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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,478
E=mc2, so we can get energy from matter. However, is there any known way, theoreticall or otherwise, to convert energy...
Sep17-04 04:02 PM
3 1,217
According to Einstein's theory, during the process of fusiom some of the mass of the element(s) gets converted to...
Sep17-04 04:08 PM
6 1,272
J. W. Moffat has been developing NGT for about 25 years as a modification of General Relativity. He is able to...
Sep18-04 03:51 PM
0 973
I am relatively new to relativity (pardon the pun)and have found this a fascinating forum. I am trying to come to...
Sep20-04 08:29 AM
35 3,183
2 particles with mass M and Kinetic Engergy T moving toward each other. what is the kinetic energy T' as it measured...
Sep20-04 06:21 PM
2 1,351
I'm trying to get a grasp on how to figure out the area of a circle drawn on a sphere. It's just geometry, but I...
Sep22-04 10:42 PM
1 10,301
Gravity probe B is designed to detect the distortion of space (both the linear compression and lateral shear of the...
Sep23-04 12:49 PM
1 1,248
Correct me if i am wrong but..... I remember quite some time ago reading an article about scientists sending...
Sep23-04 03:27 PM
11 1,174
This recent paper describes the socalled Soccerball problem in quantizing relativity. Franz Hinterleitner...
Sep23-04 04:48 PM
2 2,867
That's what Wikipedia said. If, for an outside observer, it takes an infinite amount of time for matter to enter a...
Sep23-04 07:48 PM
1 1,607
Whether they have been detected or not (someone might want to update on this, LIGO etc.?), it seems undeniable that...
Sep25-04 01:37 AM
4 1,368
...And so, I was driving north from McPherson toward Salina, explaining Special Relativity to my wife and oldest...
Sep26-04 02:22 PM
88 4,830
As a neutron star collapses further and neutron degeneracy pressure causes neutrons to increase in mass (by virtue...
Sep26-04 04:02 PM
15 2,010
Can a Volume of Space be detected without Particles? I am new so please explain this with kid-gloves, you may wish...
Sep27-04 06:19 AM
0 840
Heres what i dont understand, a massive body in space causes the space around it to warp in accordance with its shape,...
Sep27-04 01:38 PM
9 6,999
Hi friends! Can we understand what he meant about his theory? Or did he want to tell us such different things?
Sep27-04 04:55 PM
18 2,605
With respect to time dilation... During the Big Bang, when space was expanding explosively (probably at light...
Sep27-04 05:59 PM
93 9,988
One of my hw problems for GR says: "Explain why a uniform external gravitiational field cannot raise tides on the...
Sep27-04 06:41 PM
5 2,016
As you go back in time,the gravitating bodies come closer and closer.So the gravitational field gets more and more...
Sep29-04 10:55 AM
20 2,006
Can anyone give me a quick overview of relativity, general relativity and special relativity? What does general and...
Sep29-04 03:07 PM
6 1,107
Actually, this is one of the question I was wondering about. If mathematics allows for wormholes (And there's really...
Sep29-04 03:32 PM
7 946
If an object were undergoing acceleration in hypothetical flat space, then a distant clock's tick rate (relative to...
Sep30-04 02:19 PM
7 1,955
The Principle of Relativity, (PR) may be summarised as the doctrine of no preferred frames of reference. It not only...
Oct1-04 02:25 AM
12 3,582
Okay, I need to get something straight. In Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, as you approach the speed of...
Oct2-04 08:22 PM
8 2,566
Hi there! I'm not sure about the dictation of the names!!! But can anyone explain the method of their experiment on...
Oct6-04 05:57 AM
1 1,053
einstein's theory of relativity sets limits on speed, saying it cannot be greater than c, the speed of light. What...
Oct7-04 09:35 AM
1 4,017
Hi all, It's said that approximately 3 seconds after/into the Big Bang, the 'universe' expanded at a velocity > c....
Oct7-04 09:47 AM
10 2,266
In a black hole, since light cannot escape are the photons slowed down or changed in direction?
Oct7-04 09:53 AM
14 1,377
I've got my asbestos suit on, boys and girls. :surprised: I was searching for links to Einstein's 1912 paper where...
Oct10-04 08:14 AM
17 2,275
I'm trying to understand the mechanics of time dilation. Mabye some of the SR/GR Gurus can help me with this one...
Oct10-04 02:17 PM
5 1,207
I have learned that objects moving at high velocity experience time dilation, among other things, and that there is no...
Oct10-04 08:37 PM
5 2,064
paradox SR Paradox ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Hi all, I know that this isn't a "flaw" in SR. So, I'm not here claiming to have found an amazing flaw in SR. lol. I...
Oct11-04 05:45 PM
77 5,729
Which, if any, of Einsteins models and theories have been replaced by more advanced or precise ones? The only thing...
Oct11-04 10:16 PM
3 1,841
I read in a book that relativity and newtonian physics dont work with each other or something like that. Like when...
Oct12-04 09:15 PM
6 5,433
A mother and her son share the same birthday. Then say a mother is 24 years old when her son was born. Then when she...
Oct13-04 02:59 AM
2 2,097
So.. let me think :grumpy: the word "motion" is no good; it isn't found in any treatise about Relativity or in any...
Oct13-04 08:13 AM
1 942
what would change in everyday life if the speed of light were to decrease?
Oct13-04 09:00 AM
22 2,528
Hi everyone! I have learned the general relativity, but I have a few problems which I don't understand. Can someone...
Oct14-04 04:55 AM
6 3,577
To have a connection in GR one imposes several conditions. Among others, one condition is that the connection shall be...
Oct14-04 05:46 AM
3 3,011
i understand that time slows down as compared to a stationary perspective when an object is travelling at a certain...
Oct14-04 09:04 AM
Doc Al
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