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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,725
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,367
I apologize for the the probably gross error on my behalf, but, not as a scientist in the GR /SR field, I am a bit...
Jun13-08 05:53 PM
25 2,543
I understand the idea that, given two frames of reference, and measuring for a time T defined as the time between two...
Jun12-08 07:26 PM
2 1,911
I'm reading the relativistic mechanics chapter, of Hestenes' New Foundations for Classical Mechanics. After the...
Jun12-08 05:21 PM
11 2,182
Hallo I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I had for some time. I was thinking about the similarities...
Jun12-08 05:17 PM
1 829
Hello, I am well and truly stumped on Doppler shift. The complete expression is f'=f \gamma (1-\beta...
Jun12-08 02:01 PM
7 1,076
what would be the difference between the idea of being at point A and moving toward B in space-time; and being at...
Jun12-08 01:16 PM
5 1,515
I was summarizing for myself the various four-vectors of mechanics: \begin{align*} x &= ct + \mathbf{x} \\ V &=...
Jun12-08 08:19 AM
9 1,508
Imagine the following scenario. There is a long train moving at very fast speeds (approaching light speeds), one...
Jun11-08 02:59 PM
2 1,294
Are vacuum solutions to the Einstein field equations always divergence free? How would one test this assumption?
Jun11-08 01:44 PM
5 1,349
In the usual "windowless room" thought experiment it is stated that there is no experiment which can be performed...
Jun11-08 12:21 PM
27 2,754
Suppose we have a box at rest that is filled with a uniform gas. We denote the volume by V and the pressure by p....
Jun11-08 12:04 PM
1 938
Hi folks - I'm struggling here! Please help ;-) Surely the concept of relativity of simultaneity is an illusion...
Jun11-08 10:32 AM
32 2,959
1. Let S' be an x'y'-coordinate system. Let the x'-axis of S' coincide with the x-axis of an xy-coordinate system S....
Jun11-08 08:53 AM
4 1,295
What physical meaning can be ascribed to the non-divergence of the Einstein tensor? I find it counterintuitive since...
Jun11-08 06:53 AM
3 1,013
Ok, I know this topic has been discussed before.. I just recently found out that we can see the light from a star...
Jun11-08 06:12 AM
4 9,374
Can an electromagnetic wave have a phase velocity greater than c? Is the phase velocity of a photon always c? As...
Jun10-08 06:49 PM
4 7,979
I'm reading Wheeler's spacetime physics and have been doing some newbie SR problems. I thought up what shouldd be an...
Jun9-08 09:31 PM
4 1,461
I propose a new look at lenghts and times relative to S' and S (at least new to me). Let S' be an x'-coordinate...
Jun9-08 09:43 AM
3 1,309
Im just an amateur, and I read that Newton's Equation F=ma doesnt work when approaching light speeds because of a...
Jun7-08 05:13 PM
56 7,263
Let S' be an x'y'-coordinate system. Let the x'-axis of S' coincide with the x-axis of an xy-coordinate system S, and...
Jun7-08 04:23 PM
8 2,486
Hi all. I don't understand how charged particles can travel faster than the speed of light in that substance. I know...
Jun7-08 03:52 PM
10 1,639
I can't find anything on the net, but it seems to me that Einstein would have had to "guess" the time dilation into...
Jun7-08 12:55 PM
11 4,411
Consider a disc in the framework of special relativity. It's initially at rest in an inertial frame, and then you get...
Jun7-08 11:55 AM
1 1,567
Take a look at this following paragraph that i wrote in another thread "think of two rockets moving at each other...
Jun7-08 11:27 AM
3 1,361
I'm going to state that two inertial bodies that close distance on each other will (becouse of loss of...
Jun6-08 11:47 PM
8 2,161
Do I need to know calculus? Or do I need to know differential equations? Do both of the theories even use the same...
Jun6-08 06:37 PM
3 2,988
I'm having trouble understanding the simultaneity experiment with Alice on the railroad car, and Bob observing from...
Jun6-08 03:44 PM
58 5,722
Consider a train traveling at a relativistic velocity, with three observers. One inside the train, and two outside the...
Jun6-08 02:55 PM
7 1,853
can anyone give me the webpage link of this paper by Einstein Einstein, Albert, 1911, "On the Influence of Gravity...
Jun6-08 08:55 AM
5 4,637
We all know how the metric of GR is a generalization of the flat Minkowski spacetime metric. But I wonder if the SR...
Jun6-08 08:16 AM
2 1,001
In GR, gravity is seen as property of the geometry of spacetime (curvature) as opposed to a force field. Does this...
Jun5-08 08:10 PM
5 2,579
I am self-studying GR and have run into a problem. In Sean Carroll's book 'Spacetime and Geometry', he states what...
Jun5-08 08:02 PM
3 2,519 i would love to witness something like this, i still dont quite...
Jun5-08 04:37 PM
1 1,018
I am just a little bit unsure about something I read on the "twin paradox". It talks about Dick and Jane who are...
Jun5-08 02:32 PM
7 4,236
what is to top speed that this rocket can achieve as seen by a stationary observer? Also if you look at the...
Jun5-08 01:10 PM
22 2,140
I'm posting this to confess that I have never understood how the universe can be expanding on large scales and at the...
Jun5-08 09:34 AM
45 5,416
Please let me know if length contraction could be derived without using synchronized clocks. Thanks in advance.
Jun5-08 06:29 AM
34 4,074
We all know this book... its is basically the SR as we know it. you can find it here...
Jun5-08 06:15 AM
16 3,054 Latex source below, please click on link above, though. I've been...
Jun4-08 10:35 PM
4 1,690
The kinetic energy of an object can be shown to be: Ekin = m*c^2 - m0*c^2 Where m is the relativistic mass, m0 is...
Jun4-08 08:33 PM
Antenna Guy
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