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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 45,121
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 166,398
Has anyone heard of this theory? A friend on mine is reading a book on it and said it was very interesting. Anyone...
Apr28-08 07:11 PM
10 7,512
Hey all, could anyone tell me what cosmic time is?? i've looked around on the net a little and have worked out its...
Apr29-08 11:03 AM
0 1,249
Space expands. So we are told. But why only intergalactic space? I asked Stephen Hawking once (I happen to live in...
Apr29-08 02:53 PM
21 7,055
I was interested in the region from the event horizon towards the centre of a black hole. That is, the region from the...
Apr29-08 11:28 PM
2 3,262
With the acceleration of the universe outward, will our universal horizon eventually be reduced to include only the...
Apr29-08 11:50 PM
Loren Booda
6 2,182
Where is the official version of the Big Bang? There are new discovery all the time. Is there a "board of experts"...
May1-08 01:27 AM
7 2,310
I'm not sure exactly what discipline this falls under, so general it is. If there is a better place to put this,...
May1-08 08:07 PM
6 1,764
Is cosmology an attempt of the church to highjack science? Is this cosmology the beginning of a new breed of...
May1-08 08:28 PM
19 2,567
Hi this is my 2nd post so pls be kind guys. Let me know of any other cool cosmology forums out there as they seem...
May1-08 10:57 PM
24 3,619
I was reading section 24 of Peebles "Principles of Physical Cosmology" where he analizes the impact of scattering by...
May2-08 11:30 AM
1 1,486
Ok, so as I understand it microwave radiation can be detected from 'outer space' but what does that prove? I...
May3-08 03:35 PM
17 3,193
How can the distance from the sun to the end of the universe be only 137 000 times longer than the distance from the...
May3-08 06:20 PM
5 1,635
I’ve been studying MOND and some of the ideas behind theories put forward to explain MOND. Based on this I’m now going...
May5-08 10:10 AM
7 1,816
If all galaxies move away from each other, how can there be filaments?
May5-08 11:01 PM
3 1,694
As a thought experiment, let's conduct a regatta involving three spaceships in intergalactic space, where they are not...
May7-08 10:34 PM
4 2,086
I heard once somewhere that in the early days of the universe there was equal amounts of what we call matter and...
May8-08 04:22 PM
2 1,331
What's up...I found this forum a couple of months ago...and there seem to be a whole lot of interesting topics, so I...
May9-08 11:37 AM
10 2,096
So Im trying to understand a bit more about the structure of the universe and I keep running across all these if you...
May12-08 08:50 AM
3 1,542
Alright everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here but I've come to realize it's really helpful so I've...
May12-08 04:20 PM
1 1,447
htt_____p:// The above is a pretty...
May13-08 07:43 AM
0 1,275
I have always stressed the need, when talking about cosmological concepts, such as length, mass, energy and time, to...
May16-08 06:04 AM
5 1,998
From Scientific American: "Data gathered so far suggests that just 5 percent of the universe is made up of ordinary...
May17-08 06:37 PM
11 1,954
From my understanding, people have taken a picture of the big bang(or microwaves), and they did it by pointing...
May18-08 09:15 PM
9 2,028
With 90% of the observable matter in the universe being Hydrogen (H2), why is it that the microwave background is...
May19-08 01:12 AM
6 4,143
The scalefactor a(t) has the value a(t=0) = 0. My teacher said today that a(t_0)=1. Why is it that the scalefactor...
May19-08 12:46 PM
3 1,287
i was reading about an article about the keck observatory and its use of a laser to observe super massive black holes...
May19-08 10:04 PM
8 1,998
The May 20 issue of the journal Physical Review Letters will reveal the results of a National Science Foundation study...
May20-08 08:54 PM
4 1,550
Missing Matter Of Universe Found; Cosmic Web Discovered. ... I read this article and I have a few questions for...
May20-08 10:22 PM
2 1,295
Found the following. I leave the comment to the experts. Y....
May21-08 12:26 AM
2 1,377
Hi, I am in my second astronomy course and just received a twenty question take home final exam, and I am having...
May21-08 12:50 AM
14 3,499
Does the WMAP image show the edge of the universe, the edge of observable matter, both, or niether? Does the very...
May21-08 12:51 AM
24 4,309 Last year Rudnick et al thought they saw a big hole...
May21-08 02:20 AM
3 1,780
Found this in another forum: 1) Is the moon really orbiting the earth? 2) What is the effect of the...
May21-08 09:11 AM
1 6,369 Is dark energy from cosmic Hawking radiation? Authors: Jae-Weon Lee, Hyeong-Chan...
May21-08 11:59 PM
19 4,055
By definition, the gravitational force associated with a black hole precludes anything, even energy, from escaping...
May22-08 02:35 AM
67 8,885
I was discussing the Big Bang theory with a friend, but couldn't answer a question he asked. Why is it that people...
May22-08 10:13 PM
35 9,812
Penrose has given this Before the Big Bang talk repeatedly over several years and it has developed. Some new thoughts,...
May22-08 11:01 PM
2 3,228
Here is a new, well-written explanation by R. J. Cook and M. S. Burns as to why the accepted physical attributes of...
May22-08 11:52 PM
34 4,538
As a thought experiment, let's imagine assembling a 300 Mpc long rod in intergalactic space, made of an astounding...
May23-08 07:45 PM
22 3,196
I'd be grateful if someone could clear up a few definitions for me. The two things I don't understand are: - Super...
May24-08 05:35 AM
div curl F= 0
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