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Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,873
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,816
It is my understanding that at one time all matter in the universe was an object of near infinite density the size of...
Dec31-10 08:36 PM
23 2,378
Now, regarding the anthropic principle, I've been having the following thoughts. I have been considering the fact...
Dec30-10 09:10 PM
1 789
i'm new to phyics and trying to fit it into my head. i just learned of annhilation. as far as i understand everything...
Dec30-10 05:04 PM
7 1,022
I need to get up to date on the current consensus on the likely fate of the universe? Is it heat death, big crunch,...
Dec30-10 01:59 PM
15 2,404
Hello, i wrote a Matlab program which calculate the apparent angle of an anisotropy with a size equal to "380.000...
Dec29-10 04:53 AM
6 1,659
Does the new estimate on the number of red dwarf stars in the universe suggest a different proportion of He/H?...
Dec29-10 04:22 AM
2 811
could the universe act like a wave that at the present time is accelerating towards a peak something akin to an...
Dec28-10 10:36 PM
2 2,304
hi, i dont know if this is in the correct place but ive got a question that has puzzled me. i know that the stars...
Dec28-10 10:25 AM
3 1,165
hello, anyone has the softwares source codes (like TOFU, CMBMAP, TONG...) developed by JH Proty Wu from Taiwan...
Dec26-10 09:14 PM
0 1,057
I was looking for some information on the total energy in the universe: Crowell said: How does conservation of...
Dec25-10 06:01 PM
9 2,517
Hi , I need help from someone who has worked out the distance duality relation (between angular diameter distance...
Dec25-10 08:57 AM
1 1,183
Gravity is an important force in this world. if we presume humans have evolved over millions of years through a...
Dec23-10 10:11 PM
2 2,391
Interesting article in Newscientists, thought I'd start a discussion... ...
Dec23-10 04:40 PM
1 1,118
Suppose two massive bodies are far enough apart that the expansion of space precisely counteracts their gravitational...
Dec23-10 08:34 AM
10 1,406
Causing people to start walking backwards, uneating, undrinking, undoing everything they've ever done.
Dec22-10 10:24 PM
8 1,794
How does dark flow work? Thanks
Dec22-10 01:57 AM
7 1,276
Good day All, Our current understanding of time is that it is not linear or constant; just add gravity. I've...
Dec22-10 01:56 AM
10 2,143
I am asking for a sort of "artists rendition" of what the universe looked like from the Big Bang onward -- what our...
Dec22-10 12:47 AM
9 2,385
Ive been viewing for years but never posted. I am curious since I use a telescope a lot whether anyone knows if...
Dec21-10 12:17 PM
3 1,079
Disclaimer: I am a science buff – not a scientist. I am curious to know if there has ever been a theory developed...
Dec21-10 02:55 AM
3 2,179
Contributers to this forum are no lovers of popular science magazines or TV. programs, but this is from where most...
Dec20-10 07:58 PM
43 4,215
If a spherical mirror was constructed large enough to hold a human with, lets say 20 feet all round, and assuming once...
Dec20-10 06:18 PM
4 2,035
Is cosmic expansion nothing more than compliance with Heisenberg Indeterminacy? The edge of the Universe presents a...
Dec19-10 05:57 PM
2 1,030
I guess dark matter is the most abundant matter. But which contributes next to the most, intersteller dust or suns?
Dec19-10 04:24 PM
7 1,049
Thought I'd share a thought I had about a year or so ago while I was looking through a Hubble photos book in...
Dec19-10 09:07 AM
11 2,282
How much will the planck mission resolve about the universe.
Dec18-10 01:17 PM
1 803
A little philosophical question. What would you say is the purpose of a black hole? To create another universe? To...
Dec18-10 07:25 AM
12 3,683
Photons were trapped within the early stages of the expanding Universe. When the early universe expanded to a...
Dec17-10 01:46 PM
18 2,634
I was wondering if it were in actuality possible to assume the universe was created from a big bang, as it seems we...
Dec17-10 04:48 AM
sri sharan
18 2,147
Hey, I was just thinking and wondering if beyond the boundaries of our universe, (if there were boundaries) if it...
Dec16-10 01:10 PM
4 1,804
Greetings, PF community. I have a very simple question regarding the Big Crunch theory. As far as I know, the Big...
Dec16-10 10:14 AM
36 3,065 First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation Stephen M. Feeney (UCL), Matthew C....
Dec14-10 11:19 AM
9 2,953
What would a cosmological model without dark matter and dark energy look like? This requires imagining that the...
Dec12-10 06:11 PM
15 2,454
Penrose and Gurzadyan are not giving up without a fight. They posted a second paper today, answering their critics: ...
Dec11-10 06:23 PM
19 4,034
Please note that I am not trying to forward any type of personal theory. I am only trying to understand generally...
Dec11-10 07:04 AM
10 1,631
I'm ignorant, so please excuse me. I've read time and time again over the years on the topic of "the universe" and...
Dec8-10 11:08 PM
7 1,644
The evidence points to an expanding universe, we tell this by looking at the redshift/distance relationship, objects...
Dec8-10 07:29 AM
11 2,433
Just read an article on Universe Today at: The...
Dec8-10 03:21 AM
7 1,946 These papers seem to claim that the circles found...
Dec7-10 08:13 PM
4 2,788
Here's some strange stuff coming from Penrose... An article on Universe Today:...
Dec7-10 02:29 PM
43 8,060

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