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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 37,495
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,231
Lets assume I create a spaceship that is powered by vacuum energy which gives the spaceship an unlimited fuel supply. ...
Mar3-08 04:39 PM
17 4,383
I remember reading somewhere that some time after Schwarzschild came up with the black hole solution to GR that...
Mar3-08 04:17 PM
0 1,967
According to Wikipedia, if the metric was vacuum, spherically symmetric and static the Schwarzschild metric may be...
Mar3-08 03:20 PM
4 1,232
I recently read Einstein's book explaining SR and GR for general readers. Though it was simple, at one place, while...
Mar3-08 02:28 PM
19 2,669
I do not see why it is not. I believe relativity is a gauge theory, due to the spin connection on a so(1,3) principal...
Mar3-08 05:37 AM
1 2,250
Hello! Can anyone help me with the following question about black holes? Let us consider a massive star which at...
Mar2-08 04:25 PM
4 1,446
Inside a spherical cavity centered at the earth's center, is the space-time curvature is 0 or not 0? Would the clock...
Mar2-08 01:24 PM
13 1,977
Can you go so fast that after say one second, light has traveled less than a planck length further than you did (with...
Mar2-08 10:17 AM
16 3,248
The parallel transport equation is \frac{d\lambda^{\mu}}{d\tau} = -\Gamma^{\mu}_{\sigma\rho}...
Mar2-08 08:12 AM
1 1,549
What ive learned is that when going at a fraction of C, the energy put into the acceleration is transferred into mass....
Mar2-08 06:40 AM
6 3,104
Hey everyone. This is my first post, and I apologize if my question is too stupid for this forum. I bought Steven...
Mar2-08 03:36 AM
9 1,493
Has anyone seen this identity: g^{ab}\nabla g_{ab}=\nabla ln|g| I've seen it used, but want to figure out where...
Mar1-08 11:30 PM
11 3,680
What two speed measurements do two observers in relative motion always agree on? In my opinion, one will be...
Mar1-08 09:51 PM
9 2,264
Hi; I am trying to find the geometry of a near-extremal D3 brane. I have been told that this geometry is the same as...
Mar1-08 06:01 PM
4 1,536
Hello I was just wondering how, if a wormhole were possible such that one could travel from point A to point B...
Mar1-08 04:22 PM
George Jones
1 2,463
I have read the derivation of time dilation by using a lightclock, but I can't seem to find an argument that shows why...
Mar1-08 02:15 PM
3 3,167
Consider three clocks A,B and C all set at t=0 at t=0 Clock A is stationary on earth Clock B is on a rocket...
Mar1-08 09:27 AM
5 3,357
. They understand the classical Schwarzchild radius argument for black hole formation. They have bare rudiments of...
Feb29-08 12:36 PM
14 3,378
I was working a problem in a Modern Physics book: Find the momentum (in MeV/c) of an electron whose speed is 0.600c....
Feb28-08 07:39 PM
3 7,999
I am in college and have no formal training in physics, but i really enjoy the field. I was reading about redshift and...
Feb27-08 03:39 PM
20 2,480
Would the pressure and the gravitational self-energy of a body contribute to both its gravitational mass and its...
Feb27-08 03:34 PM
0 741
I would like to preface this idea by stating that I am a total noob and in no way have any right to be here haha. I...
Feb27-08 03:15 PM
7 1,473
In the space of Riemannian metrics Riem(M), over a compact 3-manifold without boundary M, we have a pointwise (which...
Feb27-08 02:19 PM
1 1,478
Selleri proposes the following transformation equations x=g(x'-vt') t=t'/g g=gamma. Einstein's clock...
Feb27-08 12:05 PM
10 2,418
I read somewhere that relative speed of light always remains constant. That is there is no difference between relative...
Feb27-08 10:05 AM
12 1,398
Hi there I have a question that has possibly been covered before, however, I cannot find the answer that I seek in...
Feb26-08 08:02 PM
Joanna Dark
50 5,457
Just out of curiousity, what's wrong with the theory that the aether is attached to the earth? It's no more fantastic...
Feb26-08 04:46 PM
12 1,635
If the Ricci-scalar R is constant for a given spatial hypersurface, then the curvature of that region should be...
Feb26-08 03:58 PM
1 1,567
Please tell me if "conventionality of dimultaneity" and "Einstein clock synchronization" are one and the same thing?...
Feb26-08 12:15 PM
4 1,531
I'm embarrassed to ask, but I think this will save me some time... I'm trying to use the condition...
Feb26-08 12:02 PM
4 1,449
My current understanding of the components of the symmetric stress-energy tensor used in the Einstein Field Equations...
Feb25-08 12:02 PM
0 1,135
Imagine we have two rockets, each with a long cylinder with it spin axis alligned with the long axis of the rocket. On...
Feb25-08 06:01 AM
27 4,258
Hi, I brought this up in physics class a while ago but didn't get a very satisfactory response... A train moving at...
Feb25-08 05:53 AM
4 2,478
So I'm introducing myself to formulas and such. I just am going over time dialation and the Lorentz factor. ...
Feb25-08 12:35 AM
5 1,727
Hello, I am in the process of reading Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machines and am somewhat confused, even though it...
Feb24-08 11:23 AM
5 2,169
If two black holes with equal mass and angular momentum, but the latter in opposite directions were to collide, they...
Feb24-08 07:55 AM
3 1,698
Theory of Relativity says nothing can exceed the speed of light. My question is: Can any information be made to...
Feb23-08 07:38 PM
5 2,942
I'm just wondering, what mathematics would be required to learn GR? If I'm not mistaken, SR only requires algebra, but...
Feb23-08 04:58 PM
2 1,048
I have read a number of threads on acceleration and special relativity, but can't find what I'm looking for. I would...
Feb23-08 02:58 PM
10 2,020
I have just read the "Read Before Posting" sticky thread and am wondering. Relativity is a difficult theory to...
Feb22-08 12:54 AM
46 3,689

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