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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 37,471
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,207
A thought experiment. C is considered to be a constant speed, that can not be exceeded. Once light passes the event...
Sep28-13 10:50 AM
Simon Bridge
10 664
At page 234 in Landau and Lifshitz' Classical Theory of Fields the proper time element is defined through the line...
Sep27-13 06:29 PM
11 799
I can't really bring myself to understand why time slows when you travel at high speeds. I tried to think of a graph...
Sep27-13 06:09 PM
14 1,154
I know that if you go an accelerated observer's frame, the 4-acceleration is $$a^\mu=(0,{\bf a})$$ which means the...
Sep27-13 05:53 PM
8 562
I've been reading the excellent article from Morris and Thorne: "Wormholes in spacetime and their use for interstellar...
Sep27-13 03:02 PM
1 314
Is it possible to have a space-time with no killing vector? Alternatively, can I define the metric only with the...
Sep27-13 10:09 AM
3 358
So I look at the Minowski diagrams, and I can understand that moving on the y means moving in time, and moving on the...
Sep27-13 08:26 AM
32 1,477
In real life when we accelerate we cover every possible speed we can right? Einstein said that it would take an...
Sep27-13 08:05 AM
12 993
OK, here we go. This will sound very dumb, and I accept that fully. Three objects are arranged as follows: We...
Sep27-13 07:21 AM
16 681
I'm thinking about a flat sheet-like structure approaching a massive object (maybe a black hole?). If it were to...
Sep26-13 02:21 PM
6 665
Why the factor of 1/2 in the Einstein-Hilbert action? The Einstein field equation is ...
Sep26-13 12:51 PM
2 390
Good day :smile: Black hole White hole The characteristics of these two kinds of wholes are opposite to each...
Sep25-13 10:25 PM
18 1,159
Hi, some years ago when I was studying Nuclear engineering in Turin ( Italy ), I attended some courses with prof....
Sep25-13 03:04 AM
11 910
Pythagoras's Theorum is considered to be an ideal. The accuracy of its results are dependent upon the flatness of the...
Sep25-13 01:35 AM
23 1,199
Recently i found a problem with relativity of simultaneity, its a paradox within relativity of simultaneity. It is...
Sep24-13 01:41 PM
4 546
hello please see attached snapshot from the book of Ligthmann & al. (problem book in relativity and gravitation)....
Sep23-13 02:20 PM
1 408
So let me get this straight once and for all (can that even be possible in physics? lol). In quantum entanglement,...
Sep23-13 11:35 AM
2 590
Hello! I've had this question for sometime and I'd love if someone could shed some light on it for me. Here's...
Sep23-13 10:04 AM
3 712
I understand that neutrinos move at very near the speed of light and that they have a very small amount of mass. This...
Sep23-13 09:56 AM
26 1,431
Hello, I would first just like to introduce myself I'm Adrian and I am a grade 11 student so this type of stuff is way...
Sep23-13 08:46 AM
7 861
I have come across alot of information that says that the speed of light is not the fastest speed that can be reached...
Sep22-13 11:27 PM
1 557
Hey guys, I was reading that even light can't escape black holes due to the huge gravitational force which they have. ...
Sep22-13 07:40 PM
7 635
In this thread I seek to come to an intuitive physical understanding of the implications and conclusions of the...
Sep22-13 02:46 PM
6 621
In relativity of simultaneity, it is said like simultaneous events for one observer is not simultaneous for another....
Sep22-13 06:01 AM
10 637
Hello guys, The title might be slightly misleading, it's not related to general physics. It's a hypothetical...
Sep21-13 09:18 PM
4 648
During discussions in other threads I have been coming to the conclusion that the idea proposed here may be true. ...
Sep21-13 09:11 AM
24 1,524
Einstein said it would take an infinite amount of energy to move something at the speed of light. Photons move at the...
Sep21-13 07:12 AM
Greg Bernhardt
6 782
Why doesn't a stationary charge experience a magnetic force? And why does a moving charge produce a magnetic field?...
Sep21-13 02:54 AM
10 758
Is Einstein's SR a description of observations or a description of reality (or both)? It seems tome the distinction...
Sep20-13 10:05 PM
13 695
Appendix 1 - simple Lorentz transformation derivation found at - Given in...
Sep20-13 05:28 PM
5 605
Let me apologize in advance for not reading the entire rotating disk thread. I think that the following question is...
Sep20-13 03:13 PM
82 3,119
I am wondering whether MMX was based on faulty assumptions that light waves would behave like sound waves. 1) What...
Sep19-13 09:36 PM
27 1,944
This has bothered me for some time. In the ADM formulation, we foliate spacetime into 3+1 dimensions by creating 3...
Sep19-13 05:50 PM
9 598
A variant of the classic twin paradox. There are three triplets, who have the boring names of Adam, Bob and...
Sep19-13 09:24 AM
143 15,986
The theory of relativity makes an 'ether' superfluous, but does it challenge the existence of an 'Ether'. Could the...
Sep19-13 07:35 AM
10 577
It all started when I read that different inertial observers from the same place at the same time should see same...
Sep19-13 07:03 AM
11 677
I assume people much more knowledgeable then me must have already thought this through, but the following line of...
Sep18-13 04:06 PM
99 5,047
The path described by a constantly accelerating particle is given by: x=c\sqrt{c^2/a'^2+t^2} where a prime...
Sep18-13 02:39 PM
7 693
Hi Everyone, I've managed to confuse myself with a mutilated thought experiment. A half twin paradox. Imagine a...
Sep18-13 12:40 PM
11 760
Hello, after having done a bit of exercices on Taylor & Wheeler ( just for self-study ), I felt the need to go on...
Sep18-13 02:26 AM
39 2,058

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