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- The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe.
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HELPFUL DESCRIPTIONS. a : semimajor axis For elliptical orbits, the semimajor axis is half the length of the...
May2-10 02:49 PM
45 68,047
To help me in understanding this procedure, I read the fifth chapter of THE DETERMINATION OF ORBITS by A. D. Dubyago,...
Apr22-12 12:10 PM
20 45,408
Is anyone familiar with "Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods, Applications" by Montenbruck and Gill? I'm looking for...
Sep19-05 05:12 PM
3 3,625
For an object exactly at the event horizon of a black hole, is the acceleration infinite or does the object accelerate...
Jul1-05 11:52 AM
George Jones
29 5,304
During my work of space vehicle orbit determination, I have been confronted with a difficulty that hasn't been solved...
Jul8-05 11:22 AM
13 2,266
Any ideas?
Aug12-05 07:15 PM
27 22,117
HI, Simple question. When matter falls into a black hole, I guess it leaves our known "Universe", although I...
Jun17-05 05:02 PM
7 1,516
lets assume that a base was constructed on the moon for the purpose of launching spacecraft. if spacecraft were...
Jun27-05 02:25 PM
10 2,384
Hi there, I'm wasn't sure whether I should post this question in the maths section or here, but since this...
Jul13-05 07:09 AM
17 7,607
Hello everyone, Its good to FINALLY be back! :biggrin: I was wondering why the path of the planets in our solar...
Aug12-05 08:15 PM
25 3,959
have such stars been observed by the astrophysicists? and if they havent yet, are they predicted by the current model...
Jul27-05 10:37 AM
16 2,585
Hello everyone i am new to these forums As a part of my master thesis i am trying to construct transfer orbits based...
Jul5-05 05:49 PM
1 3,218
When will the Last Galaxy be created?..are the Newest (detected) Galaxies part of an ongoing process, or is there is...
Aug23-05 11:30 PM
15 2,180
When we look at the sun, does light emitted from the edges of the sun have a different wavelength than light emitted...
Sep7-05 02:48 PM
11 2,689
why does firing your rocket engines (obviously in the appropriate direction) at perihelion give the greatest velocity...
Aug12-05 07:41 PM
7 2,110
What are they? :confused:
Aug25-05 09:27 AM
32 6,777
On a page such as this, from Bahcall's website, you can get links to the input parameters, and the publications...
Sep18-05 10:39 PM
6 1,946
The "10th Planet" is locked in resonance with Neptune. 2003 UB313 is in a 17:5 resonance with Neptune. I've never...
Aug13-05 09:51 PM
3 2,487
Given 3- bodies of non-negleble mass, are there stable configurations or not. for example, Will a planet (with...
Aug16-05 12:32 PM
2 3,758
Using variational principle has anyone actually tried to determine whether the exteremal path obtained is actually a...
Aug13-05 05:32 AM
0 1,357
a supernova can out light a entire galaxy. Ive read it can give out about 10^44J of energy is there anyone of you who...
Aug28-05 03:57 AM
5 2,183 That's the output of my home-made NBody solver. I'm wondering if it...
Aug27-05 12:13 PM
7 1,592
without having devistating consequences for Earth? My kids (6 and 4) came up with the question last night at...
Aug24-05 02:19 PM
17 4,471
Something important to think about: If it takes us between 225 and 240 millions years to make one Galaxy orbit...
Aug23-05 08:15 AM
5 2,279
Just a question from a begginer : In the simulation of a solar or (galactic) system, when you calculate the...
Aug25-05 05:04 AM
3 2,116
I want to know everything about Big Bang theory. For example what were the clues which led scientists to this theory...
Sep1-05 03:09 AM
20 2,912
As someone who only studied first year physics and maths and have taken no interest in it since than I was rather...
Aug31-05 04:04 PM
15 2,894
Hi there, i've got a theoretical question i was hoping to guage opinion about: Is there any feasible situation which...
Sep2-05 10:19 AM
11 4,099
I read the following theory: As you enter a black hole, your time will slow, and the entire life of the universe...
Sep2-05 03:15 PM
9 2,662
Formula for solar radiation pressure I'm looking for a formula that gives the amount of force in Newtons that is...
Sep8-05 09:08 PM
8 20,927
Is it possible for a galaxy too fall back into its self?(even if they don't) What would happen? :grumpy:
Sep6-05 05:20 AM
3 2,526
halo I will start with ,ellipse in polar coordinates. bold mean=vectors polar equation:ellipse in 3d major...
Sep7-05 04:37 PM
0 7,679
halo nice link I found. best regards
Sep26-05 07:41 AM
1 1,727
nice link :smile: PHYS 390: Introduction to Astrophysics
Sep8-05 06:17 PM
1 1,270
Why don't stellar spectra show absorption lines for carbon, oxygen or nitrogen if they are such abundant elements. Is...
Sep14-05 11:19 AM
25 3,607
Hello group, I understand that taking the first derivative of the Planck function with respect to lambda = 0 should...
Sep10-05 08:47 PM
0 4,765
Recent programme here in the UK deals with the "Hawking Paradox",:...
Oct4-05 04:32 PM
7 5,369
Is a Halo Orbit, such as the one employed by the SOHO spacecraft, a powered orbit (requires corrective burns)?. L1 is...
Sep18-05 02:22 AM
5 2,307
There is a long standing issue with Gravistars, recent paper here: gives a good...
Sep23-05 09:15 PM
0 1,266
In a recent paper Ashtekar and Bojowald: gave details (page's 25-26) of the...
Sep21-05 03:26 AM
2 2,365
Iím having a mental block in understanding why geostationary satellites stay in the same place and donít change orbits...
Sep25-05 11:05 AM
3 34,384
I just want to know if anyone has any good web sites on astrophysics. I am a beginner and I do not know where to...
Oct5-05 03:52 PM
2 1,701

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