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Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,122
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,385
Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and cosmology in general. My knowledge about cosmology and astro-physics...
Jan13-09 03:51 AM
2 2,010
Just some thought on dark matter/energy, please correct me if I am wrong in any case: Is it possible to explain the...
Sep16-10 12:25 AM
sweet springs
5 1,235
Acc. to general relativity time runs slowly near a massive body.So, i have a question bothering me from some time that...
Nov1-13 01:44 PM
2 816
hi all,o:) anybody please give me a physical explanation for the Gauss-Bonnet invariant... What is its significance...
Jul10-11 07:28 PM
2 4,123
Hi all, Anybody pls help me to convert cosmic time to conformal time (numerically)... is there any analytical...
Aug5-10 08:11 AM
1 1,902
If time travel is possible,is there any problem of universe revolving which would affect time travel,because as,Gödel...
Jan8-10 11:07 PM
9 2,475
Current cosmology is based on CMBR and the idea it is remnant from the big bang, I guess we assume it's the same...
Jan12-10 10:41 AM
4 1,148
While objects closer to us tend to shift both in direction red or blue, depending on their movement in relation to us,...
Jan17-10 11:39 PM
57 9,480
Since the distance between galaxies increases with time does that mean that the matter in those galaxies gets...
Sep20-08 04:51 PM
6 2,588
I am curious about the red shift that is claimed to demonstrate that the Universe is expanding. Is there a...
Mar1-11 01:24 PM
Feeble Wonk
17 2,626
Simple question hopefully. What was the initial value for the hubble parameter immediately following the big bang (or...
Mar2-11 09:06 AM
15 1,794
I'm doing a project on dark matter and i've found some good information but I still haven't found any related...
May2-07 02:27 AM
3 997
The bulk of this would be to expand my understanding of what a field actually is so please keep that in mind. I...
Mar11-13 09:31 PM
11 1,371
I constantly hear about seeing the light from a galaxy, now in the 13B-year-old realm. Specifically, galaxy MACS...
Sep26-12 12:30 AM
4 1,231
I found this on wikipedia: Indeed, such a treatment of infinity is ridiculous, but treatments exist in our head...
Feb7-11 10:03 AM
28 3,809
In Einstein's view of a static universe what would happen if some mass turned into radiation? I am thinking that...
Oct3-06 08:50 AM
11 1,791
is it proportional to a^3 or 1 / a^3 . thanks!
Nov14-06 03:45 PM
1 1,074
Subject: Does the Universe have a Boundary ? Since nothing can exist outside of the Universe, how then can the...
Apr9-12 03:03 AM
33 19,364
Dear reader, Of course I searched the site to see other persons discussing the the egg shell theory, but I did not...
Nov10-10 08:38 AM
Vanadium 50
4 1,367
Dark Energy is the term used for the energy / quanta that is required to fill our space. If we considered that our...
Feb29-12 09:57 PM
1 1,051
Who said approximately: The viscosity of the aether / vacuum state / zero-point-field / or whatever is ...
Feb28-12 07:56 PM
26 2,279
"BLACK MATTER" what is it? wheres it come from? how is it related to its opposite force the BLACK ENERGY? why is it...
Mar1-12 05:49 AM
15 2,532
“There are several ways in which a planet can disturb the internal motions of matter in its host star, thereby...
Dec10-09 03:32 PM
3 862
I have a question, but I am not sure how to express it. I have been thinking about the idea of the universe as a...
Aug12-07 04:24 AM
6 1,975
Now suppose for simplicity that the galaxy,and that its physical diameter was w at the time it emitted the light.find...
May24-08 11:57 AM
5 1,496
What's the underlying principle to demonposite metrict fluctuation as scalar ,vector and tensor? Is this...
Feb19-09 07:25 AM
6 2,212
It is emphasized by Mr. bradenberger the concept of super hubble subhorizon fluctuations. I appreciate the idea that...
Mar9-09 03:10 AM
2 1,331
((If this has already been thought or won't work of please tell me so I won't persue the idea any longer)) Is it...
Sep11-06 11:11 PM
2 1,072
How is it not possible that the universe is shaped like a sphere? What evidence do we have that shows it is...
Sep27-06 09:48 PM
13 1,613
I was wondering about this problem with black holes. I will tell you what I know then work on from that. (please tell...
Oct27-06 10:52 AM
1 1,343
Hi, ive been studying formation of solar system and couldn't find an explanation for why the sun didn't absorb...
Feb10-12 02:30 AM
7 2,118
Does it make sense to say that the universe has an edge/boundary? Neutrinos are moving all the time with...
Mar27-11 01:18 PM
5 3,297
Out of curiosity, as the universe started from a point and as we look ever further into space we are also looking back...
Nov21-07 12:40 AM
6 1,740
Just wondering? Space-time is exerting pressure. Is this movement faster than the speed of light?
Jul25-08 08:41 PM
1 3,271
Sigh. My first post. I wrote rather long message here and as I tried posting it, "you need to login" - and it...
Oct3-12 08:03 AM
2 1,018
I can't help noticing some inconsistencies in either the accepted large-scale model of the universe or my...
Sep20-08 05:45 PM
10 1,529
How universe is born?
Dec23-11 03:22 PM
1 1,062
A positive value for the cosmological constant was found by the studies of Adam G. Riess et al and Pearlmutter et al ...
Mar13-13 03:06 AM
3 881
I'm putting together a slideshow about dark matter for my colleagues and was wondering what would be good reference...
Jan24-07 02:39 AM
1 3,374
I was wondering, if dark matter (DM) halos are spherical in nature and increase in density as a function of distance...
May21-07 02:19 AM
2 1,321

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