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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,394
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,038
any body can give me some material about Palatini forms of GR please, thank you!
May29-08 05:18 AM
0 1,068
From Bergmann chapter 8.Please show that (see at Fig. below)....thank you.
May29-08 03:54 AM
3 1,158
Hi, I understand that EM fields have energy and they travel at c. Light is an EM field so it travels at c as well....
May28-08 11:39 PM
9 1,217
Can someone tell me how much does a light ray bend when it passes over the surface of the densest star known? Is...
May28-08 05:16 PM
2 4,677
Please tell me if it is possible to derive the formula which accounts for the Lorentz contraction from the invariance...
May28-08 12:19 PM
30 8,672
Quite often the explanation to the twins paradox is stated as acceleration breaks the symmetry or one twin feels...
May28-08 11:12 AM
63 5,742
Hi All, Can someone tell me what is meant by time & space being "continuous" as opposed to "discontinuous"? What...
May28-08 07:09 AM
13 4,484
This is still rather new to me so please pardon my ignorance. My introduction to tensor differentiation involved only...
May28-08 04:46 AM
12 4,727
If I want to consider the velocity of distant receding galaxies which may be receding at velocities close to the speed...
May27-08 11:08 PM
6 1,323
I have been roaming around threads on PF and there are certain things on which there is no consensus. I would...
May27-08 03:07 PM
21 2,468
Based on the quote below and the link to Wikipedia, I believe the implication is that gravitational redshift will...
May27-08 11:11 AM
70 7,928
Can a 4-dimensional manifold with the Schwarzschild metric be embedded into a flat manifold of 5 (or more if...
May27-08 10:14 AM
14 1,970
Hey I have done a few google searches, and I do not have a relativity book to let me know what the equation for time...
May27-08 10:09 AM
12 2,502
Is there any free online tutorial which completely explains General Relativity without concept of Tensors?
May27-08 09:22 AM
2 3,749
Trying to understand black holes as much as possible without the difficult math.... I gather that matter - or...
May27-08 04:26 AM
0 1,030
1. How would a general relativist explain why an object falls towards the earth? 2. Is it correct to say that it is...
May27-08 04:22 AM
4 1,429
This is related to this thread here. To make responding easier, I have marked questions in red. I have tried to...
May27-08 02:00 AM
8 1,904
I'm curious about how people here view Einstein's prescription for determining simultaneity in an inertial frame, and...
May27-08 12:26 AM
Ken G
152 17,480
Since SR physics has considered motion strictly as the separation of bodies, no longer can a body move through space...
May26-08 07:48 PM
45 3,043
Hi, I am not exactly sure how to present this question. Even thinking about it creates some confusion,so I will...
May26-08 07:18 PM
1 4,697
(This is probably answered somewhere, but I couldn't find it, I'm kinda new. >_>) So, say I was able to travel at...
May25-08 04:26 PM
9 3,967
What is the meaning of the curvature scalar (R) in GR? More precisely, what is the meaning of it's evolution? Why when...
May25-08 04:02 PM
11 2,770
Doran/Lasenby define a proper interval as: \delta \tau = \int \sqrt{\frac{dx}{d\lambda} \cdot...
May25-08 11:13 AM
8 2,369
Hello. If you were far away from a small black hole, and shot (for the sake of argument a bullet) with such precision...
May25-08 10:51 AM
12 2,166
relativity LC=length contracted or length contraction TD=time dilated or time dilation LOS=loss of simultaneity ...
May25-08 01:28 AM
0 1,363
We know what is twin paradox is, and also why it is not a paradox, but my question is, "if we can not define absolute...
May24-08 10:16 PM
124 10,015
The wave-frequency relationship is as follows: f = v / \lambda Therefore: v = \lambda * f The de Broglie...
May24-08 10:16 AM
8 1,469
suppose we have a stationary observer 'A' at the origin. at t=0 rockets 'B' and 'C' pass the origin moving at...
May24-08 08:50 AM
1 1,107
(This could be a dumb question, but in any case I'll be happy if the answer is simple) I understood that the path...
May24-08 05:51 AM
3 1,182
a lot of transformation laws have c in them. the speed of light, however, depends on the medium ( c' ) and is...
May24-08 04:12 AM
1 3,590
If you could travel at the speed of light in a rocket ship then you could still walk around in that rocket ship...
May23-08 05:05 PM
10 1,675
What is the relationship between gravitational redshift and phase velocity?
May23-08 08:53 AM
0 1,078
Given a Schwarzschild BH. A neutron fall into the BH. The neutron having non zero magnetic moment will carry a...
May22-08 07:07 PM
1 1,328
There's one of the paradoxes with SR that I've never actually seen an answer for. There is a man on a train...
May22-08 03:05 PM
Doc Al
10 1,839
The Light Speed has been proved to be around 300.000Km per second. So, Before continuing to expose my real thread, i...
May22-08 12:31 PM
Doc Al
15 1,842
I need to know the correct expression for the Lorentz force on a relativistic particle in an EM field, in cgs units,...
May22-08 12:18 PM
Jonathan Scott
4 2,333
Hi All, I understand that nothing can go faster than light in a vacuum. What about the velocity of material...
May22-08 10:32 AM
1 965
Sorry to create another post with the twins' paradox as a central issue but I would like to explore one issue involved...
May22-08 06:05 AM
8 1,621
Hey, I was playing around with Gamma and plotted it as shown in the attachments. I noticed that the area swept out...
May22-08 05:01 AM
10 1,667
A rocket is preparing for journey from Earth to Alpha Centauri. The Earth and Alpha Centauri systems are at rest with...
May22-08 03:33 AM
9 2,384

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