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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Y 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 40,919
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,574
Why do most explanations of the Twins Paradox claim that the twin on the space ship ages less because he is the one...
May1-08 04:51 AM
4 1,701
I'm putting this here since I'm a high school student who has only completed two years (pre-AP and AP) of introductory...
Apr30-08 07:30 PM
14 1,779
How is a photon's energy determine in relation to it's wavelength and frequency? For example, 20hz vs. 400ghz...
Apr30-08 07:16 PM
4 16,534
I have scanned the simultaneity related posts and cannot find a succinct answer to a question I have - I accept that...
Apr30-08 02:05 AM
280 33,523
Apparently some crackpot blew some $$ on a full page ad in a science magazine, claiming to show that there black holes...
Apr29-08 08:54 PM
1 900
I quite often hear that GR is formulated in terms of tensors because laws of physics expressed in terms of tensor...
Apr29-08 03:17 AM
21 3,191
And the 2nd question: Do we know why is the speed of light 3*10^8 m/s? What determines this value? (I'm not asking...
Apr29-08 02:18 AM
50 15,016
Hi. I am learning special relativity and have decided to take Einstein's train example to practice some...
Apr28-08 09:32 PM
7 4,364
Assume 2 massive bodies are moving away from each other at high speed. Since the gravitons which cannot travel at...
Apr28-08 03:22 PM
8 3,218
(the story so far Ö I maintain that, inside an event horizon, there is a useful distinction between "space" and...
Apr28-08 06:42 AM
34 9,834
Question: 1. A gravitational interaction causes two energy densities to accelerate towards each other. 2. This...
Apr28-08 02:54 AM
19 2,346
I understand if this question sounds juvenile, because I thought of it after seeing a science fiction movie called...
Apr28-08 01:35 AM
2 1,335
Lorentz transformation shows that at the speed of light you divide by zero. Photons travel at the speed of light,...
Apr27-08 04:42 PM
1 1,804 But what about induced...
Apr27-08 04:17 PM
3 2,025
Does it make sense for the Ricci Scalar to be a function of the spacetime coordinates? In previous calculations I...
Apr27-08 11:46 AM
3 2,907
Does the Lorentz factor show up much (or at all) in general relativity? For instance, is it appropriate to use it as...
Apr27-08 11:23 AM
34 3,952
Hawking gave the black hole entopy equation: (1) S_{BH} = {k c^3 \over 4G \hbar} A where A is the surface area...
Apr27-08 10:27 AM
2 1,931
What is the significance of solutions to non-homogeneous wave equations for the scalar and vector potentials that...
Apr26-08 11:53 PM
13 3,602
Dear all, I have a simple question. Consider a long railway station. Say 2 kmís long. Station master put two...
Apr26-08 11:21 PM
108 12,523
I have two cathode ray tubes which generate the same amount of beam, i.e., one tube fires off x electrons per second...
Apr26-08 08:42 PM
9 2,315
I just want to verify that I have the right mindset here on the subject: p=mv You can increase the momentum as...
Apr26-08 04:43 PM
5 1,698
The axis of a spinning gyroscope is observed to be parallel to the x,y plane and at 45 degrees to both the x and y...
Apr26-08 02:05 PM
11 2,714
Suppose you have a very strong, spinning disc with a diameter of say 10 km in length. At the centre the centripetal...
Apr26-08 01:07 PM
15 4,349
According to GR, how do changes in the mass of an energy density become reflected in its gravitational field? Is...
Apr26-08 12:37 PM
9 2,174
Wheel experiment: A balanced wheel has two large masses attached to the rim opposite each other with respect to the...
Apr26-08 11:48 AM
9 1,776
Ok so I'm sitting at 0040 in the AM pondering Time Dilation a constant. For example. It only takes an Object...
Apr26-08 06:22 AM
0 2,482
It occurred to me that I hadn't seen GR developed as a gauge theory in the same way QCD/electroweak are. Are there...
Apr26-08 12:31 AM
3 3,049
Why, when nearing the speed of light, do objects appear to be shrinking to someone in a different frame of reference?...
Apr25-08 10:52 PM
1 1,105
question: do the effects of relativity that would manifest on objects approaching the speed of light (increasing mass,...
Apr25-08 02:50 PM
Usaf Moji
10 2,449
Einstein v. Wheeler's Black Holes John Wheeler who died earlier this month (13 April) not only coined the term ...
Apr25-08 05:32 AM
3 1,643
I was wondering about what experiments are planned or being done now to test the properties of gravity, such as is...
Apr24-08 11:02 PM
Chaos' lil bro Order
3 1,670
i find in the literature 1. space is homogeneous and isotropic and time homogeneous, at least if judged by observers...
Apr24-08 10:55 PM
Ken G
1 1,249
How can you have an inertial reference frame in which a body can remain at rest or move with constant velocity unless...
Apr24-08 11:48 AM
15 3,581
hi, I just heard about particles travelling faster than speed of light and somthing about cerenkov radiation. Is it...
Apr24-08 10:27 AM
4 4,086
Are gravitational waves considered "high frequency" or "low frequency"? Let's say, for example, compared to...
Apr23-08 05:38 PM
0 1,302
I really do not understand WHY the equation is as it is. I understand what the equation means and how important it is....
Apr23-08 04:15 PM
5 1,166
I am new here didnt find the reply to this before I hope I get lorentz transformations right he said, that...
Apr23-08 12:34 PM
5 1,379
1.) The tests of falling bodies in a frame under constant acceleration prove all masses accelerate to the floor at the...
Apr23-08 08:40 AM
18 2,400
This is similar to the pole and barn paradox, but different enough that I'm not quite confident in my answer: A...
Apr22-08 03:07 AM
9 1,917
Hi, I found myself trapped in a question on Special Relativity for 15 years now. Because of other new theories...
Apr22-08 02:48 AM
3 1,291

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