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Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,484
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,565
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Suppose that in sherwood forest, the average radius of a...
Feb14-11 07:52 AM
12 3,716
So I'm reading about the inflationary period and something occurred to me that never seems to be addressed in the...
Feb14-11 07:29 AM
2 1,124
What exactly does the critical density mean? In articles they keep comparing the desity of the universe to the...
Feb14-11 04:37 AM
3 2,133
If the universe was decelarating and then started to accelerate can we calculate when this happened, and if so how can...
Feb13-11 07:11 PM
1 822
What gave rise to cosmic inflation of the early Universe?
Feb12-11 04:02 PM
4 1,302
I read this in article "Misconceptions about the big bang" that was mentioned in another thread: "For example, when a...
Feb12-11 08:29 AM
24 3,271
If the universe is all there is then it can't be radiating light to anywhere else. Thus light must be trapped inside...
Feb11-11 05:17 AM
1 1,374
Hey guys, newbie here! I stumbled upon your forum while searching for an explanation i was looking for in regards to...
Feb9-11 09:08 AM
1 1,433
I was wondering, since vacuum energy is supposed to have some energy density,according to standard comology equating...
Feb9-11 04:17 AM
7 1,771
Can someone give a link or other source of the timeline of big bang which associates each EPOCH to it's relative GeV?...
Feb8-11 11:27 PM
0 974
I recall that the absence of Anti Matter used to be a concern to Cosmologists, has this situation changed in recent...
Feb8-11 06:14 PM
18 2,030
why is the redshift space correlation function smaller than the realspace correlation function at small scales and the...
Feb7-11 04:23 PM
3 1,461
I just read this... Here's my condensed paraphrase, Those of you familiar...
Feb7-11 01:03 PM
3 1,576
I found this on wikipedia: Indeed, such a treatment of infinity is ridiculous, but treatments exist in our head...
Feb7-11 10:03 AM
28 3,817
Hi, ...
Feb6-11 05:16 PM
1 1,199
Hi, first of all I have to say that I know practically nothing about cosmology, though I know some basic physics. ...
Feb6-11 11:03 AM
2 918
I've heard in the past something along the lines of "every atom in your body came from an exploding supernova". Yet,...
Feb6-11 01:57 AM
3 1,877
I was watching a program on dark matter and how galaxy spin was used to deduce the existence of dark matter. The...
Feb5-11 02:56 PM
6 1,515
Iím sorry, but I find dark matter and dark energy problematic. Itís hard to think of a Universe made up of about 95 %...
Feb5-11 12:15 AM
11 1,393
guys, i got a simple question i'll make it in parts after stating what i think is well known... a) speed of light...
Feb4-11 12:14 AM
3 1,062
I really enjoyed Sean Carroll's book "From Eternity to here" and his explanation about the connection of the arrow of...
Feb3-11 01:14 AM
1 1,039
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how inflation (just deSitter) solves the horizon problem, but I am stuck. I understand...
Feb2-11 02:38 AM
4 1,679
If there are 2 objects emitting light to each other and the light fills the spacetime between them and then that...
Feb2-11 01:17 AM
14 2,424
If the universe is mathematically based - which it looks increasingly like it is the case - than it would be self...
Feb1-11 06:19 AM
19 2,362
Hi... Can anyone one give me a good reference for the decomposition of perturbations into independent scalar,...
Jan31-11 09:46 PM
krishna mohan
6 2,026
What is he earliest time when life could form in the Universe? If it is infinite, there always are very Ďluckyí...
Jan31-11 07:04 PM
45 4,303
We are told the universe is expanding because galaxies are red shifted and that it is a doppler effect. Do blue...
Jan29-11 01:31 AM
2 3,409
Hi all, I was reading about eternal inflation however one thing that remains unclear to me is that how does one...
Jan28-11 09:18 AM
8 1,486
arXiv:1101.4890 (cross-list from gr-qc) Title: On the quantitative interpretation of dark energy by quantum...
Jan28-11 03:50 AM
1 1,762
This is a basic question. If the expansion of the universe's radius is faster than c, and that speed is increasing or...
Jan27-11 03:30 PM
4 1,097
Having recently read Goldilocks Enigma by Paul Davies, I would like comments on my simplistic logic. Why does our...
Jan25-11 07:07 AM
32 3,046
First time poster and non-cosmologist. Why can't we use telescopy (across the EM spectrum) to view the formation...
Jan24-11 08:04 PM
4 1,304
As the universe expands... Is it that we are more on the surface of a balloon, so the expansion is similar for us...
Jan24-11 10:54 AM
0 831
Hi Folks I hope this is the correct forum for this question. Has anybody theorised on the subject of overlapping...
Jan22-11 09:49 PM
2 813
Ok, I neglected the forum rules for my first post. Hopefully I got it right this time. Here are a few ideas I have...
Jan21-11 07:49 PM
4 1,866
Is there any possibility of coming up with physical measurements that will ever tell us any thing about the universe...
Jan21-11 03:16 AM
10 1,503
First let me apologize for asking these questions. So much has been devoted to discussing the expansion of space both...
Jan20-11 08:22 AM
21 2,248
Iím curious as to what the universe looks like according science theorists. So letís say the ďBig BangĒ theory is...
Jan20-11 07:52 AM
3 1,484
First of all, I know that that very large stars tend to form black holes, and smaller stars, but still massive in...
Jan19-11 04:08 PM
3 2,142
I understand that Spacetime is expanding, as demonstrated by the increase in red-shift with distance. And I also...
Jan19-11 03:27 PM
19 3,322

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