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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,729
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,372
There is a general lack of awarenes about the fact that Lorenzian interpretation (LI) and Einsteinin...
Apr4-08 09:16 AM
2 1,665
"Relativity Revisited" Authors: Flora Lopis (MIT), Max Tegmark (MIT) abstract: Was Einstein wrong? This paper...
Apr4-08 08:48 AM
3 1,442
Hey folks, I'm reading a paper by Sean Carroll ( In...
Apr4-08 01:50 AM
0 1,155
First off I apologize for lengthiness, but I want to be thorough... please read the entire post I was just...
Apr3-08 08:35 PM
30 9,939
When a photon passes from a high gravity field to a low gravity field, it is redshifted. Therefore it has less energy....
Apr3-08 07:15 PM
4 1,554
Hi all, I have recently been listening to one of Professor Richard Wolfson's physics lectures, and a question has...
Apr3-08 06:59 PM
10 1,692
1. Let S be a stationary x-coordinate system. Let S' be a stationary x'-coordinate system. Let the x'-axis of system...
Apr3-08 05:43 PM
10 2,337
see the attchments Referring to fig 1 We have a clock that is used to set the time on a second clock. At point A...
Apr3-08 05:09 PM
4 989
It is known that spinor can be view as the square root of vector,then what is motivation leading to twistor?
Apr3-08 10:26 AM
0 1,051
Hi all, 1) it is known (Liouville) that volumes in phase space are conserved under time evolution. Is there any...
Apr3-08 07:15 AM
0 1,167
The most general spherically symmetric metric can be written as: ds^2 = - dt^2 + X^2(r,t) dr^2 + R^2(r,t) (d\theta...
Apr2-08 05:54 PM
0 1,947
Have physicists ever consider traveling into the future in order to travel back to the past? I know it sounds crazy,...
Apr2-08 04:23 PM
11 3,923
Or maybe it isn't and apologies in advance if this isn't the appropriate forum but I was wondering if it is possible...
Apr2-08 10:46 AM
28 3,352
What role does the Lorentz Group play in the General Relativity ?
Apr2-08 10:40 AM
1 1,346
time dialation is a function of only velocity ie if you are travelling @ C in any direction time stops yes? Time...
Apr2-08 04:07 AM
3 1,441
Time-gravity relativity is based on the fact that the anything that can effect the speed of light can also effect...
Apr2-08 03:02 AM
5 1,139
I know mass has been converted into energy in fission and fusion bombs. But the converse - i.e., converting energy...
Apr2-08 02:46 AM
Schrodinger's Dog
10 6,830
Two photons are traveling parallel to one another. Can the photons orbit one another perpendicular to the direction...
Apr2-08 12:50 AM
1 1,328
To me the easiest way to arrive at the Lorentz transformation is by rotation, using one dimension for space and the...
Apr1-08 09:45 PM
3 990
I am in the process of trying to learn about some of the details that support general relativity. Therefore, my...
Apr1-08 06:24 PM
6 1,216
Theoretically, if an object were to have negative rest mass, would it travel faster than light?
Apr1-08 06:14 PM
Shooting Star
1 730
Hello all, We know that (E,p) are the components of a four vector and it is called the four-momentum. Likewise...
Apr1-08 05:10 PM
2 1,055
Is there any theories or something of that sort, which allows negative mass? Hence, v > c rather than v < c. This...
Apr1-08 12:30 PM
38 4,700
you are in a plane flying east with a head wind of 10 kph. The speed of the plane is measured by measuring the wind...
Apr1-08 08:02 AM
13 9,045
Hypothetical scenario: A small black hole passes by a much larger black hole at a velocity large enough to avoid...
Apr1-08 05:49 AM
1 1,173
Can anybody explain what exactly is meant by conical singularity in a spacetime? What are known examples of it? How is...
Apr1-08 02:47 AM
0 3,332
If the universe is bounded then there will be an absolute frame of reference. This could be found by summing all...
Apr1-08 12:13 AM
14 2,140
Is it ok for a spacetime describing the Universe to be non-maximally extended? An example of non-maximally extended...
Mar31-08 02:24 PM
0 860
Does anyone have any good English langauge references (textbook references or journal articles) for linear Born rigid...
Mar31-08 01:46 PM
2 1,564
Sorry to bring up again a question that I asked before but I am still confused about this. In SR we have Lorentz...
Mar31-08 07:36 AM
3 2,140
if 2 clocks are synchronised in a stationary frame of refernece and then that frame of ref is accelerated up to a...
Mar31-08 02:59 AM
14 2,084
I believe most of my questions relate GR: 1.) I've heard of gravity likened to a bowling ball sitting on a spring...
Mar30-08 05:04 PM
11 1,612
If a and b are four-vectors then are ka and a+b also four-vectors? My question arises because of the...
Mar30-08 01:37 PM
12 2,784
I have a very basic question about Special Relativity. I am very limited on my knowledge of physics and math and even...
Mar30-08 12:34 PM
5 1,058
form twin paradox, let say Jerry is the one go travel to outer space then back to earth and Tom is the one stay in...
Mar30-08 08:08 AM
1 1,078
hi, everone im new here, here is my 1st question, hope anyone can help me. As the relative law, speed of any object...
Mar30-08 07:35 AM
Doc Al
1 791
what y'all think about that portuguese guy (joćo magueijo) and his colleagues who have proposed that the speed of...
Mar29-08 02:58 PM
29 5,320
(see attachment)
Mar29-08 12:28 PM
0 955
Are there other observations for the bending of light apart from Eddington 1919...i want to know that whether bending...
Mar29-08 11:19 AM
7 1,739
Please refer to for a description of this very interesting paradox. ...
Mar29-08 08:45 AM
2 4,001

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