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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,707
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,349
Hello, I need to calculate how accurate a GPS system is using only Special Relativity and a very basic knowledge...
Nov24-11 03:53 AM
1 1,471
The precession of Mercury is presented as one of the threshold moments for general relativity. Are there any publicly...
Nov24-11 12:09 AM
33 3,868
Here's a scenario: A crew travels through the Universe in a spaceship capable of 100% light speed. Relativity...
Nov23-11 10:22 PM
9 1,153
I was wondering if someone could help me see where I am messing this up: Lets say we have our train with a relative...
Nov23-11 09:38 PM
11 1,292
I have read that at sea level gravity is the same everywhere on the surface of the Earth. I have also read that...
Nov23-11 08:04 PM
6 1,325
can you think of gravity as space itself shrinking directionally? and the time dilation effect could be due to the...
Nov23-11 07:50 PM
2 1,509
As I understand it, if you are moving fast enough relative to me, your mass increase will cause you to APPEAR like a...
Nov23-11 04:29 PM
9 10,405
The twin who has left earth and travels close to the speed of light in his spaceship, lands back on Earth only to find...
Nov23-11 04:19 PM
5 3,114
We are currently studying special relativity and using the idea of four vectors. The position 4-vector has been...
Nov23-11 01:58 PM
8 4,217
Although I can follow many of the equations, given the Schwarzschild metric, I am stuck on what seems like a...
Nov23-11 01:02 PM
25 2,846
Hi all, I came up with the following problem myself and am trying to solve myself. I haven't seen it in any...
Nov23-11 01:01 PM
2 1,044
OK, here is the problem formulation, I won't give the "surprsing" answer for a few days. In an inertial frame, we...
Nov23-11 10:00 AM
4 2,803
Hello, A recent paper by Cohen and Glashow argued recently that FTL neutrinos would quickly lose energy by pair...
Nov23-11 09:41 AM
5 1,138
The Abraham's photon moment p_A=hbar*w/n*c is not Lorentz covariant, but it has been confirmed by several experiments....
Nov23-11 07:20 AM
Vanadium 50
153 16,738
There is Feynman's example of a mirror in the book QED. To summarize, there is more than one reflection off of a...
Nov23-11 01:00 AM
0 805
1. Can a human travel to distant stars? If the faster you go the slower the time passes for you, then you could...
Nov23-11 12:23 AM
Mind Bender
24 2,219
Hi all, I've heard it said that if I could send a message faster than light, then another inertial observer would...
Nov22-11 11:18 PM
3 965
It is often said that the paths of light bend, close to a neutron star? What happens if the ray of light is vertical...
Nov22-11 11:03 PM
4 1,525
Lets say we have triplets on earth A B and C. B and C goes from earth together in the same direction at some...
Nov22-11 10:42 PM
16 2,240
Hello, As I'm sure you are aware the Kretschmann scalar (formed by contracting the contravariant and covariant...
Nov22-11 11:02 AM
5 1,574
Hello, Let me first say this is not homework, If you do not beleive me you can use any numbers you would like. I am...
Nov21-11 11:08 PM
13 1,546
if light hits a mirror at a 90 degree angle, wouldn't it HAVE to travel slower than the speed of light when it hit the...
Nov21-11 11:03 PM
5 1,679
Any faster than light signal can create backward time effect by means of some frames seeing the signal go to the past...
Nov21-11 08:31 PM
13 2,062
1. Is the universe finite? 2. Could it be just the surface of a higher dimensional object? 3. If something...
Nov21-11 05:41 PM
3 1,096
What is the reason for this?
Nov21-11 03:10 PM
13 2,405
Because for myself I had some misunderstandings about the behaviour of light. What are the differences between an...
Nov21-11 02:08 PM
4 1,140
Hi, I am very new to general relativity and have only just started to learn how to do some very basic manipulation...
Nov21-11 11:03 AM
1 830
I'm in the middle of reading 'The Great Equations' by Robert P. Crease (good book) and I've just got to the chapter on...
Nov21-11 09:55 AM
19 2,683
Hello everyone, I'm trying to calculate the doppler shift in frequency of a moving source. I'm approaching the...
Nov21-11 05:44 AM
4 1,387
Hi, I hear that light always seems to travel at c, but I've failed to completely understand what that means, could...
Nov21-11 03:23 AM
6 1,248
In the weak field approximation, g_{\mu\nu}=\eta_{\mu\nu}+h_{\mu\nu} If we make a coordinate transformation of...
Nov20-11 09:37 PM
Sam Gralla
4 961
If we start from an action in which geometry and matter are non-minimally coupled, can the resulting theory have a...
Nov20-11 07:46 PM
0 839
I have been wondering this ever since I was in elementary school and I am hoping for an answer. The time dilation...
Nov20-11 06:00 PM
1 1,569
The theory of Relativity uses a constant c which has the approximate value of 3x108 ms-1 The measured speed of...
Nov20-11 10:13 AM
24 3,502
Hello, Wald defines, on page 203 the future Cauchy Horizon of a set S\subset M as: H^+(S)=\overline{D^+(S)}-I^- ...
Nov20-11 03:44 AM
1 833
Letís say some reasonable scientist claims it turns out the speed limit of the universe is actually 8000 meters per...
Nov19-11 09:26 PM
8 1,515
Firstly: Does anyone know at our current level of technology what "small enough not to detect tidal forces" equates...
Nov19-11 06:09 PM
10 1,388
Hello. I am trying to get the hang of tensors. I saw this written in
Nov19-11 05:50 PM
52 5,327
Can anyone give an explanation of causality?? Or maybe an article where causality is explained?.
Nov19-11 05:50 PM
1 881
Hello So i saw this video on youtube explaining some basics of general relativity and they used example with 2...
Nov19-11 04:02 PM
Simon Bridge
6 1,186

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