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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 165,429
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 44,588
From WIKI, In February 2007, GRB 070201, a short gamma-ray burst, arrived at Earth from the direction of the...
Sep16-13 02:06 PM
1 778
Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section, but it relates to the compact heavies of the universe. ...
Sep16-13 08:09 AM
Damo ET
4 1,171
The IceCube detector in the deep ice at the south pole has seen two instances of 1015 eV neutrinos. These are said to...
Sep15-13 12:07 PM
20 2,777
I was thinking that "eternal inflation" model deals nicely with the problem of the beginning of the universe. If I...
Sep14-13 03:46 AM
9 1,534
Hi Could you comment on Big Snap scenario briefly mentioned by Max Tegmark on page 12 (and I can't google more): ...
Sep14-13 03:41 AM
4 1,253
My friend keeps on harping on this sort of stuff. He says that there is a gravitational pull from other universes...
Sep13-13 10:19 AM
George Jones
120 22,289
Space: So far for me it's 3D along with Time T. say 3D+T=4D (spaceTime), from the bigbang we have considered Time (t...
Sep13-13 07:48 AM
56 16,292
Hi. I read some basic cosmology where it is always said that density fluctuations, pertubations can be described in...
Sep12-13 02:08 PM
7 1,056
Sorry to harp on the same subject but here's a point of view - without a reasonable explanation of why galaxies are...
Sep12-13 01:51 PM
14 1,162
Hello everyone. I was just reading Ian Stewart's "Concepts of Modern Mathematics". In the end of the first chapter he...
Sep12-13 06:12 AM
11 3,102
The cosmological constant (Ʌ ) is equated to dark energy and has units of energy/volume. Why have I read that Ʌ...
Sep12-13 04:01 AM
9 1,322
Hi all, first post, just a mechanical engineer with an interest in theoretical physics. I have a few questions about...
Sep11-13 10:08 AM
10 1,479
The world seems to me to be rather arbitrary. I don 't know if people feel the way I do. Scientists apply for...
Sep11-13 09:10 AM
5 2,131
I have been trying to pin down a precise definition of large-scale homogeneity, in the context of saying, per the...
Sep10-13 09:22 PM
13 1,764
What are the current theories as to the source of the new space that accounts for dark energy?
Sep10-13 06:46 PM
20 2,723
The Schwarzschild equation for a black hole's event horizon is rsh = 2GM/c2 or (1.48 x 10-27 m/kg) x M. Thus, the...
Sep9-13 09:45 AM
10 1,678
greetings gentlemen, i found this interpretation of red shift observations interesting:...
Sep8-13 11:53 PM
7 1,828
In the interest of broader participation, feedback, transparency etc, maybe we can have (in regular cosmo forum) a...
Sep8-13 04:47 PM
0 613
In this present world we can see that many objects grow branches itself for growth .For example, 1.trees grow in size...
Sep8-13 03:39 PM
3 779
By anti-universe, I mean a universe where anti-matter dominates over matter and the direction of time is reversed. My...
Sep7-13 08:49 PM
26 2,700
What do you think of this argument? Lets suppose an infinite and eternal universe that is homogenous on a large...
Sep5-13 04:56 PM
16 1,682
Morning everyone, We know of some illusions in our everyday experience, such as an echo making us believe someone...
Sep5-13 08:20 AM
11 1,437
This is what I understand. I can be wrong though. Please let me my conceptions are wrong. If by ''space'', you mean...
Sep5-13 07:39 AM
3 1,037
Assuming that the early inflation of the universe is driven by the potential energy of some inflaton field(s), the...
Sep4-13 11:59 AM
8 2,921
Is there evidence of space surrounding the BB singularity?
Sep1-13 04:39 PM
13 1,804
Found this article: ...
Aug31-13 01:06 AM
3 1,156
We are told that at the centre of a black hole lies a singularity; very small and very heavy. We here a lot about the...
Aug29-13 10:45 AM
46 8,845
I recently read an article ( written by an acquaintance, Dr Dimitar Valev and wanted...
Aug28-13 04:00 PM
1 793
I have read the time line several times for the BB: And I...
Aug27-13 10:15 AM
7 1,081
Hi, I have some questions that came up while thinking of this idea of parallel universes, I'm glad if someone could...
Aug26-13 09:55 AM
7 1,118
Can other universes exist? Can they have different laws of physics and/or different laws of math than our own universe?
Aug26-13 09:39 AM
25 3,176
I can't get my head around it when theoretical physicists talk about types of branes and how these branes could be...
Aug25-13 07:39 PM
5 1,045
The Friedmann solution(s) to the GR cosmological equations (without Lambda) assume pressure=0. What happens if we let...
Aug24-13 10:41 AM
George Jones
7 1,151
How were quarks occurred ? (in the early universe) Thanks
Aug23-13 07:17 AM
3 932
Hello here, I am currently working on the topic of inflation. It seems that at the stage of inflation, the...
Aug23-13 03:15 AM
0 651
Something occurred to me the other day when looking at pictures of the universe. This might be obvious to some, and...
Aug22-13 10:15 PM
7 1,050
what if the evolution of the universe over time and the expansion of space a series of binary events such that the...
Aug22-13 07:28 PM
1 752
Hello. I a few hours ago opened a new thread called "Big Crunch". But now that I've learn that it's not really...
Aug22-13 07:01 PM
6 1,371
I think Big Bang theory is valid because of Inflation theory, it states that universe expanded faster than a...
Aug22-13 06:53 PM
44 7,969
Sorry if my questions are rather naive, this is my first post on this forum. Whilst burshing my teeth, I was watching...
Aug22-13 06:41 PM
3 796

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