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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,157
So basically, my physics class has begun focusing on SR. And i just wanted to clarify something. I have been...
Mar29-14 02:44 AM
6 380
v=? delta what/which X(distance) over delta what/which T(time)
Mar28-14 10:02 PM
21 1,186
Hello, Im a newguy here, so if my question dont belong to this section, please let me know. My question: In...
Mar28-14 08:21 PM
5 382
Hello, Im looking for some time dependent exact solution of Einsteins eqs. If Im right (if not please correct me)...
Mar28-14 02:52 PM
6 287
I know the reasons why the relativistic mass equation (M= gamma Mo) is out of favour with what seems to be a majority...
Mar27-14 12:58 PM
37 1,170
Can a magnetic field bend space-time?
Mar27-14 01:34 AM
1 334
So the angular diameter distance is given by the angle it extends in the sky and its actual size x d_A=...
Mar26-14 02:38 PM
0 263
In an old (2008) thread, DrGreg posted this transformation from a Minkowski chart to a Rindler chart ...
Mar26-14 02:24 PM
16 445
So I have just been introduced to indices, four vectors and tensors in SR and I'm having trouble knowing exactly what...
Mar26-14 10:24 AM
5 321
I am using a wikipedia page, Derivation of the Lorentz transformations and a lot of historical papers. To follow...
Mar26-14 07:13 AM
5 299
The three main effects of SR occur in inertial frames and change the description of space-time relative to a...
Mar25-14 12:32 PM
8 344
Hi there, I think I understand how, using Lorentz transformations, I can find relative speeds of objects within...
Mar25-14 12:31 PM
3 310
Two questions, based on the same situation: in ...
Mar25-14 10:27 AM
2 247
Hi All Gravitation seems very interesting field to me. One of the most mysterious field of studies, which is having...
Mar25-14 01:40 AM
0 276
Biking at near the speed of light If a biker is going at 0.99c, an observer standing still would notice his...
Mar24-14 07:48 PM
38 915 This is a video of the 'barking dog' chemistry experiment captured with a...
Mar24-14 06:57 PM
1 234
Reading over Alcubierre's paper on his "warp" drive (, the metric in equation 3...
Mar24-14 11:55 AM
2 376
Greetings, I've been learning about special relativity and most of the learning media included a part of general...
Mar24-14 11:46 AM
3 313
I just watched a video that kind of warped my understanding of time dilation. It said that not only would time appear...
Mar24-14 06:33 AM
10 645
This is a puzzle based on a purported "refutation of GR" on this webpage, which is also the subject of a subthread in...
Mar23-14 02:42 PM
92 8,136
Looking at the Einstein equation, stresses can cause a deformation of space time. This link here...
Mar23-14 08:36 AM
Vanadium 50
7 374
I was just wondering what would the definition of the inertial frame be, since as I've understood the description it...
Mar22-14 11:01 AM
3 361
Could there be an absolute 'state of reference' somewhere in the universe, perhaps at the location of the original...
Mar22-14 05:56 AM
135 2,848
Since the speed of light is a constant, no matter what location from which a search of the universe is made, matter...
Mar21-14 07:02 PM
5 347
∇_{\mu}g_{\alpha\beta}=0 is the metricity equation (∇ the covariant derivative). However, I wondered whether also...
Mar21-14 06:52 PM
4 300
So I created an account here just so I could ask this burning question. I keep looking online and through other...
Mar21-14 04:07 PM
12 697
I think that is a fundamental question of why we need Tensor when dealing with GR? Quoting from the text book...
Mar21-14 01:17 PM
12 615
The stress energy momentum tensor of the Einstein field equations contains multiple density terms such as the energy...
Mar20-14 07:46 PM
4 311
There are various explanations for Thomas precession in the literature and I would like to come to a deeper...
Mar20-14 05:20 PM
70 3,091
I've been studying the Einstein field equations. I learned that the Ricci curvature tensor was expressed as the...
Mar20-14 02:01 PM
7 377
What is the gravitational binding energy in GR in the spherically symmetric case? I calculate...
Mar20-14 11:36 AM
4 318
Consider two points A and B (Fig.1) at rest in S frame having a distance L0 between them (a long scale may be imagined...
Mar20-14 09:38 AM
11 562
Hi, While reading Sean Carroll's book, I came across the following statement: Okay so this has me confused....
Mar19-14 06:15 PM
2 288
I'll ask that you forgive me if my question seems to "basic" or simple for some of the more professional posters. I...
Mar19-14 03:15 PM
3 298
Hi guys, I'm reading a text regarding different possible ways of synchronizing clocks in an inertial frame, so maybe...
Mar19-14 12:43 PM
7 367
At v = c, time (hence physics) stands still. You can never reach c, but lets say near enough. Therefore if you...
Mar18-14 03:39 PM
15 568
Let's say we have a metro tunnel that is a circular loop with 1 m x 1 m rectangular cross section. The tunnel is 100...
Mar18-14 10:18 AM
3 336
Never mind. Please delete this post
Mar17-14 11:35 PM
1 275
Hello all, In Carroll's on page 109 it is pointed out that for derivation of the geodesic equation, 3.44, a...
Mar17-14 03:37 PM
26 949
While Planck time is usually regarded as the shortest unit of time, isn't the shortest unit of time that can exist is...
Mar17-14 01:58 PM
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