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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 44,993
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 166,112
Is it true that if a luminous object is captured inside the cosmic horizon , then it stays in the horizon forever?...
Jun8-07 04:08 AM
8 2,480
We know through observations of distant SN that the deceleration parameter is negative and this implies that the...
Jun9-07 01:03 AM
7 2,273
New idea ( 1 2)
I read in New Scientist that some physicists believe that retrocausality may not only exist, but that life may somehow...
Jun10-07 09:18 PM
Chris Hillman
19 3,430
This paper is to appear in Phys. Rev. D. I don't know when, just saw the announcement yesterday....
Jun12-07 04:06 AM
3 1,640
This is a very basic question but what is the difference between isotropic and homogeneous? I mean, I can imagine a...
Jun13-07 11:44 AM
15 21,812
Without inflation, only extremely special conditions in the past produce the universe we now see. Or so the story...
Jun15-07 02:07 AM
10 2,800
Ok, so if you have two electrons near one another, they will start to repel one another and separate as time goes on....
Jun15-07 10:38 AM
2 6,276
If you want an accessible overview of quantum cosmology try this TOC: ...
Jun15-07 10:53 AM
15 1,841
In another topic the oldest black hole has been found. "Sitting at the heart of a distant galaxy, the black hole...
Jun16-07 03:13 PM
16 2,273
I can't understand the condition for inflation that Liddle presents in his book, Cosmological Inflation and...
Jun18-07 06:32 PM
3 3,867
What is catastrophic nova?Why have cosmologist chosen this characteristic for nova?
Jun20-07 01:42 AM
3 2,185
After reading his new paper over the course of a couple of weeks, I'm seeing strong indications that Bojowald is on...
Jun20-07 07:08 PM
12 2,199
I heard that the X-ray background and peculiar velocities provide evidence that leads scientists to believe in the Big...
Jun21-07 02:15 AM
2 1,489
i think this is a complex question...what you guys think about this?
Jun21-07 04:49 PM
31 4,411
I have been sucessful in calculating the limit of expansion of universe. Conclusion - Universe has expanded to its...
Jun22-07 01:41 AM
65 10,745
IF nothing can escape from a black hole's event horizon, then how do x-rays and Gamma rays escape? and how does it...
Jun22-07 02:06 PM
3 1,538
A nice review of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, including discussions of the CMB and Inflation, arrived today at the...
Jun22-07 06:50 PM
5 6,684
I have read that the current expansion of the universe could be due to a bare positive cosmological constant along...
Jun23-07 12:34 PM
6 2,257
Here is a link to a parallel universe... documentary. BBC Horizan - Parallel Universes (44 min 35 sec) ...
Jun25-07 04:06 PM
Feynman diagram
3 2,387
A typical star like the Sun is emitting radiation energy. Over a duration, say the star emitted radiation energy, E....
Jun25-07 04:22 PM
13 3,119
What are the farest reaching astronomical observations of visible light or radio waves? Is it something like 10...
Jun27-07 02:30 PM
7 1,743
Lyman Page is a senior observational cosmologist who publishes in good company like with Charles Bennett, Joanna...
Jun29-07 02:28 AM
5 2,204
I was reading Ned Wright's cosmology tutorial ( ), and I'm a bit...
Jun30-07 12:31 AM
8 2,181
Please excuse the naivety of the question, i guess the whole of cosmology hinges on the finding of G Radiation, is...
Jun30-07 05:44 PM
8 1,775 Co-authored by Parampreet Singh, one of the experts in Quantum Cosmology (gauged...
Jul1-07 01:12 PM
1 1,405
I don't actually know if i should have started this thread in Astrophysics forum or Particle Physics forum. Anyway...
Jul5-07 08:44 PM
4 1,755
this just appeared in the peer-review journal Physical Review Letters. I noticed the preprint of it on arxiv last year...
Jul6-07 09:34 AM
2 1,891
I'm not a physicist, in any way. But I've had this idea about the universe for a while, and I would like to get some...
Jul7-07 12:55 PM
3 1,619
This has got to be sensationalist journalism. Suirely, they mean a new hypothesis, not new discoveries. "New...
Jul8-07 02:18 PM
6 3,317
I am a senior high student. And I am studying on SnIa. I recently read that SOME(maybe most) theory said that...
Jul10-07 11:40 AM
8 2,061
Have there been any observed instances of superconducting phenomena in outer space? It sure is cold enough for many...
Jul10-07 08:22 PM
Loren Booda
2 2,094 great. (of course must...
Jul11-07 04:06 PM
0 2,204
thoughtful paper on how to convey an idea with least confusion Expanding Space: the...
Jul12-07 01:01 AM
12 3,021 "The age of the Universe has been a subject of religious, mythological and scientific...
Jul13-07 11:13 AM
4 1,377
This is based on the metric of the surface of a 3D sphere. A and B are constants with dimension (length)^2....
Jul13-07 08:57 PM
8 2,052 Coordinate Confusion in Conformal Cosmology Geraint F. Lewis, Matthew J. Francis,...
Jul18-07 06:21 AM
4 1,709
Which should happen around December 2012 according to NASA. From what I have read this could be the end of the world...
Jul20-07 04:02 AM
5 2,686
Black holes exert such a powerful gravitational force that even light cannot escape its grip. But doesn't this imply...
Jul20-07 04:17 AM
5 2,800
I been visiting the physicsforums for quit a while now. I am very interested in the publications of martin Bojowald...
Jul22-07 01:34 AM
2 2,064
Ned Wright's best fit standard LCDM is simply one possible concrete version of the usual LCDM model that cosmologists...
Jul24-07 09:45 AM
3 2,588

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