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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Jul10-14 01:18 PM
491 152,067
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 37,885
I haven't yet. I heard about it on the Cosmic...
Sep15-11 06:26 PM
3 2,292
I'm currently trying to reassess my image of the BB and the universe in general. I've been led to...
Sep15-11 08:21 AM
34 3,281
I have a puzzle when I study the hybrid inflation model. Suppose we have two scalar fields, \phi_1 and \phi_2...
Sep14-11 10:12 AM
5 1,977
Any galaxy that we can see, must have been travelling at less than light speed when the photons that we now see,...
Sep13-11 03:31 PM
57 9,230
In this thought experiment the sun does not run out of fuel and the earth is still here. So in 14 billion years we...
Sep13-11 03:06 PM
5 1,717
So, if space expands (measurements gets larger) in the presence of low mass, as between galaxies but not within...
Sep12-11 11:14 PM
2 1,194
There was a thread here a few minutes ago, posted by a new user, called "Thoughts about the universe". It contained...
Sep11-11 02:48 AM
mitchell porter
26 3,690
where did the freidman equation come from?
Sep10-11 09:52 PM
7 1,308
The title pretty much sums up what I am not comprehending. At about the time when atoms stopped forming I am asked to...
Sep10-11 11:03 AM
6 1,685
Had our observations shown shown that the Universe was not expanding, and was instead static, where would that have...
Sep9-11 07:20 PM
4 1,793
Is there a known quantity of CMb phtons? Presumably we can only recieve a finite amount in our detectors, but is that...
Sep9-11 02:28 PM
Cosmo Novice
8 1,775
Dear all, As u know, one of the best potentials for quintessence is V=^\alpha] \phi]^\alpha] They usually call...
Sep9-11 12:33 AM
4 1,725
Hi, I have lots of questions, they occured to me last year during the physic/chemistry class and I asked the teacher...
Sep8-11 06:06 PM
8 1,594
Almost all textbooks tell us that the cosmic redshift is arised from the cosmic expansion rather than the recession of...
Sep8-11 07:57 AM
3 1,971
I've heard that the prevailing theory of cosmology before the Big Bang was that the universe is static and eternal. ...
Sep7-11 04:21 PM
17 4,049
Okay, so here's my questions: 1. Why can't we see the light from the big bang? If it happened 14 billion years...
Sep7-11 10:21 AM
5 1,955
So I was watching the show "Curiosity" on the Discovery channel last night. In the show, Stephen Hawking describes...
Sep6-11 03:54 AM
14 3,336
Why will the Hubble parameter only decrease to .85 of today's Hubble parameter?
Sep6-11 01:44 AM
2 893
I was watching a documentary the other day and this idea occurred to me. Here are links to the relevant portions on...
Sep5-11 11:18 PM
David Elm
93 16,646
First a true-false question. Are the furthest visible galaxies presently incapable of any connection with us. That...
Sep5-11 05:01 PM
8 1,973
Stephen Hawking gave me a clear timeline of the universe, from the expansion of the singularity to its current (and...
Sep5-11 03:17 PM
51 8,412
Hello first time to this forum ^^,It is awesome very good work, So i was wondering if there was a topic about...
Sep5-11 01:35 PM
0 784
I recently watched Stephen Hawking on Discovery's "Curiosity" and found his assertion that a grand designer could not...
Sep5-11 03:45 AM
64 8,043
If the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is driven by the vaccuum energy 'created' by newly-formed space,...
Sep3-11 11:00 PM
6 2,237
After the big bang, did the cosmic inflation of space occur as a gravitational wave?
Sep2-11 02:07 PM
27 3,103
(Maybe this should go under General Math or maybe even Topology but since it's about the dimension of the universe...
Sep2-11 08:31 AM
1 2,421
I know that the rubbersheet / fabric analogies that we see on TV and in various diagrams are only a metaphor, but I'm...
Sep1-11 04:41 AM
17 3,625
I recently watched curiosity and i have been having a hard time grasping how it describes the creation of our...
Aug31-11 07:24 AM
10 2,558
The process in which the nucleus and electrons combined to form neutral atoms at early times is called recombination....
Aug31-11 02:12 AM
3 1,585
I was just reading on wikipedia about the expansion of space. (
Aug29-11 08:36 PM
6 1,543 Results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have all but...
Aug27-11 03:12 PM
1 1,384
I was watching Brian Cox on TV last night and he was talking about the heat death of the universe and made the...
Aug27-11 06:16 AM
17 2,953
Right after the big bang a gas consisting of many elementary particles, including neutrinos and antineutrinos was...
Aug27-11 03:30 AM
3 1,327
How can we see light from 400K years after the big bang? Are we older than this light? Did we travel faster than this...
Aug27-11 12:57 AM
14 3,010
I've read that the universe is Euclidean and have also read that space is bent by gravity. Descriptions of geometry...
Aug26-11 11:37 AM
10 2,095
In a reply to a correspondents question, it was stated that the expansion rate of the universe is slowing. This would...
Aug25-11 08:18 PM
15 3,234
According to John Baez, Einstein's Field equations can be written in the following form: V'' / V = - 1/2 (rho +...
Aug25-11 04:22 PM
4 1,960
I have heard statements made that at the instant of the Big Bang, the entire universe was condensed into an incredibly...
Aug25-11 03:29 PM
26 3,807
Hi everybody!! I'm going to make this quick, so i won't waste your time! SO: What are the proofs of the expansion of...
Aug23-11 11:30 PM
8 1,903
I know the constant ΛCDM model predicts the expansion factor a (= 1/ providing we impose the condition a = 1 now) to...
Aug23-11 02:19 AM
1 1,144

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