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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,740
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,386
General Relativity has been the main theme running through the discussions I enjoyed in the previous PF version. ...
Sep17-03 04:41 PM
5 4,011
i heard that dark energy is "negative preasure"!! Is it possible??
Sep17-03 11:27 AM
3 4,063
sorry im not sure if this is the correct pigeon hole to use. planck dimentions are well known but why are they the...
Sep18-03 09:22 AM
3 2,803
classical GR breaks down at time zero because of infinite density and curvature quantizing GR removes the...
Sep18-03 09:43 AM
3 3,726
the version of GR used in cosmology is the Friedmann equations which are a radically simplified version of the 1915...
Oct29-03 09:29 AM
3 2,860
its routine in mainstream cosmology that much of space expands away from us faster than the speed of light A poster...
Oct9-03 05:09 PM
18 4,521
Really should call it "Big Bounce" instead of Big Bang. Yesterday another paper was posted at the Los Alamos arxiv...
Oct5-03 01:45 PM
12 3,340
Forgive me if this is an ignorant question. I have only a very superficial grasp of GR and SR, but this has been...
Oct18-03 06:19 AM
Mr.E Man
7 3,243
It is said that nothing even the light can escape out of black holes. I have a little question: If the light cannot...
Sep30-03 12:52 PM
22 5,333
I know gravity is said to warp spacetime, but does it also warp the matter in spactime? If it does, would this make...
Oct5-03 01:33 PM
13 4,178
can someone explain to me what does the picture in the website below describe? (it has to do with something in...
Oct2-03 08:14 AM
3 4,180
it has been stated that lambda interacts with gravity to give expantion,can anyone give the" mechanics" of this...
Oct3-03 12:31 PM
5 3,791
In 2002, the Cassini spaceprobe, on its way to Saturn, passed close to the Sun as seen from the Earth (it was actually...
Oct4-03 10:29 AM
6 3,618
The question I ask is linear momentum conserved in in instance cited below? You place a particle at the origin...
Oct7-03 09:25 AM
1 4,800
Betty here. This will be a first attempt at posting. This ideology was moved here from "Debunking Religion." I...
Oct15-03 10:23 PM
30 5,728
posted by MARCUS. if it was only energy density that would be mysterious enough but have you registered that it is,...
Oct6-03 11:21 AM
4 3,438
Greetings ! Let me see if I got the theoretical idea of FTL right: We take some huge amount of light in front of...
Nov6-03 07:40 AM
12 3,418
Theoreticly, what affect would antigravity have on time? What I mean is would it send nearby objects BACKWARDS in...
Oct30-03 02:52 AM
Herra Tohtori
4 6,549
Lets say that you take an ultra modern spacecraft like Nasa is researching or may already have and equip it with a...
Oct8-03 08:53 AM
2 8,691 A group at University of Washington, Fardon et al just posted "Dark Energy from...
Oct12-03 01:49 AM
1 3,765
This is a question I'm throwing out there for anyone who may know: Is there an exact known ratio for the curvature of...
Oct23-03 11:28 AM
8 5,007
I found what appears to be a decent online text for an intro to differential geometry and general relativity. See -...
Oct19-03 04:21 PM
2 3,155
Any books recommended for dummies? All books that I've found starts with contraviant and covariant tensor, which seems...
Nov6-03 03:03 PM
10 2,612
things seemed to be going along just fine and then a friend sent me this is a...
Oct27-03 11:19 AM
Loren Booda
8 3,805
from chroot in this topic... What's the history...
Oct18-03 10:57 AM
0 2,432
I understand that the path of light from a Star bends when it moves beside a large mass. My question is this: ...
Oct24-03 09:41 AM
6 6,969
All right, physicists claim that mass can be at infinite density. This condition is called the singularity, an...
Oct31-03 12:12 AM
13 3,082
According to SR, a photon has an equivalent mass of h / c λ where h is plank's constant, c is the speed of...
Nov3-03 06:55 AM
27 3,629
In fact has proved lots of time that g.r is true..but in my opinion would not be a complete theory by several reasons:...
Nov6-03 06:21 PM
6 2,913
i have looked on the net for a formula that would give me an idea of how much gravitational energy verses other...
Nov4-03 03:45 PM
6 2,539
Hi All, Blackholes will curve the space-time in a way so that even particles moving with speed of light are...
Nov4-03 12:03 PM
3 2,508 binary J0806.3+1572 no proof of gravitational radiation.
Nov7-03 12:30 PM
0 1,945 Papers by Kopeikin claiming this tests the speed of gravity...
Nov8-03 04:31 AM
3 1,899 Here is a list of problems that have been...
Nov9-03 01:49 PM
7 1,834
Could someone give me a brief tutorial on the Christoffel equation used in relativity please
Nov14-03 01:40 AM
4 3,693
Q? Why is Gravity so weak amongst Atoms? Q? Why is Gravity so STRONG at far away locations in deep-space?
Nov10-03 05:21 PM
0 5,495
Within the framework of General Relativity in one of its most simple forms, the Schwarzschild solution, a very...
Nov13-03 05:36 AM
1 2,574
Please can somebody explain how the age of the universe can be determined using Hubbles Constant? If the constant is...
Nov14-03 05:25 AM
Kannan Kailas
2 1,614
I was wondering if I could get some guidance regarding the following question: "A radioactive nucleus, moving in a...
Nov15-03 05:21 PM
15 2,112
Dear Mr. (Mrs.). Best regards for members of Physics Forum. I write from Belarus. Belarus is one of republics of...
Nov16-03 11:25 AM
0 1,675

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