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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,426
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,073
How small a box can you confine a photon to before its mass is large enough to form a black hole? I think you can...
May12-08 11:17 PM
2 2,583
Hi, it's very interesting, that many parts of special relativity were developed before Einstein by Lorentz, Larmor...
May12-08 01:01 PM
10 2,134
Attached are some notes that I made regarding the relativistic Doppler effect. They are about 4 pages long, and gives...
May12-08 11:47 AM
0 2,091
Dear all, Following is a problem, I suppose, is related to some controversy called "Dingle's Dilemma", as I read...
May11-08 08:59 PM
57 4,928
Wiki If speed susceptible to Doppler's effect. Why shouldn't field since we're so determine they have a speed?
May11-08 10:12 AM
1 808
Hi I am interested in studying special and general relativity at a mathematically rigorous level, and I need to know...
May10-08 04:11 PM
11 3,289
Hello !!! i would like to know what i should know to move on to the general and special relativity regarding to...
May10-08 11:21 AM
4 954
I am trying to clarify a number points regarding both redshift and blueshift in the context of relativity. Standard...
May10-08 07:31 AM
5 1,921
Ok guys, Explain me this. In twin paradox, one of two twins, paul and peter, when paul goes for a space ride at...
May10-08 06:29 AM
7 1,552
You hold in the palm of your hand a classical particle with momentum P = (E,cp_{x},cp_{y}, cp_{up}) where cp_{up}=0...
May9-08 12:52 PM
12 1,390
Does a photon curve space-time, i.e., produce a gravitational field? Is the degree of curvature a function of its...
May9-08 08:41 AM
38 12,349
When we derive equation of motion by variation of the action, we use rules of ordinary differentiation and...
May9-08 02:36 AM
8 2,530
I just have a question relating to Mass Dilation; Mass is defined (by the dictionary) as Now, mass is a...
May8-08 06:58 PM
3 1,356
Am I right in assuming that Gravity Probe B has proved that the rotation of the earth (@~465metres /sec.) 'swirls'...
May8-08 02:15 PM
2 1,195
I just posted about what is termed "apparent superluminal velocity of galaxies" and gave a website of an article...
May8-08 02:06 PM
11 3,515
Well, let's say we put energy to spin every particle in an atom. Do spinning them faster have relativistic effects as...
May8-08 12:20 PM
1 1,312
Place equal amounts of matter and anitmatter in a box on a scale. It's a very good box; it's very reflective, and...
May8-08 09:43 AM
13 2,195
I know that the speed of light cannot be attained in vaccum as by the time of reaching there, mass increases...
May8-08 05:35 AM
1 1,255
I am looking for an expression for the total energy of a particle of rest mass m_0 that includes kinetic and...
May7-08 07:54 PM
10 1,506
I took a course in special relativity as an undergrad, but am now almost 6 years removed from it and have not retained...
May7-08 03:56 PM
6 1,580
Hi all, I've been dusting off the grey matter a bit, and have a question regarding an example I found used in both...
May7-08 02:49 PM
17 6,045
Hi! I am studying special relativity and I still don't understand completely the relativity of time dilation: each...
May7-08 02:22 PM
7 1,910
Is it plausable to take into account the speed of the earths spin when calculating tmie dilation for satellites and...
May7-08 01:31 PM
1 1,177
So is it the closer you are to the centre of a body the slower time will go? or is it the other way round. also why is...
May7-08 12:53 PM
2 1,006
I got a master degree in physics and I still found that this is difficult to expalin Faraday's law of induction within...
May7-08 12:36 AM
3 4,231
I posted a simple thread regarding Lorentz transforms, but it has been locked for "staff review". May be because I...
May6-08 04:41 PM
20 3,102
My question is simple. I made a bet with my physic teacher. :cool: I believe time can contract. When two bodies are...
May6-08 11:46 AM
29 3,579
Can anyone explain me what is physical significance of "Lorentz Transforms"? That means, apart from the math, how...
May6-08 03:57 AM
18 2,847
Ok, I'm uneducated in physics and all I know is what I've learned from the internet and a single book "universe in a...
May5-08 10:49 PM
24 3,357
What is Aether supposed to be now days (and in Einstein's day)? Isn't Aether just space and time (and maybe their...
May5-08 10:06 PM
Ken G
37 3,081
Hi all I wasnt sure where to place this thread. Im currently doing a project on GPS and have deceided to take the...
May5-08 11:37 AM
2 924
I was thinking about gravity when I thought that gravity only attracts.Why doesn't gravity repel?Do you think there is...
May4-08 04:47 PM
23 4,981
Foster and Nightingale give an equation for the proper time of a radially falling clock between any two distances....
May4-08 11:08 AM
2 2,050
my question is if we define the quaternion U= dt-idx-jdy-kdz where i,j,k are the complex part of the...
May4-08 09:21 AM
0 1,193
I've read that the GPS system has to take into account the Sagnac effect when sending signals from the satellites to...
May3-08 07:53 PM
15 7,264
hello people of physics, i am a 14 year old boy from Greece and i am generaly attracted to...
May3-08 07:07 PM
3 1,102
Measuring the relativistic mass and energy When we speak about a physical quantity we should define it and it...
May3-08 07:03 PM
7 2,146
In the view of PF posters, what is the "current" theory explaining the Sagnac effect? I have heard of something...
May3-08 06:51 PM
2 3,995
Does gravity function as a lens, a prism or both?
May3-08 02:23 PM
1 1,420
I understand photons have no rest mass, but I also learned in my physics class p=h/(lambda), and that mass depends on...
May2-08 08:20 PM
7 1,542

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