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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 40,421
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,078
If we drop a charged particle and a neutral particle at the same time(same hight) in a uniform gravitaional field,...
Oct29-13 05:17 AM
2 462
So for finding the magnitude of a vector, velocity for example, we use v=√(vx2+vy2+vz2), but in special relativity,...
Oct28-13 10:27 PM
5 628
Can we show orthogonality of timelike and null vector?
Oct28-13 05:23 PM
7 636
I was thinking about one of the many resolutions of the so-called 'twin paradox' within SR framework. I realize many...
Oct27-13 11:38 PM
13 892
Am I right in thinking that any bit of mass, eg. me, or my spoon, or a planet, can never not be moving? And also as...
Oct27-13 05:31 PM
Simon Bridge
6 610
Hello all. When light goes through one medium to another, its velocity and wavelength change but frequency remains the...
Oct27-13 02:44 PM
13 1,286
Hello all, In Carroll's there is a brief mention of how to get an idea about the curvature tensor using two...
Oct27-13 01:47 PM
3 755
This is a spin off from another thread: First there are a couple of mathpages...
Oct27-13 01:10 PM
5 733
EDIT: Figured out question, don't worry guys.
Oct27-13 10:01 AM
1 418
Let's tie a rope on an object, then we swing the object around in a circle, then we start running forwards while...
Oct27-13 07:07 AM
66 8,652
I keep getting the terms confused: 1) if I have the equation -Δr2+c2Δt2=s2 does one say that I am using the...
Oct27-13 02:57 AM
3 530
Hello everyone, One of the conclusions of relativity is that no massive object can move at v ≥ c, but with respect...
Oct27-13 12:28 AM
15 2,134
If an electron orbital the earth only influence by gravity,does it emit electromagnetic waves? if so, the radius will...
Oct26-13 04:23 PM
5 628
I have red only about a few experiments conducted to detect the speed of light using interference pattern. but i need...
Oct26-13 01:01 PM
14 832
Hello, First off, I'm not a physics student by any means, but it does intrigue me. I've been wondering about the...
Oct24-13 11:02 PM
47 8,561
How does one change the dot product such that there is no dot product in between, just plain multiplication? For...
Oct24-13 04:30 PM
3 460
Given that molecules, atoms, protons, and neutrons are overwhelmingly space (i assume quarks and electrons are more...
Oct24-13 11:48 AM
6 777
I have been reading an introductory book to General Relativity by H Hobson. I have been following it step by step and...
Oct24-13 02:36 AM
9 719
Assumptions: 1] I'm an observer at inertial rest 2] Light is going c 3] Gravitational interaction can't exceed c...
Oct23-13 03:29 PM
12 815
Consider a spaceship and a source, with no relative motion but spatially separated. At t=0, spaceship moves with...
Oct23-13 12:59 PM
21 1,365
Picture a perfectly aligned row of pool balls all touching each other that was 200,000 miles long. If the first ball...
Oct23-13 08:07 AM
14 2,151
A and B leave from a common point and travel in opposite directions with relative speed v. When Bs clock shows that...
Oct23-13 06:20 AM
1 691
Assume you have observer #1 who emits one photon (can that even be done?) and an observer #2 who zips (at .01 c...
Oct22-13 05:54 AM
7 703
Is it possible for parts of GR and SR to be wrong even thought there are things about them that seem to be undeniable?
Oct21-13 09:56 PM
1 484
I can't figure this out. Say 2 frames are in relative motion. When the origins at at the same place, 2 lasers shoot...
Oct21-13 06:42 PM
4 485
Imaging at a Trillion Frame Per Second - Ramesh Raskar ...
Oct21-13 03:07 PM
3 540
Bill and Ben are a fixed distance from each other. Bill sends a laser pulse to Ben and times how long it takes to get...
Oct21-13 03:01 PM
18 1,124
Einstein's field equations are time invariant. So is it conceivable that a reverse black hole can exist i.e a "white...
Oct21-13 07:49 AM
11 5,802
Would the spin of a particle be measured the same by any set of observers upon that strip? Would an observer...
Oct21-13 05:02 AM
1 520
i am trying to understand the relationship between the two on a local and global scale and how these two concepts are...
Oct20-13 09:24 PM
5 675
I was curious about the use of relativity in GNSS (GPS) systems (since I only know very basic relativity but I...
Oct20-13 06:10 PM
8 959
This is an analysis of how a classic Einstein light clock behaves when accelerated orthogonal to its main axis. The...
Oct20-13 06:09 PM
53 21,030
Bear with me, assuming you had a device that could bend space-time the same way as energy does and built two time...
Oct20-13 11:55 AM
1 493
I am reading the draft of a paper written by someone whose native language was not English and so who might not have...
Oct20-13 09:08 AM
4 479
The ladder paradox can be resolved when considering the relativity of simultaneity. However, wouldn't the problem be...
Oct20-13 03:29 AM
3 704
Hi, I've been reading about four-vectors and I have two quick questions: If the position 4-vector is timelike,...
Oct20-13 01:22 AM
15 1,084
If a distant observer were to observe a large cube made of strong material approach a black hole, what would he see? ...
Oct19-13 05:10 PM
12 813
Given a curve c(τ) with tangent vector V, a vector field X is parallel transported along c if \nabla_V X=0 at...
Oct19-13 04:18 PM
3 615
Hi, I have been pondering a special relativity question about the concept of simultaneity when moving at speed of...
Oct19-13 03:34 PM
4 515
We can write the geodesic condition as \frac{d^2...
Oct19-13 03:20 PM
5 686

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