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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,634
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,284
I know that magnetism can be explained as the relativistic interaction between say a current, and a moving charge. My...
Dec22-13 04:32 PM
9 891
What little I've read about Einstein, out of a textbook, regarded his theories on motion at the speed of light. I'm...
Dec21-13 07:02 PM
Simon Bridge
69 2,415
Schwarzschild solution for Planetary Motion: ##g_{ij}= \left( \begin{array}{cccc} \frac{1}{(1-(\frac{2*m}{r}))}...
Dec21-13 02:35 PM
1 420
I would like some information concerning GR and the dimensional contraction of a standard rod due to gravity. As the...
Dec20-13 06:18 PM
6 731
So in special relativity we have ds'^{2}=ds^2, which is another way of saying \Lambda^{T}\eta\Lambda=\eta. Where...
Dec20-13 08:11 AM
22 937
Hey Guys! I've got an exciting question! It's been burning on my mind for years, but I think I can formulate it...
Dec19-13 06:46 PM
Simon Bridge
7 900
Hi guys. I have something stuck in my head since a few days and I'd like to have your opinion about that. I don't know...
Dec19-13 03:50 PM
9 910
This is in response to the closed thread "perspective on Relativity and length contraction" The Loedel drawing is a...
Dec19-13 11:09 AM
0 512
Hello All, I like to think that I have a decent background in physics and related material, but I confuse myself...
Dec19-13 05:51 AM
200 8,473
Hello everyone! There is a postulate of special relativity that says that the speed of light in vacuum is the same...
Dec19-13 12:58 AM
15 937
Traveling on a spaceship to Alpha Centauri A, 4.37 light years away, at a velocity of 0.92 c, if you just calculate...
Dec17-13 04:30 PM
6 735
Hi, Does somebody know a link where the Einstein tensor is fully written out, i.e. only containing the metric and...
Dec17-13 02:05 PM
3 521
PLEASE NOTE: When replaying these animations, click on the circular arrow in the bottom left corner of the video...
Dec17-13 01:14 PM
5 1,776
Well, relativity says whatever moves, it's volume shrinks and mass increases (as observed). So if i am traveling at...
Dec17-13 09:20 AM
4 647
The notion of parallelism between a vector and a covector comes up naturally in the following context. Say you have a...
Dec17-13 09:14 AM
9 608
Hi all, I'm sure that things similar to this have been covered before. Also, I'm sure that a Minkowski diagram...
Dec17-13 08:45 AM
11 833
I recently posted another thread on the General Physics sub forum, but didn't get as much feedback as I was hoping...
Dec17-13 03:39 AM
4 679
Is there a single equation that can model both spacial and temporal metric contraction simultaneously? And also what's...
Dec16-13 04:31 PM
30 781
Our current version of the Schwarzschild metric is d\tau^2=(1-r_s/r)dt^2-(1-r_s/r)^{-1}dr^2-r^2d\Omega^2 where c...
Dec16-13 09:54 AM
99 11,412
Hello, I have the Perimeter Institute Activity Package on Special Relativity and I am working through the problems...
Dec15-13 07:53 PM
Simon Bridge
9 866
Hi I have buyed the book Spacetime physics - Introduction to Special Relativity; Second Edition. It is a great...
Dec15-13 01:45 PM
1 1,000
If you could create a small space on earth in which a person could fit that was totally unaffected by gravity, or that...
Dec15-13 12:35 PM
Vanadium 50
14 886
In linearized gravity we can one sets $$(1) \ \ g_{\mu \nu} = \eta_{\mu \nu} + h_{\mu \nu}$$ where h is taken...
Dec14-13 10:35 AM
2 566
Am I correct in my understanding that two objects moving away from each other movee away from each other at the speed...
Dec14-13 10:13 AM
3 652
As I understand it, the value of a 4-vector x in another reference frame (x') with the same orientation can be derived...
Dec13-13 07:06 AM
6 820
I am studying relativity by myself. There is one problem in the book which says that the 4-dot product of the...
Dec13-13 04:31 AM
3 891
Hi All, I studied about Michelson Morley experiment in my graduation in the compulsory Physics paper. I had...
Dec13-13 03:14 AM
25 1,582
in relativity theory, in a certain "rapid space" the distance between two neighboring points is given by- ds=√...
Dec12-13 11:49 PM
6 727
I'm debating whether this should go in the GR & SR section, but anyways, I heard both claims and both of them are...
Dec12-13 04:46 PM
18 1,590
This question has been asked two years ago, but it wasn't resolved (I think). Here goes This problem is Problem 5...
Dec12-13 03:09 PM
1 545
Hi, I've taken a course in SR and studied GR on my own, but I do not know how to solve problems of this type. This is...
Dec11-13 05:46 PM
10 1,046
Hi, As is well known, Relativity claims that a rod of a given proper length will appear length contracted when...
Dec10-13 07:34 PM
67 3,861
What is the defining moment when you use relativistic equations instead of classical ones? I have heard something as...
Dec10-13 01:41 AM
3 568
The approach taken in linearized gravity seems to be to 'perturb' the 'Minkowski metric' such that $$g_{\mu \nu} =...
Dec9-13 07:00 PM
1 529
Hi, I know these questions must sound ridiculous and I apologize, I'm a newbie. My textbook says that the inner...
Dec9-13 01:27 PM
3 669
Huffingtonpost ran a story heaping praise on a guy for demonstrating GR with the old "rubber sheet" analogy. This demo...
Dec9-13 12:15 PM
18 1,563
Hi people, I have the following question: First, here is a concise statement of the major neutrino speed...
Dec9-13 05:51 AM
Vanadium 50
6 625
Gentlemen- What does the stress-energy tensor describe? The tt term of the stress-energy tensor expresses energy...
Dec8-13 08:09 PM
Simon Bridge
13 1,054
How do we know a "photon" is massless? Do we have any experimental proof? Photon has momentum, it even bends in...
Dec8-13 01:04 PM
10 1,122
I suspect this is somewhat off the beaten track here, but there may be some few that could give it a go. Einstein...
Dec8-13 05:24 AM
18 2,088

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