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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 37,348
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,116
As I have read, a clock in a spaceship approaching the speed of light will appear to slow down in time from the point...
Jun18-11 01:50 AM
6 1,045
A friend of mine had the following funny question: Imagine I have a metric ansatz with two unknown functions. The...
Jun17-11 09:08 PM
6 1,636
Hi everyone, General relativity gives us the definition of the distance between two "events" d=\int...
Jun17-11 05:51 PM
11 1,582
I've been comparing various books, including these: Mermin, It's About Time Takeuchi, An Illustrated Guide to...
Jun17-11 04:55 PM
3 843
This might be a silly question to people who are have more practice in this subject, but how does the Schwarzschild...
Jun17-11 04:02 PM
44 3,916
Magnetism is said to arise due to relativity. When an extended charged object move, length contraction occurs which...
Jun17-11 02:04 PM
10 1,527
hi, i just wanted to know if i am right, that the electric field of a charged non-rotating black hole at distance r...
Jun17-11 01:54 PM
16 1,611
Hi, I've been breaking my head on the matrix form of the lorentz transformation between one set of coordinates in one...
Jun17-11 01:43 PM
2 1,118
I'm not a physicist, I'm only taking my first subject on physics in Eng. here in Buenos aires, so I don't know much...
Jun17-11 12:04 PM
20 3,359
This was accidentally posted in the general forum so I moved it over to a more appropriate section of the forum... ...
Jun16-11 04:45 PM
20 3,742
Let there be two spheres in free space. Also there are two humans on each of them. Now the spheres move apart and...
Jun16-11 02:55 PM
5 806
in my book i think that on any planet if we can stay for 1 year then on earth how much time are gone
Jun16-11 10:36 AM
6 919
lets say that there is a triplet at the age of exactly 60 years of them A is in space far away from any...
Jun16-11 07:24 AM
4 907
Feynman makes an example (15-6 in his lectures) about failure of simultaneity at a distance, using the Lorentz's...
Jun16-11 02:07 AM
2 1,119
Can anybody help me with the original calculations of hawking radiation. I am working out the details of Hawking's...
Jun16-11 01:47 AM
3 1,154
Hi, I believe you can use the "energy-momentum tensor" to express the conservation of both energy and momentum for...
Jun15-11 07:23 PM
10 11,865
If our universe is indeed expanding, would this have an effect on spacetime? For example as space and time are...
Jun15-11 02:01 PM
16 1,596
In the essay „Über die Ablenkung des Lichtes im Schwere*feld der Sonne“ (...
Jun15-11 12:24 PM
4 1,118
If observed time approaches 0 at the speed of light, does that mean the distance one travles at the speed of light is...
Jun15-11 07:21 AM
13 1,598
My question is: Is the inertial reference frame dependent on mass? In re-reading materials on the topic of special...
Jun15-11 01:05 AM
29 2,630
You can rewrite Maxwell's equations using d'Alembertian operator on quaternions. Can something similar be done for...
Jun14-11 10:47 PM
12 2,038
I have sent approximately the following to a relativity prof at my university. It's summer, so I don't know if he'll...
Jun14-11 10:41 PM
4 1,495
Here's an idea I came up with recently, that I wanted to share: Physics is unitary and CPT symmetric, and therefore...
Jun14-11 08:45 PM
6 1,119
What is Expanding Horizon of a black hole? Recently, I want to read something general on Expanding Horizon...
Jun14-11 08:05 PM
6 1,113
I am interested in black hole scattering phenomena. Basically we have an incoming black hole which has a large enough...
Jun14-11 05:51 PM
0 526
ok, so i understandthat if i travel near the speed of light for a while and come back on earth than i would be younger...
Jun14-11 04:10 PM
2 653
If one day gravitons are discovered, would their action be complementary to the gravitational attraction due to curved...
Jun14-11 01:19 PM
5 732
hello, Please attached snapshot of an answer to an Ex. I was stunned at the formula for the derivative of the solid...
Jun14-11 12:49 PM
6 817
is gravitational field made with any particles
Jun14-11 12:18 PM
2 534
I'm looking for a good reference work on time-dependent Lagrangians. For example, the Lagrangian and resultant...
Jun14-11 11:53 AM
1 551
I am simply looking for the formula to work out the time dilation on cylinders with uniform density. Also, any links...
Jun14-11 08:58 AM
2 647
First off, I'm curious about the accuracy of this paper: ...
Jun14-11 05:28 AM
2 3,117
After searching, I found only one post-title on the Penrose and/or Terrell effect/rotation. It is odd that...
Jun14-11 01:18 AM
17 2,975
Hello, In Godel's paper: an example of a new type of cosmological solutions of einstein's field equations of...
Jun13-11 04:40 PM
5 2,035
I am trying to understand this.Would I be correct in saying that the reason that the maximum speed possible is the...
Jun13-11 01:48 PM
14 2,413
From another thread this question came up: What about tidal forces? Although they could be incredibly small...
Jun13-11 08:36 AM
37 2,773
The metric tensor is expressed in 10 independent elements. From this is obtained the Einstein equation once given 7 to...
Jun13-11 07:57 AM
3 636
In the Schwarzschild spacetime setting we have a vacuum solution of the Einstein field equations, that is an idealized...
Jun13-11 07:13 AM
5 996
As we know GR cannot explain the flat rotation curves fo galaxies without introducing unseen dark matter and, of...
Jun13-11 03:09 AM
0 726
I've read a lot about special relativity, and what i don't understand is that speed of lights is the highest speed...
Jun12-11 09:22 PM
20 1,140

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