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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,290
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,920
I've managed to confuse myself and don't understand the difference between the formula for Lorentz time transformation...
Nov27-13 11:48 AM
3 551
Greetings all, Taken in the limit of a small distance where the Earth appears flat, does a stationary object...
Nov27-13 11:03 AM
10 933
Undergrad studying engineering here, and my physics class has been doing a unit about intro to special relativity....
Nov27-13 08:21 AM
4 604
Can someone explain where my argument (attached) is going wrong? Regards TerryW
Nov27-13 05:58 AM
1 304
Hello everybody, this is my first post to the forum. I am trying to learn concepts in physics at the moment. ...
Nov27-13 01:49 AM
14 941
Consider a sphere with outer radius r2 and a centred inner cavity of radius r1, forming a constant density shell with...
Nov27-13 01:43 AM
19 1,113
Hey all, Just a thought experiement here. With time dilation caused by gravity and relative velocity being a...
Nov27-13 12:05 AM
11 818
Hey all, I was just wondering something which I couldn't get my head around tonight. If special relativity states...
Nov26-13 09:07 PM
9 651
Hey all, This is a just for fun question, as im sure there is no definitive correct answer. But here it goes ...
Nov26-13 08:56 PM
2 491
Hello All, Kindly apologize if this question sounds rudimentary. General relativity which shows the bending of...
Nov26-13 10:44 AM
8 593
Hello All, Kindly note that it is not a home work. The Special Relativity (SR) and the General Relativity (GR)...
Nov26-13 06:03 AM
1 432
<<Unacceptable Link>> Why in C's FOR object doesn't fit?
Nov25-13 03:29 PM
11 584
Calculating gravity with high precision ? Few questions / concepts im trying to get clarified....adding all the...
Nov25-13 12:13 PM
20 1,010
Suppose I'm standing on earth and i see an iron rod accelerating through space with a rate of 1m/s^2. Will it undergo...
Nov25-13 09:44 AM
8 769
Hi Suppose an astronaut is accelerated to the speed of light (OK to one part in a million less than the actual...
Nov25-13 08:56 AM
17 876
Hello everyone, If two knights, one with a 5m long lance (A) and the other one with a 3m long lances (B)...
Nov24-13 09:13 PM
34 1,307
Hi, two questions A) If a black hole travels into a wormhole would it collapse the wormhole? B) If a wormhole...
Nov24-13 07:22 PM
2 682
Hi, a long time ago, back in high school, I remember my teacher was explaining the force of gravity to us. He gave us...
Nov23-13 11:25 PM
1 543
Here goes a conceptual question that has been bugging me: Consider the famous eclipse experiment that shows the...
Nov23-13 08:25 AM
28 1,441
I was in a debate with a guy about "how does a spinning disk may look like in relativity." His point was that the...
Nov23-13 07:31 AM
1 466
Ok. I got this today from looking at a crane spinning around. What if you had an extremely long pole, huge order of...
Nov22-13 09:17 PM
4 573
Ok I have a question regarding black holes and light. If a photon is travelling directly towards the centre of a black...
Nov22-13 05:04 PM
10 933
I have been pondering about the concept of the warp drive and my intuition can't seem to understand the idea fully. I...
Nov22-13 04:29 PM
Simon Bridge
4 717
Recently (or a few weeks ago), I've started to take interest in the idea of relativity but after watching many videos...
Nov22-13 02:31 PM
24 1,372
I look at time and space as a fabric, just as Einstein stated. However I look at time and space as a fabric moving...
Nov21-13 03:24 PM
11 6,000
So, this looks pretty promising. And the paper...
Nov21-13 02:04 PM
0 468
Please help with this. This is similar to the Einstein train experiment. When C and C' are at the same place,...
Nov20-13 07:58 PM
48 2,522
An atom can exist in two states , ground state of M and excited state of mass M+Δ , it goes to excited state by...
Nov20-13 07:57 AM
3 772
Hi. I know that as an object travels faster, its mass increases. Would this increase create a larger curvature in...
Nov19-13 09:29 PM
9 824
Relativity theory always find some ridiculous explanations like "born rigidity or relativity of simultaneity" when in...
Nov19-13 04:10 PM
52 1,841
The theory describes that the faster the mass travels , the heavier it is. But since everythig is relatively measure...
Nov19-13 03:12 PM
6 936
I'm a little confused by extra dimensions. People seem to say different things about the 'extra dimensions. Everyone...
Nov19-13 11:40 AM
2 527
Can I check whether these are right? Here let's define the ADM mass as length of the ADM energy-momentum vector. ...
Nov18-13 08:22 PM
3 806 I want to kindly ask about opinion what will be if : a)...
Nov18-13 07:15 PM
3 735
Hi If I had an object and a very long evacuated tube. Presumably the object with only the force of gravity acting on...
Nov18-13 12:57 PM
5 679
I'm taking an undergraduate level GR course, and from my text (Lambourne), the author describes a geodesic as a curve...
Nov18-13 06:40 AM
11 1,038
Now I'm reading a book Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell by A. Zee, and I had some misunderstanding. Zee writes (page...
Nov17-13 02:21 PM
12 1,015
Evidence has surfaced that the speed of light is not c in deep space. Is it true? <<unacceptable link removed>>
Nov16-13 08:21 PM
1 750
I have a simple question about special relativity time intervals. Say when the origins of 2 frames are colocated,...
Nov16-13 06:44 PM
8 818
The Unruh effect is the fact that an accelerated observer doesn't see vacuum, but a thermal bath of particles with an...
Nov16-13 01:14 PM
8 1,118

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