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Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,340
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,480 We use a variant of principal component analysis to...
Aug26-09 01:40 AM
4 999
hi. im an undergraduate physicist and don't have that much exposure to cosmology but i was watching a BBC Horizon...
Aug24-09 03:11 AM
15 2,418
My knowledge in physics is very limited. Could someone please explain what this means in regular English? :uhh: ...
Aug24-09 02:36 AM
2 1,336
as we know that gravitational force increases as mass increases.Then why galaxies are recessing from each other as per...
Aug22-09 12:31 AM
2 1,524
Erm, so, I get that subatomic particles behave differently in different universes because they're random, but do...
Aug22-09 12:25 AM
1 1,015
I've heard many people claim that the first law of thermodynamics proves that the energy/matter must always exist in...
Aug21-09 07:34 PM
25 3,325
In another thread (Cosmic Darwinism) I mentioned a scholarly book (600 pages) with a chapter on the cosmological...
Aug21-09 05:34 PM
0 1,151
How can I understand the bubble nucleation in the process of phase transition? Are there any analogs or clear...
Aug21-09 12:40 AM
1 1,794
Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok, Princeton and Cambridge, respectively, explain their new cyclic model of the universe...
Aug20-09 10:57 PM
18 4,166
I wanted to know, since the matter in space is moving, is space itself in a state of motion? If it is would we be able...
Aug20-09 01:38 PM
6 4,798
Hello all, I am wondering how would you calculate the weight of a black hole?
Aug20-09 02:01 AM
4 1,469
Good day. I've been reading and reviewing the posts and linked references on this forum for about 3 weeks now...
Aug20-09 12:54 AM
10 1,378
Is it correct to say that N-body simmulations of structure formation in LCDM model use as initial conditions the...
Aug19-09 08:55 AM
0 681
Does anybody know a reference discussing how the peculiar velocities of large structures like voids for examples...
Aug19-09 08:23 AM
0 812
I was just reading an article about dark matter and the expansion of the universe and thorught it sounded like a bit...
Aug19-09 03:37 AM
5 1,717
I need to know the magnitude of the velocity perturbations (peculiar velocities) dv at time of last scattering as...
Aug19-09 12:06 AM
1 973
I was watching "The Universe" on History Channel today and it was asking the quesiton, "what was before the Big Bang...
Aug18-09 10:58 PM
2 1,033
I've always wondered, have scientists been able to find the center of the Universe? I don't mean of just the...
Aug17-09 03:57 PM
11 1,474
We should discuss Cosmic Darwinism. It is achieving prominence, so we should know something about it. To make the...
Aug17-09 09:05 AM
37 2,558
This is my 1st post ever, apologies and thanks in advance to all who read or respond. How does the actual size of all...
Aug17-09 02:27 AM
26 2,447
Being no more than a pop-sci reader in this subject, I'd like to ask the experts a naive question: At that instant...
Aug16-09 10:59 PM
36 3,317
Does anyone know where I can find numbers (or how to derive) the CMB flux density (W/m^2)? I'm only really interested...
Aug14-09 02:16 PM
5 2,493
Hi! I'm new here and I have a question I hope you can help me with. I'm curious about the conclusion that our...
Aug14-09 03:36 AM
5 1,740
This may be a totally silly question, it's nagging at me and I figure you guys can give me peace. We observe that...
Aug13-09 10:47 PM
9 3,883
does the expansion itself redshifts photons (if so, does the expansion affect the photon in his frame of referance?)...
Aug13-09 02:46 AM
1 1,701
In "A Brief History of Time" Hawking questions why the expansion of the universe is accelerating. I must be missing...
Aug12-09 04:47 PM
141 8,861
imagine the overall universe as being really big such that minor variations in the overall density of our visible...
Aug11-09 01:37 AM
2 737 Since the proposed Higgs field is a quantum fluid filling all of...
Aug10-09 10:59 AM
5 1,576
I've been trying to get my head around relativity etc and struggling :-( However there's one thing that I can't find...
Aug9-09 06:46 PM
27 1,791
I may be out of my depth here or overthinking it but... Does the fact that the universe is flat (angles in triangle...
Aug8-09 02:43 AM
3 1,151
I know nothing about astronomy, (but I find it very interesting) so, here it goes: 1-If you look at the sky, is...
Aug7-09 02:57 PM
6 1,370
'Birth of gravity' is a lead in question to an area I fully admit ahead of time I know little. What I'm wanting to...
Aug7-09 05:50 AM
42 2,991
If the hypothetical big crunch was driven by gravity, why is it that in some theories gravity has to come after the...
Aug6-09 12:26 PM
1 705
It is my understanding that there is evidence from the red shift/distance relationship that while the rate of...
Aug5-09 09:09 AM
14 2,641
Could someone please explain how to interpret a negative dark energy density -\Omega_{\Lambda}? How is a density...
Aug3-09 02:47 PM
2 1,847
I'm wondering if it will ever be possible to detect the cosmic neutrino background. I don't know all that much about...
Aug3-09 02:18 AM
1 1,000
I've noticed recently that many posts are veering towards the question of just how much of our total Universe can we...
Aug2-09 08:07 PM
12 4,979
I have seen in a few places around the web that the margin of error for the flatness of the universe is about 2%, but...
Aug1-09 01:19 PM
3 1,027
Is it true that at extremely hot tempertures such just after the big bang, entropy is very low? Penrose mentioned...
Jul31-09 04:38 PM
11 3,094
Could someone give me a quick explanation what Boltzmann brains are? Does it have something to do with the landscape?
Jul31-09 02:03 PM
13 1,516

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