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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 167,651
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 45,855
After an abortive start in the new IR Forum I am beginning a new thread on the published theory of Self Creation...
Apr28-07 03:48 AM
127 16,078 uses the term "proper distance", but doesn't define it. ...
May7-07 02:47 PM
16 3,353
Is it by now conclusively established that the universe is made mostly of exotic dark matter and dark energy? I need...
May4-07 04:15 AM
45 5,409
What is the ratio of the scale factor now to the scale factor at the end of the inflationary era? Edit: In other...
Apr30-07 06:51 AM
10 7,418
The Big Bang Theory has the whole universe expanding from an initial size considerably smaller than an atoms nucleus....
Apr28-07 05:26 PM
9 2,339
this is a case where it could be very helpful if someone (Pervect? Wallace? hellfire?) who has the numbers handy could...
Apr25-07 11:14 AM
4 4,070
If a star is spinning very fast before it collapses, then as it collapses it's going to spin faster, like a skater...
Apr29-07 06:24 PM
6 1,613
I'm an engineer, not a physicist, so you'll forgive my pre-uni knowledge of all things physics. I was discussing...
Apr29-07 04:10 AM
9 2,243
I am a newbie to cosmology, and have just finished reading "The first three minutes" by Weinberg. On page 76 he...
Apr30-07 01:52 PM
7 1,700
I'm doing a project on dark matter and i've found some good information but I still haven't found any related...
May2-07 02:27 AM
3 1,040
Hey guys, I've been wondering a lot about this Big Bang Theory, as I think it is terribly constructed. Anyways, I...
May2-07 05:01 PM
34 3,581
I understand that motion is relative and that everything is in motion. My Questions are : Is there such a thing...
May19-07 01:06 AM
6 1,381
I would like someone to write to me the equation which shows the explicit dependence of the spectral index n on the...
May1-07 04:49 PM
0 1,328
Defining what is/can be included in a description of what constitutes the universe is a frequent topic of interest....
May31-07 03:46 PM
59 6,742
Ok this may sound silly but humor me . If there was an edge to our universe a sor of big expanding bubble ,is it...
May7-07 01:32 AM
4 4,622
Does the metric of the Friedmann model yield an unbouded universe? I mean, are the geodesics of this metric closed?
Jun3-07 01:59 PM
29 4,010
I am confused about the currents status of knowledge in cosmology, I always thought that cosmologists believed the...
May7-07 11:27 AM
2 3,957
This site: , states that "Astronomers now have strong...
May22-07 10:59 AM
19 3,555
The Einstein cross (G2237+030) shows 4 reasonably symmetrically spaced images of the very distant quasar, indicating...
May15-07 10:24 PM
Chris Hillman
3 2,211
I've heard stated by experts that the approximate age of our universe is about 13.5 billion years of so. The thing...
May23-07 04:01 PM
54 7,861
Hi. If I have got it all right the latest measurements of light from very distanced super novas tells us that the...
May15-07 10:29 PM
Chris Hillman
3 1,357
Today's Astronomy picture of the day is visually appealing as well as scientifically revealing. ...
May31-07 06:46 AM
Jimmy Snyder
16 2,531
Edit: Thread started at the same time as Garth's on the same topic, go here instead!
May18-07 02:22 AM
2 2,413
I was wondering, if dark matter (DM) halos are spherical in nature and increase in density as a function of distance...
May21-07 02:19 AM
2 1,420
I looked briefly at the thread herein regarding "Simulating the universe" but it did not appear to involve the future...
May20-07 07:01 PM
3 1,993
Is their structure so "great" that they are just a natural, or inevitable, outcome of the mass/energy burst that took...
May25-07 12:45 PM
3 1,440
Why would gravitational waves be generated from the merging of two black holes or other types of mergers? What is...
May21-07 04:42 PM
Chris Hillman
3 1,685
Ashtekar's team at Penn State has been running cosmological BOUNCE simulations on the computer, studying many...
May23-07 11:07 AM
19 2,540
Recently I saw a magazine which published an article on multiverse, where our universe is just one of the many...
Jun6-07 09:30 AM
1 1,826
Hey, can anybody tell me what the estimate is on the mean mass of a particle in the interstellar medium? I would guess...
May23-07 10:26 AM
1 1,396
Time? I am sure that there is hundreds of reasons why this could not be possible but, it seems to me that there is...
May28-07 03:01 PM
9 2,149
this just out: a survey of efforts to detect DM particles. Direct Dark Matter...
May23-07 07:49 PM
0 1,204
What exactly is the relevance of squeezed quantum states to the primordial matter perturbations in cosmology...
May24-07 07:28 PM
0 1,191
Hi. I would like to discuss this: "Now, physicists...
May26-07 02:50 AM
9 2,020
What percent of baryonic matter is antimatter? I am well aware that DM accounts for most "matter" and that there...
May30-07 01:16 AM
1 2,346
I found the following definition for the Hubble Radius: The radius of the Hubble sphere (Hubble radius) is defined...
Jun5-07 08:15 AM
8 5,925
Do antistars absorb photons? I read Feynman's Book, "QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter", there a while...
Jun5-07 06:09 AM
6 2,700
This question concerns Omega(matter+dark+lambda). We take into account protons(baryons), electrons(leptons),...
Jun1-07 01:02 AM
5 1,499
How about this idea... With regards to this thing called, the arrow of time! Could the universe have different...
Jun6-07 01:16 AM
6 1,738
I need a good book on Inflation theory to start studying . Does anyone know a good book written on inflation theory?...
Jun4-07 08:29 AM
3 1,948

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