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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Y 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 40,919
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,574
What is the reason for this?
Nov21-11 03:10 PM
13 2,385
Because for myself I had some misunderstandings about the behaviour of light. What are the differences between an...
Nov21-11 02:08 PM
4 1,135
Hi, I am very new to general relativity and have only just started to learn how to do some very basic manipulation...
Nov21-11 11:03 AM
1 821
I'm in the middle of reading 'The Great Equations' by Robert P. Crease (good book) and I've just got to the chapter on...
Nov21-11 09:55 AM
19 2,674
Hello everyone, I'm trying to calculate the doppler shift in frequency of a moving source. I'm approaching the...
Nov21-11 05:44 AM
4 1,376
Hi, I hear that light always seems to travel at c, but I've failed to completely understand what that means, could...
Nov21-11 03:23 AM
6 1,243
In the weak field approximation, g_{\mu\nu}=\eta_{\mu\nu}+h_{\mu\nu} If we make a coordinate transformation of...
Nov20-11 09:37 PM
Sam Gralla
4 955
If we start from an action in which geometry and matter are non-minimally coupled, can the resulting theory have a...
Nov20-11 07:46 PM
0 836
I have been wondering this ever since I was in elementary school and I am hoping for an answer. The time dilation...
Nov20-11 06:00 PM
1 1,564
The theory of Relativity uses a constant c which has the approximate value of 3x108 ms-1 The measured speed of...
Nov20-11 10:13 AM
24 3,476
Hello, Wald defines, on page 203 the future Cauchy Horizon of a set S\subset M as: H^+(S)=\overline{D^+(S)}-I^- ...
Nov20-11 03:44 AM
1 830
Let’s say some reasonable scientist claims it turns out the speed limit of the universe is actually 8000 meters per...
Nov19-11 09:26 PM
8 1,503
Firstly: Does anyone know at our current level of technology what "small enough not to detect tidal forces" equates...
Nov19-11 06:09 PM
10 1,380
Hello. I am trying to get the hang of tensors. I saw this written in
Nov19-11 05:50 PM
52 5,168
Can anyone give an explanation of causality?? Or maybe an article where causality is explained?.
Nov19-11 05:50 PM
1 877
Hello So i saw this video on youtube explaining some basics of general relativity and they used example with 2...
Nov19-11 04:02 PM
Simon Bridge
6 1,178
So on another post somewhere it was mentioned that while velocity is relative, acceleration is absolute, this might be...
Nov19-11 03:00 PM
38 3,499
From Greene's pop science book 'The hidden reality', I got this: Could someone explain that I bit further? Why...
Nov19-11 02:08 PM
3 900
My idea of explaining time dilation to others (average people) was : see a light wave as the time, person A standing...
Nov19-11 12:52 PM
19 6,170
Dear all, could anyone please show the full derivation of relativistic acceleration and momentum. Many thanks n ...
Nov19-11 12:05 PM
13 7,410
This is a continuation of an original thread first posted by me on May 11th 2010. Altabeh has been very kindly trying...
Nov19-11 11:25 AM
21 3,378
In Brian Greene's "Illusion of Time" on NOVA, he cited a case where a distant alien rides a bicycle away from us at a...
Nov19-11 09:53 AM
20 3,172
As I currently understand it from the point of view of an observer falling into a black hole it takes a finite time to...
Nov19-11 07:02 AM
38 4,017
What makes the speed of light a constant. I read the FAQ on special relativity but still don't understand why c (speed...
Nov19-11 12:33 AM
53 7,073
When two persons meet each other in one point, one standing still (can be moving too) and the other moving (compared...
Nov18-11 11:34 PM
20 3,321
Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I can't seem to figure it out. On earth a device is made that can measure...
Nov18-11 10:28 AM
2 1,058
I think about this every time I look up at the stars and think about the fact that what we're seeing is the sky as it...
Nov18-11 10:10 AM
3 1,215
When I first heard of this, I laughed. But then it had me going. Is it possible to measure something such as time,...
Nov18-11 03:42 AM
4 2,644
For instance you have time dilation in special relativity which is said to be due to something moving faster than...
Nov18-11 01:30 AM
50 5,239
Hi, I seem to remember there is a book by Steven Weinberg that gives the mathematical basis for tensor calculus for...
Nov17-11 07:22 PM
1 871
It is my understanding that time within black holes is slowed down incredibly, and all of the mass is found within...
Nov17-11 04:25 PM
6 1,865
I understand that the time dilation at the surface of the Earth is the same as for an object moving in space at...
Nov17-11 02:33 PM
0 1,679
I'm currently watching this show on NOVA narrated by Brian Greene called "The Fabric of the Cosmos". In the first...
Nov17-11 12:31 PM
7 3,332
We all know the definition of a rope between two identical accelerating spaceships and how that rope will break...
Nov17-11 09:27 AM
2 1,211
I’m having a little trouble understanding an analogy in Greene’s “Fabric of the Cosmos.” I would be grateful for any...
Nov17-11 07:47 AM
18 8,707
A Newtonian inertial frame is one where objects obey Newton's first law. Schutz (A first course in general...
Nov17-11 07:39 AM
13 2,221
This is not a question about relativity per se, but relates to it sufficiently I hope. Standard values for many...
Nov17-11 07:35 AM
2 981
They say that if quantum entanglement were meditated by actually superluminal exchange, causality is not violated...
Nov17-11 07:14 AM
2 1,025
I have this very interesting article, that found a way to reduce the energy...
Nov17-11 06:25 AM
1 2,401
Hi, I've been listening to a Professor Jim Al-Khalil's scipod on time travel. I think this guy is bloody...
Nov17-11 06:10 AM
9 2,047

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