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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,938
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,317
How far away from earth might the oxygen signature of our atmosphere be spectographically detectable? The flip side...
Oct14-07 11:35 PM
0 1,336
I read a article describing the normality of the sun. It actually described that the sun is pouring the solar neutrino...
Oct15-07 06:30 PM
1 1,522
I have read that Edwin Hubble first noted the "reddening" of galaxies, and that this redshift was evidence for the...
Oct27-07 01:15 PM
11 3,511
hie all, i'm a student and i'm working on a software using FITS file. I need coordinates of galaxies which are...
Oct17-07 12:06 PM
1 1,476
Hello all!!!! I realize these questions may have been more appropriately posted in another forum, however for...
Oct16-07 01:43 PM
0 1,420
Hello, CAn anybody help me with this question please? Suppose you were observing an O-type star embedded in a...
Oct16-07 08:16 PM
0 1,435
What is the condition for the schwarzschild radius to form a black hole? Well, for example I have 65 Kg, so my...
Oct28-07 08:36 AM
6 1,470
Here's an idea that I have been working on for the past few months. After weeks of writing out idea after idea...
Oct26-07 07:56 PM
Chris Hillman
11 6,565
I heard this the other day on a radio science program. from...
Oct20-07 12:25 PM
5 3,133
Jupiter instantaneously vanishes. What are some events likely to happen? Accretion of the asteroid belt? How...
Oct19-07 01:19 PM
19 4,338
My question is about the formation of a neutron star once fussion stops and it collapses. I recently saw a show about...
Oct13-07 08:29 PM
12 4,085
Hi, I have a question about black holes that has to do with their evaporation. What is predicted to happen once a...
Nov9-07 11:37 AM
Chris Hillman
32 4,769
I can "understand" the gravitational pull of the sun on the earth and the earth mass effect toward the moon, but what...
Nov2-07 05:53 PM
7 2,467
...was destroyed by an asteroid which was destined for Earth? Where would that leave Earth? What would happen to Earth...
Oct19-07 08:24 AM
Jonathan Scott
5 2,468
What is the capacitance of the sun? semms like a straigtforward question but I cant seem to find any information on...
Oct14-07 07:32 AM
4 2,629 How do these pulsars remain intact?
Oct14-07 01:05 PM
9 2,451
I was watching a show on Discovery about things that could end the Earth and one of them was a Gamma Ray Burst. They...
Oct20-07 07:08 AM
8 6,408
Is this true or false? The state of our universe, as it is today, contains enough matter comprised of heavy...
Oct19-07 09:15 PM
3 1,563
If a star is twice as far away, is it true that it will appear to us 4 times dimmer? If this is true, can we assume...
Oct22-07 11:27 PM
2 2,169
Hey everyone, Ok, my ultimate aim is analysis of gamma ray burst light curves, so i have data which includes count...
Oct19-07 10:05 AM
1 1,724
The Chandra observatory has just found a big black hole and a massive star in a binary orbit pattern. This got me...
Oct19-07 01:49 PM
0 1,334 Masses for the Local Group and the Milky Way Yang-Shyang Li (1), Simon D. M. White...
Oct21-07 07:07 PM
0 2,442
The preferred (Big Bang) theory is that the universe started as a super hot, super dense dit that was the size of an...
Oct26-07 08:05 PM
Chris Hillman
6 1,961
What is the role of Cepheid stars in determining the Hubble parameter?
Oct22-07 11:14 PM
1 2,226
Would the night sky appear dark if our eyes were sensitive to electromagnetic radiation with wavelength around 2 mm? ...
Oct22-07 11:19 PM
1 1,504
Still being so close to the sun, what prevents the planet Mercury from vaporizing away?
Oct23-07 06:56 PM
2 1,458
Does any one know if gravitational lensing confirms the existance of Dark matter?
Oct25-07 06:03 PM
5 2,022
If an object is entering a black hole, it would be accelerating at a constant rate. If that object's matter was...
Oct26-07 07:36 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,466
I was wondering whether one has examined the spectrum of gravitational lensed light (nice description on wikipedia :...
Oct31-07 12:45 PM
Chris Hillman
8 1,971
Imagine if there were another planet similar in mass and volume to earth on a parallel orbit, on the other side of the...
Oct29-07 10:10 PM
20 7,478
So I read in Yahoo! that a new black hole (the largest ever) had been discovered 1.8 million light years away. It got...
Nov1-07 05:58 PM
Chris Hillman
5 1,784
With physicists building big neutrino detectors like IceCube and Anteras astrophysicists where hoping for a...
Nov6-07 10:51 PM
Michael Mozina
9 2,111
I've scanned some literature, but could not find a description of the mechanism that causes the "thin vertical wind"*...
Nov5-07 01:51 AM
7 2,161
Can you tell me How Much is the difference between theoritical and experimental astrophysics?
Nov4-07 11:09 AM
1 2,611
we know that planets revolve in elliptical orbits but Why should planets revolve in elliptical orbits?
Nov4-07 11:08 AM
Jonathan Scott
2 5,958
Sprial galaxies - Are the axes of rotation of the purely random? This article:...
Nov5-07 12:52 PM
jim mcnamara
0 2,236
What is the estimated value of the local star formation rate (SFR) and how accurately do we know this number?
Nov6-07 01:44 PM
5 1,724
This came to me the other day. Im a total layman, so forgive the language, just an idea, and thought I'd ask far...
Nov7-07 12:53 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,200
I have been reading a book about black holes and I picked up a lot of information, but some things still bother me. ...
Nov8-07 04:20 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,499
Hi! I am reading text in metal abundances, for example one of my books states that the metallicity of the milky way...
Nov8-07 12:00 PM
2 1,410

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