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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Y 06:02 PM
492 155,760
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 39,664
How will the future of the universe be if proton decay does not occur? Does it mean that the degenerate era will last...
Dec13-09 11:32 AM
2 1,284
In Lee Smolin's book, The Trouble with Physics, pages 15 and 16, he states: Can someone explain how this works? ...
Dec13-09 08:56 AM
9 2,681
All falls out of this universe. Over the horizon. No longer 'part of this' Yet what has fallen out. Pulls more in....
Dec11-09 11:20 AM
Louis Wu
4 1,057
Ted Bunn (a cosmologist) has written an interesting blog post following up on papers he and others have written. You...
Dec11-09 04:32 AM
7 1,663
“There are several ways in which a planet can disturb the internal motions of matter in its host star, thereby...
Dec10-09 03:32 PM
3 899
Here is an interesting observation, which I would like to know the validity of. The momentum of a relativistic...
Dec10-09 12:55 AM
10 2,010
I typically post in the QM section, but I was reading an article about the cyclic model and wanted input on if this...
Dec9-09 11:57 PM
3 2,395
A popular "Science" TV program said "The accelerating expansion of the universe does not apply to structures as small...
Dec9-09 01:58 PM
37 3,850
So far as I understand, most stars found in the galaxy are single or double stars. However, they are born in nebulae...
Dec9-09 01:58 AM
10 1,396
Are there any evidence that universe is expanding other then redshifting of EM radiation?
Dec7-09 04:42 PM
3 1,417
In penning traps ,the small quantities of antimatter that has been synthesized on earth, is suspended by magnetism and...
Dec7-09 12:36 AM
2 1,319
In large scale surveys of the Universe there are found to be huge megawalls of galaxies. A 128 Mpc/h periodicity in...
Dec6-09 10:31 PM
44 4,763
During the interval from t = 380,000 yr (CMB last surface) to the present, if the Universe were exclusively matter at...
Dec6-09 02:05 AM
14 1,616
Is it possible that a far off galaxies that we are unable to reach are made up of anti-matter? How do we know that...
Dec4-09 04:36 AM
12 2,208
Hi, In this other thread I was hoping to get a scientific answer...
Dec2-09 02:27 AM
10 1,853
I'm sure it's just me since I've never seen this opinion anywhere, but has it occurred to anyone else that when type...
Dec1-09 11:42 AM
34 4,183
I came across the following quote on the home page of a cosmology professor and I have seen similar statements in...
Nov30-09 05:38 AM
19 2,080
My question is regarding when the the CMB was created. I understand that it is predicted to have been "when the...
Nov29-09 09:24 PM
4 1,371
I've heard claims that the Big Bang defies the law of conservation of angular momentum. For example, not all planets...
Nov29-09 05:08 PM
9 6,639
In a WMAP Matter(4.6) / Dark matter(23.3) / Dark Energy(72.1) 100= M_ord(4.6) + M_dark(23.3) + DE(72.1) The...
Nov28-09 03:53 AM
2 937
Could some of the cosmic background radiation be produced within the fabric of space itself? What if the big bang...
Nov27-09 04:20 PM
1 858
Hi, I rather a strange question in that I'm not a physicist and don't really understand the theories I'm about to...
Nov27-09 12:21 AM
2 1,452
"Reverse Universe": In general, we could say that looking to the ultimate particles of matter, enough physical laws...
Nov26-09 01:21 AM
2 1,224
I have been reading Cosmology related topics for about eighteen-months. The other day I was reading from the...
Nov25-09 03:42 PM
19 3,041
I saw this question posted in a Yahoo forum. I would be interested in the answers from the people here: "We can...
Nov25-09 12:28 PM
8 1,402
It is stated that nothing can escape a blackhole and they are gigantic and powerful enough to rotate a galaxy. The...
Nov25-09 02:18 AM
3 1,014
Is it possible to find out how much the universe grew by during the period of inflation after the big bang?
Nov25-09 01:44 AM
2 1,079
Some theories of the expanding universe say that eventually the universe's expansion could be slowed and eventually...
Nov24-09 10:58 PM
28 2,572
Another noob question. The theory is that a black hole has such a strong gravity pull that light cannot escape. So a...
Nov24-09 10:14 PM
14 2,000
Sorry, noob question. On the Discovery channel I've seen a couple of programs where they had physicists trying to...
Nov24-09 01:14 AM
3 1,070
Can anyone tell me if the unification of Matter and Space has been dismissed? Since I started thinking about this I...
Nov24-09 12:24 AM
24 2,224
Hi all, I was watching some online video lectures from the Quantum to Cosmos festival, where they discussed the...
Nov22-09 06:50 PM
28 12,820
I have been thinking about how the universe came to be and this idea came to me: Suppose space is comprised of...
Nov21-09 10:35 PM
22 3,043
Hi folks, Just a quick question:- Relativity says that nothing, even the gravitational impulse can travel faster...
Nov21-09 02:31 AM
15 2,175
Dear participants of a forum. I can not find paper: Zeldovich Ya. B. - In: Magic without Magic: John Archibald...
Nov20-09 12:48 AM
3 1,056
I've always wondered if it is actually possible for the universe, and all of known reality and space-time to suddenly...
Nov19-09 06:19 AM
6 1,658
Is it true for a q = 0 universe, the now (proper)distance to the surface of superluminal recession is approximately...
Nov19-09 04:18 AM
8 1,340
Shedding Light on the Cosmic Skeleton Does this...
Nov17-09 04:22 PM
62 5,284
My lecturer has written the following: Given \frac{4 \pi \rho a^3 c^2 }{3} and V = \frac{4 \pi a^3}{3} , then...
Nov17-09 03:55 AM
George Jones
3 1,106
I am stuck on a few cosmological points I could use some help on. The first being "redshift" as an indication of...
Nov17-09 01:25 AM
3 2,826

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