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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 166,348
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 45,098
Hi all, I'm new here so please forgive me if this has been explained somewhere already. Lately I've been reading...
Jun20-11 11:18 AM
25 3,043
Iíve got few simple questions (and views) about which Iím pondering on for some time now and since Iím layman on these...
Sep5-10 03:49 PM
24 3,436
If a star is 14 billion LY away, will its light ever reach earth? if it does, the light must happened 14 billion...
Dec19-08 02:23 PM
18 2,608
Marcus, i'm back, now waiting for offers from college. --- last night, i re-mused about the balloon model and...
Jan1-09 12:09 AM
6 1,244
In my Cosmology course it is stated that the space between galaxies increases with time whilst the size of galaxies...
Nov8-12 07:59 AM
14 2,950
I understand the concept used here, but am unsure about how scientists can be so sure of the actual age of our...
Jun20-13 07:00 PM
13 1,623
Hi Friends, I just want to know how many of you believe that there is dark matter and dark energy in the universe...
Jun16-06 08:39 AM
45 7,803
We can probe the isotropy of the universe by observing the universe just from a single place. However, as I know, ...
May24-06 02:10 AM
8 2,015
How can we be sure that the Cosmic Microwave Backgound Radiation is a relic of the big bang and not a reflected echo...
Mar29-07 09:02 PM
15 3,025
From what I understand, black holes can generate gravity-waves in orbit with each other. But can they absorb them? ...
Jul3-10 05:51 PM
2 1,556
I have heard numbers like our Universe is 75% Dark energy, 25% Dark matter, and 5% baryonic matter or something. For...
Jan27-09 09:13 PM
12 1,615
Hi, My name is Brandon, Im new here. My physics knowledge mostly comes from surfing the net, so I have a lot of...
Oct8-10 03:56 AM
4 1,990
I have trouble understanding the following. Lets take 2 galaxies moving away from each other caused by the...
May20-14 07:21 PM
Simon Bridge
8 538
Hello, I was pondering the age of the universe and reading about how it was calculated, but then I began...
Jul29-10 03:02 AM
4 3,624
Could it be possible that gravity is the reason why the universe is expanding? When stars die and some create...
Jul12-08 02:22 AM
6 1,914
I have heard statements made that at the instant of the Big Bang, the entire universe was condensed into an incredibly...
Aug25-11 03:29 PM
26 3,886
I was reading Ned Wright's cosmology tutorial ( ), and I'm a bit...
Jun30-07 12:31 AM
8 2,183
I have been searching through some of the literature, as well as this forum - but I have not found a clear explanation...
Mar24-14 11:56 AM
0 449
If space is expanding then how did the planets and stars come together to form galaxies? Why are the galaxies...
Jul22-12 09:28 PM
21 2,499
Hi what constitutes a vacuum? I mean it has to be made of something, since it it part of the space time continuum. In...
Mar20-13 12:13 PM
8 1,856
I was wondering what caused the big bang? The expansion would need some energy to start wouldn't it?
Jun3-10 11:13 PM
7 1,223
Just curious about how people think the universe will end.
Jun17-10 07:21 AM
22 2,739
I was watching a video on the JIMO mission to Jupiter's moons: Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. What is the approximate...
Jun9-10 09:49 PM
2 1,134
How was matter created in this universe? If the Higgs Boson is theoretically able to create matter from energy,...
Sep12-10 04:27 PM
2 999
What exactly is going on in physics and with the standard model of cosmology? We had a model that seemed to...
Aug17-10 11:32 PM
11 1,917
What's the probability of a universe capable of life? In other words, what's the probability that the laws of the...
Jun15-10 04:56 PM
15 2,041
Last night while thinking about galaxies with seemingly large DM halos and me being the skeptic of DM as I am, I got a...
Dec18-11 02:48 AM
Markus Hanke
13 2,884
What experimental evidence or optical measurements are used to prove that red shift is due to gravitational fields of...
Oct10-11 10:05 AM
26 3,680
What is wrong with assuming a fixed size universe, dividing it into 8 octants, and allowing the various octants to...
Oct9-11 09:17 PM
George Jones
7 1,488
With 90% of the observable matter in the universe being Hydrogen (H2), why is it that the microwave background is...
May19-08 01:12 AM
6 4,143
Hi clever people. much respect. Just wondering, if our closest star went super nova. how would it affect the earth,if...
Jan16-12 05:01 PM
20 4,536
I am a molecular biologist but cosmology is my "hobby". I have some questions about some seeming inconsistencies I...
May22-10 09:18 AM
2 1,083
I came across this article online recently and found it interesting. I thought I would share it since many members...
May12-09 03:32 PM
4 3,002
Here it is, its probably an old one but as im not a fully fledged scientist I dont know if it is. It relys on paralel...
Jan18-11 11:14 AM
7 1,700
I have long wondered about this. When light takes x number of billion years to reach earth, we judge that the star...
Mar4-06 01:09 AM
8 3,030
Hey all, Just to make it clear I am in no way a scientist or physicist but a mere space enthusiast. Yesterday I...
Jan27-13 09:41 AM
3 760
I was reading that the universe will repeat after its done.
Jul1-11 11:46 AM
15 2,225
Wouldn't the Doppler effect stop us from seeing the beginning of the universe unless it starts approaching us? (or...
Jul22-08 05:01 PM
11 1,733
Should not we say "the universe WAS expanding" rather than "IS expanding" since the red shift augments as we go back...
Jan17-13 05:59 PM
96 14,122
Why is not gravity relative like the space-time continuum, since it operates on and is modifying it? Why is gravity...
Apr8-12 10:46 PM
18 2,476

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