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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,375
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,731 "Black Holes and Information Theory" popularly written, at least for...
Nov17-03 03:57 PM
7 2,051
To anyone smarter than myself(which should be a lot of people here): It's clear that relativity neccessitates that...
Nov20-03 09:25 AM
7 1,669 I think its a stroke of good luck that the SSC was cancelled...
Nov21-03 08:49 AM
26 3,051
I am pretty new to physics in general. From what i've gotten so far, relativity states that time increases (or the...
Nov21-03 05:43 PM
2 1,248
How I understand how scientists determined if there was ether or not was through a test. This test was to send light...
Nov25-03 10:36 AM
6 3,733
here is a good paper that may be of interest:
Nov26-03 01:34 PM
0 2,361
This is a pretty basic concept of relativity that used to make sense to me but I have since become a little unclear on...
Nov27-03 07:30 PM
3 1,207
Do photons effectivley travel instantaneously? If not then the question posed by Einstein "If I travel at the speed of...
Nov28-03 10:30 AM
3 1,029
according to these theories; I belive every following day a day is becomming shorter. but we dont feel it.
Nov28-03 07:05 PM
2 1,407
i have come across a reference to an experiment pertaining to gravity, it is called the WEAX experiment, the only...
Dec1-03 04:53 PM
2 1,055
:- It that Real???
Dec3-03 03:29 PM
11 1,977
I have had this question nagging at me and making me lose sleep for over a year now, and I can't find the answer...
Dec3-03 09:25 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
25 3,635 ...
Dec4-03 05:23 AM
7 1,447
If you take two identical radioactive samples, place one on Earth and another on a near-lightspeed spaceship, and...
Dec5-03 04:49 PM
4 2,158
Can someone explain aether to me in depth? I hear talk about it, and feel rediculous not knowing what they're talking...
Dec5-03 06:41 PM
1 1,619
... Hydogen's Mass or 'Weight' is negative (i.e. less than 0 kg) Given a Balloon filled with 'Hydrogen'...
Dec5-03 10:35 PM
6 3,043
on the subject of looking for the granularity of spacetime, cherenkov radiation is given of if a particle exceeds c...
Dec6-03 03:36 PM
12 1,969
After recently seeing Brian Greene's "Elegant Universe," I was struck by an idea - maybe not an original idea, but an...
Dec6-03 03:53 PM
1 1,727
suppose you had a planet with a train going all the way around the circumference. The train is a complete loop so you...
Dec6-03 05:52 PM
16 5,883
I given to understand that you can't tell the difference between accelerating in space and standing in a gravity well,...
Dec6-03 06:43 PM
36 2,737
I have a question concerning the treatment of black holes in General Relativity. As I understand it, the force of...
Dec8-03 09:48 AM
9 1,727
1. The time distortion due to relative velocity does not cause any "real" loss if time in itself,loss of time only...
Dec8-03 10:10 AM
21 2,391
ok, so I'm sitting in class one day, and my physics teacher is talking about light... and since we had just finished...
Dec8-03 04:21 PM
4 12,515
Let's say there are two objects of the same mass. One of the is moving, the other not. Now let's look at both of them...
Dec10-03 05:05 PM
6 1,704
I keep finding stuff on the net about the speed of gravity and how some people contest it should be c, the speed of...
Dec11-03 04:27 PM
25 4,927
Ok, lets say that we are in a giant vaccuum, but we have a crapload of space. A crapload. And we get a really powerful...
Dec11-03 10:46 PM
4 1,229
PSR J0730-3039 is similar to the famous neutron binary which Taylor and Hulse studied, leading to another set of...
Dec12-03 08:42 AM
0 3,729
If I were to attempt to prove that the dot product of an electric and magnetic field is invariant under the conditions...
Dec12-03 09:37 AM
1 3,914
If someone leaves on a spaceship from Earth at near the speed of light, the clock on the spaceship will appear be...
Dec12-03 09:58 AM
3 1,723
imagine two people in deep space, with no frame of reference but each other. if one of them is speeding along at near...
Dec12-03 06:54 PM
44 3,543
how special and the general relativity explains the position of moon from the earth reference system taking also into...
Dec15-03 09:33 AM
8 1,490
Lets say a ship, travelling 98% the speed of light approaches another ship travelling the opposite direction at the...
Dec15-03 05:20 PM
24 2,949
In time dilation and length contraction, there is a velocity term. How do we measure velocity at the first place?
Dec16-03 09:35 AM
2 1,023
Here's a few kickers for those of you who don't know a lot about the mathematics of relativity: The locus of all...
Dec16-03 07:06 PM
1 1,180
Particles having nonzero rest mass can approach, but not reach, the speed of light, since their mass would become...
Dec16-03 10:21 PM
4 1,093
Is this true? Einstein's E=mc2 'was Italian's idea' Rory Carroll in Rome Thursday November 11, 1999 The...
Dec17-03 02:00 PM
7 2,179
I just read in a popular magazine about the satellite to be launched in order to measure the frame dragging by a...
Dec17-03 03:42 PM
5 2,577
Maxwell's eqn, in invariant form reads: F^{\mu \nu}{}_{;\nu} = J^{\mu} and F_{\alpha \beta ;\gamma} +...
Dec18-03 09:53 AM
3 1,063 For the second time in as many months, images gathered by the...
Dec18-03 11:01 PM
19 2,497
this is a really good survey of all the cosmic ray and gammaray burst news, and the new detectors planned, with some...
Dec19-03 09:26 PM
2 2,582

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