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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,743
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,179
Being new to astronomy, I was wondering, do all planets have moons? What are they? how did they get there?
Sep3-06 09:05 AM
1 1,329
Theoretically, what would be the closest one planet could safely exist away from another?
Sep3-06 11:08 AM
1 6,646
70 \frac{km/s}{Mpc}*\left(384400\ km\right)=8.72028137*10^{-10}\frac{m}{s} ...
Jun24-06 03:16 AM
7 4,261
I read in Bob Berman's book, Strange Universe, that astronomers found out from observing distant stars, that time in...
Jul17-06 03:48 AM
Juan Casado
17 2,433
(I hope this is the correct subforum) I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am hoping to show a derivation of...
Jun21-06 10:36 AM
2 4,866
What is singularity? How come of it?
Jul14-06 05:58 PM
Soul Surfer
24 16,557
Quiz Question. Let say we had a piece of Matter the size of a Dot like the size of a Period at the end of a...
Jun25-06 02:55 PM
1 2,077
Peruse away! Astrophysics in 2005 Authors: V. Trimble, M.J. Aschwanden, C.J. Hansen Comments: 1 fig We...
Jun27-06 08:55 PM
0 1,056
I am sorry if this has been posted before. I just stumbled over this link and it got me drooling:tongue2: ...
Jul5-06 03:35 AM
3 2,212
Hi I am have been looking into magnetic CV's and am unsure of something i hope some one can help. Considering only...
Jul3-06 03:52 AM
2 1,422
I got to thinking the other day while watching Superman Returns about the scene during the opening credits where it...
Jul3-06 08:57 AM
0 1,081
i read sometime ago that the venus revolves in opposite direction around the sun as compared to other planets.please...
Jul9-06 03:19 PM
10 2,272
The Solar System is traveling around 155 miles a Second around the Milky way Galaxy. There are 31,556,926 seconds...
Jul11-06 09:43 AM
10 2,433
If Mars had 25% more mass would its orbit be further or closer to the sun?
Jul17-06 09:40 AM
28 2,535
:surprised I thought a lot,but that was in vain.Neutron stars do contain 10%-20% electrons,protons compensating beta...
Jul9-06 11:03 AM
0 1,563
sorry if this kind of post is frowned upon, but i'm desperately seeking someone to help me out with a creative project...
Jul10-06 11:35 AM
1 1,680
I was looking at the APOD for July 10th and marvelled how well-defined the Sun's surface is. I know about coronae and...
Jul16-06 06:49 AM
8 4,324
Hello. what equation do i use to figure out how many .75*Msolar main sequence stars would it take to equal the...
Jul17-06 07:06 PM
3 1,669
How many times longer does a 0.50 Msolar star fuse hydrogen at itís core than dose a 1.5 Msolar star? i just need...
Jul20-06 05:34 AM
1 1,359
Hi, I had a few questions about the super massive black hole. 1. Are Super Massive Black Hole the nucleus of an...
Jul25-06 09:46 PM
13 2,670
Hello. Has anyone ever heard of a spiral tracer? and what characteristics they have?? any good link on the topic...
Jul21-06 04:38 AM
1 3,855
I always wondered what would happen if the sun suddenly stopped doing energy generation. i know that it would us 8.5...
Jul21-06 05:33 AM
3 1,428
Can anyone point me to some good links about the our current understanding of quasars-in particular why they are so...
Jul27-06 07:18 PM
9 20,856
How deeply into the Sun can we see? What are we actually seeing? Is wavelength related to how much we can see...
Jul20-06 10:10 AM
1 1,503
Why do spectroscopic binaries have short periods? I figure it is because they have small separation and p^2=A^3 but...
Jul24-06 06:29 AM
4 2,444
Light cannot escape from a black hole; however, x-rays have been detected from black holes. How is this possible? ...
Jul28-06 03:28 AM
5 2,142
Where can i find on the internet numerical problems from astrophysics?
Jul24-06 09:53 AM
0 2,884
Jul27-06 03:33 PM
0 3,325
I've begun a study of the sun's interior and Emden's equation. Yet nowhere on the web does anyone divulge how to...
Aug1-06 07:10 PM
4 1,872
i had a brainwave this morning, i just was wondering about things these are my obscure questions about Lagrange...
Jul31-06 06:56 AM
4 5,235
Does anybody have a link to a precise definition of a "volume limited sample." This pertains especially to sky...
Aug1-06 09:34 PM
1 3,320
. . . . .
Aug4-06 09:17 AM
1 1,576
I've recently read that when a galaxy or star(if I'm right) comes closer to earth, its spectrum shifts to blue....
Aug17-06 02:40 AM
12 2,063
A question. Has there ever been an instance where a single galaxy split into two separate gallaxies or a recorded...
Aug12-06 07:29 PM
8 1,670
I was watching an interesting article on string theroy on TV the other night and they said (not sure if it was theroy...
Aug11-06 01:19 PM
5 1,939
Why does light bend when it encounters a black hole or a star? Does a blackhole have a refractive index? It must...
Aug22-06 04:58 PM
21 2,300
Hi, I have to do a rediometric analysis on an optical system , basically calculate how much radiant power goes...
Aug23-06 02:04 PM
0 974
i have always wondered how do the sensors meters carried in spacecrafts work in space, with all that harnessing...
Aug25-06 12:58 PM
1 1,508
Lately I've interested into the hypothesis on the unequality of gravity in different part of the universe, as a...
Aug28-06 03:55 PM
1 1,621
Hi, Quick spectroscopy question: Say I am looking at the sun with a near IR /IR spectrometer? I know there is H2 and...
Sep11-06 02:14 PM
1 1,220

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