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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 67,945
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,327
I'm a bit confused about quasars and neutron stars but is it the case that quasars are much much denser than our star...
Oct28-13 08:40 PM
10 2,240
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and didn't really know where else to ask some questions, and get good answers, I'm fairly...
Mar15-14 08:20 AM
9 1,271
One of the most popular mass loss equations of a star, developed by D. Reimers, is given by: dM/dt = -(4x10^-13) *...
Nov15-13 01:56 PM
1 1,105
Suppose we have a point mass system that consists of ##m + n## particles. There are ##m## normal visible point masses...
Nov13-13 01:10 PM
3 945
Space is endless, I mean the 'real space' outside our universe. Our Universe is said to be about 13.7 billion years...
Nov14-13 07:28 AM
6 1,103
There's very little known about WIMPs, from my understanding, but I believe there has been some speculation that they...
Nov13-13 05:36 PM
3 921
Hello to all! I'm trying to develop a routine (in ESO-MIDAS) similar to NEAT (Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool) or...
Nov13-13 02:51 PM
0 840
What was the primordial composition of U isotopes in solar system? Solar system contained isotopes less than a...
Nov25-13 08:58 PM
23 1,978
how many dimensions are there in universe and what are they ?
Nov15-13 08:31 AM
4 937
Hi guys, Simple question for my first post. If nothing escapes Black Holes, how come they're such massive...
Nov20-13 07:42 PM
4 1,060
Hello everybody, I'm new here and i have a question about the activity of our galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole. Did...
Nov20-13 06:59 PM
2 856
A recent APOD page discussed jets ejected from black holes. It said, "Recent evidence indicates that these jets are...
Nov25-13 12:22 AM
7 935
I want to calculate the delta V needed to move objects around in a 1-d gravitational field. The relevant equations as...
Nov28-13 03:56 PM
1 901
Hello, I am trying to draw an analogy, which just came with a flash in my mind. Please clarify me, if it is wrong....
Nov28-13 12:24 AM
6 934
This paper,, discusses Kepler mission results. The authors deduce that 5.7% of sun-like...
Dec1-13 05:34 AM
Damo ET
9 1,249
Hello, everyone. On physics Olympiad in our country I get a interesting example... But, I didn't know how to solve...
Dec1-13 04:40 AM
1 847
Hey, so I've been wondering about this question for a while and was wondering if anyone could support the Big Bang...
Jan31-14 08:13 PM
25 1,984
I was arguing today with a friend and the argument seemed pretty pointless because we had nothing to back up our facts...
Mar10-14 03:01 AM
24 2,559
Hi everyone! First of all, I'm a brand new member and am looking forward to spending time on this forum, learning a...
Mar16-14 03:36 PM
10 708
This article mentions moon dust as "subjected to a millenia of UV radiation" as if it's a bad thing. UV would simply...
Mar16-14 02:01 PM
3 500
A supernova core collapses and the rest of the star follows, inner layers arrive first, a shock wave wave forms? As...
Mar20-14 02:43 PM
3 590
Hi. I need help please with a textbook illustration that has confused me. Is the caption a typo? Should be...
Mar30-14 06:22 PM
5 727
Hi everybody! I have been asked by the astronomy group at my campus to do one of a series of talks on basic...
Apr4-14 11:02 PM
Ken G
4 722
Primordial black holes as a dark matter candidate has been ruled out -...
Mar15-14 10:55 PM
11 761
say you measured every particle which has entered a black hole say you measured every hawking radiation particle...
Mar16-14 06:23 PM
4 697
When I linked to this morning's, I read the following, which appears to be a notable disturbance of...
Mar31-14 05:23 AM
1 382
First off I couldn't decide whether to enter my question in the relativity section or this one, so if I'm in the wrong...
Mar23-14 01:05 PM
13 1,121
Hello, I was wondering that I'm a astronaut on Moon and I thought about a one question... If I look at the Earth...
Mar17-14 12:17 PM
13 734
Imagine a spinning skater. She pulls her arms in a little and spins faster. She brings her arms all the way into her...
Mar29-14 05:21 AM
9 699
Hi. My name is abi. I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove pupil ghost from images using the rmpupil command in...
Mar20-14 02:53 PM
2 430
I realize that there are no lakes or rivers on Venus, but, given the surface temperature, pressure, etc. what...
Mar21-14 05:00 PM
4 586
If the B-mode sky plots could be Fourier transformed what would be a plot of the lowest order B-mode harmonic plotted...
Mar20-14 09:12 PM
1 447
Why aren't the other bands (visible, UV, etc.) in the electromagnetic spectrum also seen today as part of the...
Mar21-14 12:15 PM
3 607
Lets say we have a couple objects, one very close to a black hole, one a little farther out and then one a good...
Apr1-14 01:51 AM
Simon Bridge
1 499
The escape velocity of a satellite circularly orbiting a large body comes from conservation of energy. Are there any...
Apr3-14 02:15 PM
6 482
A few years back I started a thread to make the point that there is a common misconception about main-sequence stars...
Apr6-14 05:15 AM
5 408
Hi, what is the name of the variable star with the longest period? I know Mira variables are in general the longest,...
Apr17-14 09:12 PM
2 180
The two mass is similar. I read a line about this and i thought L should be conserved before. What is the background...
Apr17-14 09:54 AM
Simon Bridge
1 231
I have made available lecture notes presented by Richard Feynman at the Hughes Research labs on the topics of...
- - -
Is there an estimate of how long after the big-bang could a solar system similar to ours (ie star and orbiting...
Y 07:26 PM
1 159

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