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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 167,538
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 45,796
Is the big bang (referring to the well-established theory of post-Planck time evolution) compatible with any model of...
Oct24-11 01:25 AM
6 1,697
The age of the universe is equated to the age of the oldest objects in it - and estimated at about 13.75 billion...
Oct23-11 10:49 PM
22 3,014
Bill Alsept started a thread raising the general question---do cosmic models with regularly repeating big bangs...
Oct23-11 04:59 PM
6 1,529
Hello It seems we refer to the outer space as "the absolute vacuum." I read recently that the deepest vacuum man...
Oct23-11 02:57 PM
4 1,494
I read that the energy of the entire universe might be zero, by an argumnet of the positive energy matter content...
Oct21-11 05:23 PM
20 4,985
Does the measured value of the Hubble constant, H_0, depend on the details of the expansion model one uses?
Oct21-11 07:35 AM
3 1,018
This might be in the wrong section. If all the matter and energy in the universe was localized into a small region at...
Oct21-11 05:24 AM
Cosmo Novice
4 1,165
I am wondering about the speed of the outer bands of galaxies and if they are moving at or faster than the speed of...
Oct20-11 08:33 PM
10 2,998
As the universe expanded after the big bang it was expanding into nothingness, ie even the fabric of space-time itself...
Oct17-11 04:36 PM
37 4,860
I have a question of sorts. I was taught that the universe formed from the Big Bang, which was a unique event. Much...
Oct17-11 01:31 AM
21 2,740
Dear Marcus: Many thanks for your very informative messages. Please write one more on a simple LAYMAN's...
Oct15-11 04:41 PM
10 1,878
If we can find a galaxy(or anything at all) that is more than 13.7 billion light years away can we say that the big...
Oct14-11 05:38 AM
26 3,946
Using time to measure distance (I hope thatís OK), the big bang is 13.7b light years away. The farthest we can see is...
Oct13-11 02:17 PM
6 1,910
What is parallel universe?
Oct13-11 05:36 AM
5 1,593
So, if our observable universe was less than a centimeter across, why didn't it collapse into a super black hole? The...
Oct12-11 11:16 PM
18 6,823
Hello, I hope you don't mind a question from a complete novice and someone not related to physics at all. I am...
Oct12-11 09:55 AM
7 1,378
Is there any effect of expansion of world on our solar system? i.e. Is there any change in distance between earth and...
Oct12-11 01:07 AM
6 1,659
How modern astronomy/cosmology rules out the possibility that some of observable galaxies are made of antimatter? Or...
Oct11-11 12:10 PM
5 1,509
While Universe now continue to expand due to the last BB, there is growing vacuum in the midst of it which with time...
Oct11-11 12:02 PM
1 1,167
What experimental evidence or optical measurements are used to prove that red shift is due to gravitational fields of...
Oct10-11 10:05 AM
26 3,711
What is wrong with assuming a fixed size universe, dividing it into 8 octants, and allowing the various octants to...
Oct9-11 09:17 PM
George Jones
7 1,500
I have heard as many as eleven. But I vote for 4 and only 4. What is the evidence for more than 4? Or logic?
Oct9-11 06:59 AM
15 7,999
Can someone explain why 'dark matter' is the dominate explanation for the 'excess' gravity seen around galaxies? It...
Oct9-11 06:38 AM
13 3,174
Everyone is congratulating the recent Nobel Prize winners, whose work uses observations of distant supernovae to...
Oct8-11 11:30 PM
10 2,112
Facts • Speed of light = 300,000 km/sec o • Furthest observed...
Oct8-11 01:15 PM
1 1,645
Both of them have the same binary system with a white dwarf and a companion star which result in the same bang so what...
Oct8-11 06:04 AM
8 3,033
This comes from Stenger's book the Fallacy of Fine Tuning. This passage doesn't look correct to me. I don't think it...
Oct7-11 04:14 PM
3 1,326
Hello, glad to be able to post my question ^^ ok i'm no scientist and I haven't looket at the math of quantum...
Oct7-11 03:30 PM
1 1,726
Expressing the cosmological distances with conventional terms is very confusing. For instance, if we say that "a...
Oct7-11 02:22 PM
8 1,428
The Veritas radiotelescope team has detected 100 GeV pulsed gamma rays. This is an awesome finding. In fact I post it...
Oct7-11 08:41 AM
1 1,096
What did spacetime look like some time after the big bang? 1) Euclidian space. Imagine yourself in empty space,...
Oct7-11 06:11 AM
17 4,276
Hi I have two images and I want to compare the "structures" of them at different scales. I remember from cosmology...
Oct7-11 01:32 AM
6 2,061
can anyone help? been wondering ...... gravity is the weakest of the 4 fundemental forces and no one knows why....10x...
Oct6-11 01:58 PM
25 3,589
What are the types of radiation that the black hole emits? Does it radiate like a perfect blackbody? Is the...
Oct6-11 12:32 PM
26 3,862
In this thread I would like you to add some more detailed information on what the people behind the new physics prize...
Oct5-11 04:10 AM
2 1,230
Does anyone know what the limit is for light from distant objects to be so redshifted that they become undetectable?...
Oct5-11 12:04 AM
9 2,333
What is the ratio of energy contained in photons vs energy contained in neutrions in the present universe? Also, how...
Oct4-11 02:29 PM
4 1,645
Yes, I have heard the theory Ė judging by the distance we know how old the coming picture is. However I donít...
Oct4-11 10:15 AM
11 2,111
Because AGN (active galactic nuclei) are so bright, it would be nice if we could tell their intrinsic luminosity or...
Oct2-11 06:00 PM
3 1,575
In today's Physics ArXiv: FROM TIME TO TIMESCAPE – EINSTEIN’S UNFINISHED REVOLUTION Dark Energy as simply a...
Oct1-11 05:27 AM
74 8,138

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