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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 166,091
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 44,975
If vacuum energy accelerates the expansion rate of the universe and that produces a larger universe with more vacuum...
Dec30-09 04:26 PM
1 927
Redshift measurements show the universe is expanding, and the rate of expansion has been accelerating since 5 (is that...
Dec30-09 01:30 PM
18 6,925
Hi there, I have a question regarding thermodynamics in the expanding universe. I'm specifically looking at section...
Dec29-09 07:48 PM
2 1,251
when we observe objects that are billions of lights years away are we also observing the expanse of space as it...
Dec29-09 10:57 AM
7 4,021
The Grid, dark energy not created at BB ? In his book “The lightness of being” page 105, Frank Wilczek says: “The...
Dec29-09 10:11 AM
17 2,607
Supposedly at the time of the Big Bang everything expaned away from everything from a point of singularity. Could our...
Dec29-09 08:41 AM
8 4,326
Isn't the inertial frame defined by the center of mass of the universe somehow special? To get to any other frame an...
Dec28-09 02:42 PM
5 1,703
Does a fat guy see more stars than a skinny guy? Or in other words, is the size of the Universe, a mass dependent...
Dec28-09 08:04 AM
1 2,996
The Two Concepts The speed of light is considered by most to be a constant that is unchanged since the beginning...
Dec27-09 11:22 PM
4 2,217
So there must be an edge, a point where matter stops and from there on in is a complete vacuum. The universe is...
Dec27-09 08:45 PM
27 3,514
If the universe is shown to have angular velocity, is this evidence of a physical universe prior to the "Big Bang"? ...
Dec27-09 12:41 AM
31 5,771
I have a few questions ragerding this topic. Any help with either question is appreciated. Is the metric expansion...
Dec25-09 03:17 PM
1 1,813
And as a consequence of this misnomer, most non-cosmologists continue to picture it as a big explosion. Though they...
Dec24-09 12:47 PM
4 2,945
Is there any physical meaning we can attach to the concept of the "Information content of the observable Universe"? ...
Dec24-09 07:00 AM
0 1,038
I was reading in some "Discover" magazine on the universe in which they were talking on the pre-Big Bang universe with...
Dec23-09 05:00 PM
0 1,292
If there is more than one big bang happening at one time, do they interact (like the way high and low pressure weather...
Dec22-09 09:13 AM
0 1,005
Was there only 1 big bang? Why not 2 or 3 or billion ? Please don't flame me - i'm not physicist, i'm just curious :)...
Dec22-09 06:03 AM
9 1,365
Can someone please translate for me what is really meant when saying that, "The NVSS–WMAP CCF is found to be fully...
Dec21-09 11:34 PM
4 1,591
If inflation occurred during the first instants of time for some universe, could that universe latter collapse and...
Dec21-09 08:59 PM
0 932
Several books have indicated that the Universe was infinite at the time of the BB. This was in "Gravitation" by...
Dec21-09 07:31 PM
6 2,892
hi, I have a question. Is it a reasonable assumption that there is no force that will prevent collapse to a...
Dec21-09 07:31 PM
George Jones
44 3,421
how would one go about calculating the total number of GRB's that have ocurred in the observable universe vs the total...
Dec21-09 01:10 PM
0 1,102
What I am posting here it is not an alternate theory nor a criticism of any accepted theory. I just have an idea born...
Dec18-09 10:43 PM
7 7,665
Holographic principle aside, I believe that there is no theoretical basis for a 3rd spatial dimension, only...
Dec18-09 10:41 AM
7 1,466
Given that the universe is expanding and galaxies in general are accelerating away from each other, I would assume...
Dec18-09 01:46 AM
2 853
What methods are there to figure out if our universe has a boundary or not? And if it does are we living on the...
Dec17-09 04:19 PM
17 1,739
Why do we need an inflation to solve the horizon problem? If O(t) is...
Dec17-09 04:02 PM
41 4,131
My question is why do we even need dark matter to make things work ? E=mc2 so if ENERGY AND MASS are the same thing if...
Dec16-09 04:57 PM
31 2,427
When i read "Alternative" i immediately thought "crackpots!", but then I read on and found out they're on to...
Dec15-09 04:12 AM
11 5,138
As light from distant galaxies traverses deep space towards Earth, some amount of that light is absorbed by various...
Dec14-09 11:46 PM
2 1,177
Dark matter seems to have the upper hand at the moment, at least with what I read. But now I keep hearing about...
Dec14-09 10:56 AM
36 8,009
What are the facts by which we believe that it's spacetime itself which is expanding since the big bang and not that...
Dec14-09 06:08 AM
2 1,305
So what do you guys think? I am with Hawking they never will find the Briggs particle. I think lots of people are...
Dec13-09 01:52 PM
Jonathan Scott
3 1,531
How will the future of the universe be if proton decay does not occur? Does it mean that the degenerate era will last...
Dec13-09 11:32 AM
2 1,297
In Lee Smolin's book, The Trouble with Physics, pages 15 and 16, he states: Can someone explain how this works? ...
Dec13-09 08:56 AM
9 2,714
All falls out of this universe. Over the horizon. No longer 'part of this' Yet what has fallen out. Pulls more in....
Dec11-09 11:20 AM
Louis Wu
4 1,067
Ted Bunn (a cosmologist) has written an interesting blog post following up on papers he and others have written. You...
Dec11-09 04:32 AM
7 1,696
“There are several ways in which a planet can disturb the internal motions of matter in its host star, thereby...
Dec10-09 03:32 PM
3 908
Here is an interesting observation, which I would like to know the validity of. The momentum of a relativistic...
Dec10-09 12:55 AM
10 2,040
I typically post in the QM section, but I was reading an article about the cyclic model and wanted input on if this...
Dec9-09 11:57 PM
3 2,419

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