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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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I am doing a research about the compact Milne Universe in two dimensions Using special relativity. such that (t,θ)...
Aug28-13 08:35 AM
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Definition of Large-Scale Isotropy and Homogeneity This post is part of my attempt to develop a formal definition...
Aug23-14 11:23 PM
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Consequences of Energy conservation in a FLRW spacetime This entry uses the local energy conservation law to derive...
Aug23-14 10:39 PM
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Corrections to Narlikar paper The paper by Jayant N Narlikar ’Spectral shifts in General Relativity’ in the...
Aug23-14 11:04 PM
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Einstein tensor in the FLRW frame - Part 1 of 2 This note develops a formula for the ##G^{00}## component of the...
Aug23-14 10:48 PM
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Equations of state for photon gas and relativistic electron gas This entry develops equations of state that are...
Aug23-14 11:28 PM
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Draft re Ricci vs Riemann tensors This one is really just the beginning of a musing. I can't even remember if I...
Aug28-14 02:54 AM
Markus Hanke
1 112
I know that you're going to probably say that a frame of reference doesn't make sense for light, but I've uploaded a...
Feb5-13 09:38 PM
4 115
Due to the blogs being removed, I thought it might be worthwhile posting a few in the forums- From 'Exploring...
Y 06:59 AM
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For another BRS thread, I looked up some information at and was completely sidetracked...
Mar1-10 05:00 PM
Chris Hillman
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Due to the blogs being removed, I thought it might be worthwhile posting a few in the forums- zQdIjwoi-u4 Time...
Y 02:39 PM
1 141
Although I can't nominate myself for a Nobel Prize, I was wondering I any distinguished scientist would oppose such a...
Feb12-13 02:55 AM
4 154
I was recently trying to test something out with the Riemann tensor. I used only 2 dimensions for simplicity sake. As...
Y 07:00 PM
6 162
I'll try rephrasing my question, as I do not wish to question the theory itself. Verily, verily, it would be...
Feb16-13 04:19 PM
4 170
hi, I need an explanatory difference between timelike and space like events . examples will do, i know the mathematics...
Aug27-14 01:44 AM
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This old blog entry is being reposted here for archival purposes because the blog system is being removed. ...
Aug28-14 12:14 PM
0 176
This expression: \Gammaavc\Gammacab Can someone please show me how to multiply the two Christoffel symbol...
Aug14-14 12:45 PM
1 184
Hello, I was wondering what the exact definition of conformal transformations is. This is a question in the...
Aug29-14 06:55 AM
2 195
In this source explaining how to derive the Schwarzchild metric, the person came up with an ansatz and worked from...
Aug21-14 08:31 AM
1 196
The subject of Birkhoff's theorem has come up in a number of PF threads, and in the course of researching it for one...
Aug28-14 07:06 PM
0 200
Hi, How can null geodesics be defined? Obviously the concept of parallel-transport, of the tangent to the...
Aug30-14 11:27 AM
2 206
Dear all, I was reading this...
Aug9-14 03:04 PM
2 208
As far as I have the knowledge of GTR that a mass bends the space time around it.But why does this bend occur?The...
Aug26-14 09:03 AM
Simon Bridge
2 210
In the formula for Christoffel symbols: \Gammamij= \frac{1}{2}gmkki/∂xj) + (∂gjk/∂xi) - (∂gij/∂xk) you do sum...
Aug25-14 11:35 PM
2 212
When you have a general coordinate chart on spacetime you have a lot of freedom to pick your coordinates, but you are...
Aug12-14 07:03 PM
1 217
Hello, I am trying to understand Kaluza Klein theory on the five dimensional unification. It was mentioned over...
Aug27-14 05:47 AM
1 217
when muons are created in the atmosphere and fall to earth the earth clock runs faster. Thus, the "slower" muon clock...
Aug4-14 10:08 PM
2 218
Hello, I noticed quite a few questions on the Hafele-Keating experiment here, but I believe none that have my exact...
Aug28-14 06:23 AM
9 221
This may be a stupid question, but have the various gravitational wave observatories around the world been tested by...
Jul31-14 03:42 PM
2 224
I'm seeing examples where for the person in the train the offset of both lights at the end of the train are not seen...
Aug27-14 04:59 AM
6 225
I was reading Isaac Asimov's introductory physics text "Understanding Physics". In the chapter on Relativity, he...
Y 09:20 PM
8 225
I am somewhat distracted so this post will not be what it should, given that GAP is one of my interests. For those...
Mar11-10 05:17 PM
Chris Hillman
1 233
Hi, I'm trying to understand why the metric I've seen for AdS space,...
Jan24-14 11:38 AM
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On the spacetime manifold in general relativity, one chooses a basis at a point and express it by the partial...
May17-14 02:59 PM
2 236
Hello, Some knows how to Bondi deduce his radiating line element? I read some papers and there isn't any hint about...
May4-14 07:21 PM
2 239
This is about Hans Ohanian, "Einstein's E = mc2 mistakes," , a historical paper that...
Jan23-14 06:03 PM
0 247
... The other night my telescope buddy and I were discussing gravities vs time over a campfire and beverages. I...
Aug28-14 07:51 AM
6 249
would time dilation occur if for example, i was making a hydrogen atom spin with the center of spin the atom? would...
May19-14 03:40 PM
1 251
Hi all. As you may be aware, there are a handful of modern derivations of the Papapetrou equations i.e. the equations...
Aug23-14 04:24 PM
3 251
In classical mechanics we talk about homogeneous and inhomogeneous gravitational fields. Do we do this with...
Feb5-14 09:35 AM
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