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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,667
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,316
I have a question regarding the qualitative difference between General Relativity and classical newtonian gravity. I...
Nov2-13 05:35 PM
Herbascious J
4 680
Hi everyone, before I post I apologize for my bad English! I am not a physicist but I am interested in this stuff...
Nov2-13 04:20 PM
20 1,680
I know that there is an equation for an accelerating object that is already a notable fraction of the speed of light...
Nov2-13 12:01 AM
8 903
Lets pretend I am in a space ship and I am moving at the speed of light. There is a light bulb at the center of the...
Nov1-13 08:13 PM
5 837
Lets pretend I am in my space ship going in one direction at 0.9c. My brother is in his space ship going the opposite...
Nov1-13 07:10 PM
3 732
What causes people to age differently? Here is a simple example: A man moves inertially between two clocks in...
Nov1-13 03:05 PM
36 2,099
See the attached
Nov1-13 11:59 AM
14 867
has anyone conducted a successful experiment proving closed timelike curves via post selection and quantum entanglment.
Nov1-13 11:23 AM
4 772
In the Galilean formula u=u'+v, the velocities are bold so we know they're vectors, so for instance if u'=(a,b), and...
Nov1-13 08:00 AM
7 1,129
Please see the attached pic.
Oct31-13 09:34 AM
2 440
Starting with this equation, E^2 = p^2c^2 + m^2c^4 With a photon, m = 0... what happens when E starts to get...
Oct31-13 08:13 AM
8 931
Before people start bashing me for not reading up on other threads, I did try and perhaps I am not physics-savvy...
Oct30-13 10:43 PM
20 1,681
Hi everyone, I've been reading posts here occasionally, and have been impressed with the amount and quality of...
Oct30-13 09:56 AM
22 1,874
Consider two parallel streams of electrons in vacuum. Each stream moves with constant velocity and carries a current....
Oct30-13 03:33 AM
4 565
Is There any impact/will there be any: of the concept of Einsteinís New Ether in science today? I red that even...
Oct29-13 10:50 PM
1 580
My question stems from a conversation I had recently with another physics buddy of mine and has to do with rotating...
Oct29-13 05:28 PM
14 919
Everyone knows that paradox. In true we can say who person is standing,so If we say that the person in earth is...
Oct29-13 03:09 PM
2 533
Hi there, i have a lot of question about Lorentz-Minkowski geometry: 1) Is Lorentz metric degenere or...
Oct29-13 11:28 AM
4 606
hi is it possible to have null surface on space-like hypersurface? I have a null surface, I want to know if it is...
Oct29-13 10:43 AM
0 481
Hello! Consider the following problem: A space ship on a circular orbit at radius ##r## in a Schwarzschild metric...
Oct29-13 10:42 AM
George Jones
12 1,272
The following is an outline of the theoretical basis of making a time machine with a traversable wormhole (if you...
Oct29-13 08:35 AM
0 422
In a paper translated from the Russian, the author refers to "m-m" and "n-n" circles (including Minkowski circles) and...
Oct29-13 05:48 AM
2 525
If we drop a charged particle and a neutral particle at the same time(same hight) in a uniform gravitaional field,...
Oct29-13 05:17 AM
2 548
So for finding the magnitude of a vector, velocity for example, we use v=√(vx2+vy2+vz2), but in special relativity,...
Oct28-13 10:27 PM
5 634
Can we show orthogonality of timelike and null vector?
Oct28-13 05:23 PM
7 748
I was thinking about one of the many resolutions of the so-called 'twin paradox' within SR framework. I realize many...
Oct27-13 11:38 PM
13 914
Am I right in thinking that any bit of mass, eg. me, or my spoon, or a planet, can never not be moving? And also as...
Oct27-13 05:31 PM
Simon Bridge
6 619
Hello all. When light goes through one medium to another, its velocity and wavelength change but frequency remains the...
Oct27-13 02:44 PM
13 1,339
Hello all, In Carroll's there is a brief mention of how to get an idea about the curvature tensor using two...
Oct27-13 01:47 PM
3 764
This is a spin off from another thread: First there are a couple of mathpages...
Oct27-13 01:10 PM
5 750
EDIT: Figured out question, don't worry guys.
Oct27-13 10:01 AM
1 425
Let's tie a rope on an object, then we swing the object around in a circle, then we start running forwards while...
Oct27-13 07:07 AM
66 12,045
I keep getting the terms confused: 1) if I have the equation -Δr2+c2Δt2=s2 does one say that I am using the...
Oct27-13 02:57 AM
3 536
Hello everyone, One of the conclusions of relativity is that no massive object can move at v ≥ c, but with respect...
Oct27-13 12:28 AM
15 2,455
If an electron orbital the earth only influence by gravity,does it emit electromagnetic waves? if so, the radius will...
Oct26-13 04:23 PM
5 641
I have red only about a few experiments conducted to detect the speed of light using interference pattern. but i need...
Oct26-13 01:01 PM
14 856
Hello, First off, I'm not a physics student by any means, but it does intrigue me. I've been wondering about the...
Oct24-13 11:02 PM
47 11,452
How does one change the dot product such that there is no dot product in between, just plain multiplication? For...
Oct24-13 04:30 PM
3 465
Given that molecules, atoms, protons, and neutrons are overwhelmingly space (i assume quarks and electrons are more...
Oct24-13 11:48 AM
6 795
I have been reading an introductory book to General Relativity by H Hobson. I have been following it step by step and...
Oct24-13 02:36 AM
9 748

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