a feelble star (if it...
Feb3-06 01:27 PM
Soul Surfer
3 1,188
Hello. I'm plowing through Linda Sparke's "Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction". I'm enjoying it quite well...
Feb3-06 05:53 PM
1 7,490
When can I say that the system is in equilibrium? How can I estimate how quickly it takes to the system to reach...
Feb6-06 08:02 PM
16 2,802
What do the letters stand for? Blue, Violet, Red, Indego??? Does anyone have a link explaining the process? ...
Feb5-06 10:35 PM
3 1,624
I was just discussing a paper about the spin of a black hole and it made me wonder. If the object that collapsed...
Feb8-06 12:46 PM
7 1,686
If I understand correctly, the name 2003 UB313 means: 2003 - year of discovery U - 2nd half of October (A=first...
Feb7-06 12:12 PM
2 1,868
Is this true? (excerpted from an article about 2003 UB313) "...Its very elongated orbit takes it up to 97 times...
Feb7-06 09:56 AM
1 3,621
Okay - and this is most likely a gross oversimplification - but (for galaxies thought to have DM halos), the predicted...
Feb8-06 01:52 PM
3 1,275
Could the size of our universe be determined by some average per volume temperature ?
Feb8-06 05:21 PM
1 1,041
Curious about this. One possiblity is that matter in the black hole would be converted into energy, which might reduce...
Feb10-06 12:44 AM
2 1,386
Hello, I'm new to this and have a very limited understanding of Physics i.e. High school level. My question is...
Feb10-06 06:29 AM
Soul Surfer
4 2,459
I'm not sure where this belongs, since Bethe is a giant in many branches of physics, but since astrophysics is my...
Feb10-06 01:16 AM
0 1,733
Why does the face on surface brightness profile of spiral galaxies follow an exponential decrease with incresing...
Feb10-06 09:22 PM
0 2,882
Blue-ward of the Lyman limit, the sky is pretty much opaque, beyond a few pc (except in one or two directions, such as...
Feb14-06 01:25 PM
0 1,000

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