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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Jul25-14 06:02 PM
492 161,676
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 42,562
The Hubble law v=Hd is basic to Cosmology. Among other good things, it teaches us an absolute criterion for motion and...
Apr15-11 05:03 PM
3 961
constraining dark matter and dark energy with sunyaev-zeldovich effect. need help on this topic
Apr15-11 08:18 AM
2 1,103
whenever i think about the age of the universe compared to the size of it i get frustrated. how can a 50 billion+...
Apr15-11 03:06 AM
19 3,142
What would happen if we had no matter or radiation or dark energyand only had curvature? How would this effect...
Apr14-11 06:35 AM
13 1,279
What is everyone's opposition to the anthropic Principle? Is it not an application of deductive logic at it's purest...
Apr14-11 12:35 AM
28 3,920
I say it is finite. That is, if we agree that the speed of light is constant irrespective of its surroundings. ...
Apr13-11 08:12 AM
12 4,184
Almost all planets in a multiverse with eternal inflation will be much younger than our earth. Almost all conscious...
Apr12-11 01:43 PM
132 13,051
OK, I'm not an expert in cosmology but I'm quite curious about it. Current observations tells us that the universe is...
Apr11-11 12:11 PM
3 1,061
What will be happening 10^(trillion) years from now? Sorry if this is posted in a wrong section.
Apr10-11 08:57 PM
12 2,069
Is the vacuum energy density, in case it exists wich is the mainstream view, supposed to be continuously varying...
Apr10-11 08:56 PM
18 2,883
Alright, this is a subjective question since I think a person would have to be omniscient or nearly so to know answer...
Apr10-11 07:13 PM
23 2,494
Hi. Went to a lecture by Brian Greene a few days ago. He started his talk by discussing the logical consequences of...
Apr10-11 03:02 PM
23 7,020
Apologies for the confusingly worded title; i was trying to keep it short. If the universe reaches a state of...
Apr10-11 03:28 AM
18 4,485
Has anyone yet asked a computer to calculate the chance of a Big Bang eventually forming thinking modern humans (e.g....
Apr9-11 09:56 PM
11 3,668
Are inflation and expansion different phenomena and if so what is different about them. Both terms seem to refer to...
Apr9-11 09:09 PM
8 3,294
Build a Dyson sphere around a black hole (this is a thought experiment), so no more mass "falls in". Line the sphere...
Apr9-11 07:11 PM
7 1,600
An important component of the total entropy is the entropy of the gravitational field. There have been various...
Apr9-11 03:44 PM
22 5,044
I am watching a lecture by Susskind on his book The Cosmic Landscape. And he is going on about how "tuned" and...
Apr9-11 02:05 PM
7 9,307
I am interested in black-holes because, even though I have no education to speak of and somebody here don't like me...
Apr8-11 09:35 PM
korben dallas
20 2,719
I recently made a partially tongue-in-cheek remark on this board about cosmology being a bit like religion. I thought,...
Apr8-11 05:54 PM
22 3,858
Are you confortable with the demonstration in page 19 of Introduction to Modern Cosmology - A. Liddle ? My problem is...
Apr8-11 02:24 PM
1 868
I can accept that spacetime has no substantial aspect to it because for General Covariance (Diffeomorphism Invariance)...
Apr8-11 08:34 AM
14 3,046
Hello! In which textbooks about Cosmology may I find information about the constitution of the cosmos and also about...
Apr6-11 07:54 PM
3 1,473
The rubber-sheet model of gravity pictures gravity as the effect of hollows in space-time due to the mass of an...
Apr6-11 08:13 AM
2 980
This may be a stupid question but: If we can see Cosmic Background radiation in all directions, would that not...
Apr6-11 03:48 AM
17 2,367
In the first part of Brian Cox's documentary series 'Wonders of the Universe', he explains how the entropy of the...
Apr5-11 08:53 AM
3 2,552
Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question. I'm told the Hubble Deep Field shows galaxies as distant as 13...
Apr4-11 08:53 AM
4 1,101
I have to start by saying that I don't have any formal training in this space (no pun intended). Still, I had a...
Apr2-11 11:32 AM
2 1,226
I am not a cosmologist so do not understand how light from the most distant galaxies could take 13.7 billion years to...
Apr2-11 04:21 AM
15 1,778
I was watching a show recently where Roger Penrose explained a new idea he had on the Big Bang. It was very...
Apr1-11 12:05 PM
8 1,445
Hi all, very new here, sorry if this is in the wrong place, my question is related to gravity/spacetime warping and...
Mar31-11 11:54 PM
1 877
Greetings, The event horizon of a black hole is supposedly a point of no return. But can't the presence of another...
Mar31-11 12:32 AM
17 2,516
Quantum Jitter is supposed to fill space with very dense energy that the cosmological constant should increase by over...
Mar30-11 07:24 PM
12 2,228
A ways back, I seem to remember reading on the Planck Mission page that it's observations of the CMB could help foster...
Mar30-11 03:03 PM
5 1,430
just to interesting not to share. i posted a question there which i wish to post also here,...
Mar30-11 10:00 AM
7 1,727
What advances is theoretical or observational cosmology in the last decade have for you been the most impressive? ...
Mar30-11 07:49 AM
8 1,397
I have a question about a recent NASA article Titled NASA's Hubble Rules Out One Alternative to Dark Energy. Is it...
Mar29-11 08:31 PM
1 796
Hi folks, it's been a long while since I've posted here, but, I need help. I'm trying to write an article for the...
Mar29-11 03:47 PM
2 704
What I was thinking is that we know if the Big Bang occurred that it explains why we think the universe is expanding....
Mar29-11 12:25 PM
10 5,476
How big is the initial size of the Big Bang... inside a planck length? Can it fit inside? Or as big as an egg? Or a...
Mar29-11 09:10 AM
1 3,037

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