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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,731
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,375
I'm slightly confused as to how we can use the picture of a 2D surface embedded in 3D space as an analogue to...
Sep14-11 03:15 AM
2 963
Hey there guys I just have a question to ask some of you. Given the occurence of time dilation being related to an...
Sep13-11 04:45 PM
4 1,336
Does that mean the spaceship has become bigger or denser up to the subatomic level? Or is it just more atoms have...
Sep13-11 03:23 PM
3 1,267
If an object's mass increases as it nears the speed of light, would its gravitational field also change, and therefore...
Sep13-11 02:39 PM
2 936
in at 0:47:00 Susskind begins discussing accelerated reference frames...
Sep13-11 11:05 AM
14 1,846
does a person feel weightlessness or any differences when he make a free fall under gravity of different values say...
Sep13-11 07:26 AM
10 1,971
We know that in GR it is not possible for arbitrary spacetimes to define a conserved energy by using a 3-integral....
Sep13-11 06:11 AM
23 2,469
So of you may have heard of this expierament back in 2000,Does the expierament send something back in time even though...
Sep13-11 04:30 AM
0 962
As I understood,GR says that mass and energy change the form of space-time and when other masses move near that...
Sep13-11 03:21 AM
8 1,263
Gravity around star is often depicted as the curvature if spacetime or a 'dimple" in a flat sheet. What would...
Sep12-11 04:47 PM
27 2,747
It is common knowledge that of the classical tests of GR, gravitational redshift is normally considered to be testing...
Sep12-11 10:48 AM
10 1,339
Does anyone know how the progress is on the attempts to detect gravitational waves with interferometry? As far as I...
Sep12-11 09:29 AM
2 853
a relativistically moving body passes through much more field energy than a slow moving body per unit time. Does all...
Sep12-11 08:18 AM
3 774
I haven't learnt much of advanced mathematics. It seems that we can use metric tensors to lower or raise index of...
Sep11-11 11:30 PM
15 2,737
Regarding the observer riding on the middle of the train sees the light strike first the fwd first and then the aft....
Sep11-11 10:33 PM
16 1,773
Please bring me out of my state of confusion if I need to be... The question is how to calculate the rate of an atomic...
Sep11-11 02:28 PM
8 1,293
A bus travels at a very high speed. It's time slows down. What's the mechanism by which this happens? Any help...
Sep11-11 06:52 AM
4 1,673
Does anybody know about a comprehensive list of cosmological models and their properties? E.g. FRW, dS, AdS, ......
Sep11-11 05:54 AM
1 1,141
Have gravitational waves been directly detected yet?
Sep11-11 03:08 AM
2 576
Hi, Please consider: At time zero a spaceship takes off from earth and keeps traveling under constant...
Sep10-11 07:13 PM
3 1,099
In special relativity we have the velocity 'u', being the difference in speed between two objects, from which we work...
Sep10-11 04:12 PM
0 928
as i read in the brief history of time "let a plane be moving straight in 3-d world but we see it in a curved path on...
Sep10-11 11:36 AM
4 1,173
I was sitting in my bed thinking about how time can be relative after i heard about those experiments with atomic...
Sep10-11 11:10 AM
8 2,267
Fast question :I noticed that often the EFE are presented without the minus sign in the source term, (G=kT instead of...
Sep10-11 10:34 AM
4 957
An observer far away from an event horizon never sees a particle cross the event horizon. How does this effect the...
Sep10-11 09:43 AM
13 13,672
It is said that at low speeds the relativistic kinetic energy formula will give you the same answers as the classical...
Sep10-11 06:45 AM
16 4,663
When looking at earths ability to curve space-time; how far does these curves go? can they theoretically be registered...
Sep9-11 02:53 PM
4 1,803
Sorry if this is a noob question or if it has been answered before or if I'm just misunderstanding the physics...
Sep9-11 06:29 AM
3 849
Been a while since I posted here. I gave up on pursuing a career in engineering or physics so forgive me for any...
Sep8-11 10:14 PM
22 4,946
Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the general opinion is of these two articles: ...
Sep8-11 08:14 PM
3 776
This is my first post here, Consider the typical simultaneity scenario: An observer `O' right in the middle of...
Sep8-11 06:23 PM
5 1,034
It is widely recognized in physics textbooks that Planck constant is a "universal constant". But I nerver see a proof....
Sep8-11 01:02 PM
170 19,811
I've read a newspaper article which claims: "If the search for gravitational waves succeeds, then Einstein's theory of...
Sep8-11 12:59 PM
3 958
hello, in Penrose diagrams it says that once you have crossed a first Cauchy horizon(of a rotating black hole) ,...
Sep8-11 06:43 AM
11 2,665
How do you prove that for the schwarzschild metric, ds^2 =...
Sep8-11 03:44 AM
0 488
I am a noob! Forgive me if it sounds too stupid! Let me say, I am in CERN right now at the LHC. I fire a proton...
Sep8-11 02:27 AM
1 787
I've been reading up on gravity probe B and the results, but I have a question about precession in general - I've...
Sep8-11 02:26 AM
2 676
Hello, I was talking with my Physics professor the other day about something I could do in Special Relativity,...
Sep7-11 11:04 AM
11 1,687
What are the difference between Einstein's General Relativity and Wheeler's Geometrodynamics,or they are the same...
Sep7-11 06:12 AM
3 952
I have been reading about Thomas precession and have encountered many papers that appear to give conflicting accounts...
Sep6-11 10:12 AM
6 2,288

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