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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,476
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,131
I am not a physics student (my background is that of an engineer + MBA) but have read a lot about relativity and have...
Mar24-08 05:28 PM
6 1,511
To quote from ‘Time, Gravity and Quantum Mechanics, by W. G. Unruh’; “A more accurate way of summarizing the lessons...
Mar24-08 11:16 AM
11 2,134
Well as every physical theory has some phenomonas that it can't explain/describe, what are those phenomena in GR? I...
Mar24-08 08:55 AM
8 1,786
You cross the event horizon of a black hole and send that black hole traveling towards a star. When the black hole is...
Mar24-08 06:33 AM
5 1,560
It is certainly within the realm of rational scientific inquiry to ask, not simply what a clock measures, but it what...
Mar24-08 12:00 AM
4 2,832
All clocks measure the intrinsic motion of matter using a counter to assign a number to the present at the arbitrary...
Mar23-08 07:40 PM
22 3,653
Black holes irresistibly suck things in. That is a common misconception in science fiction. In fact, a spherical black...
Mar23-08 03:59 PM
2 1,121
I initially posted this question in the Beyond the Standard Model forum since diffeomorphism invariance is a key...
Mar23-08 12:12 PM
6 2,532
Can anyone explain me the term 'Relativistic heat force'??? Any research papers dealing with this topic?? Thanking...
Mar23-08 10:24 AM
5 1,301
first,i am a nearly newbie high school student in physics, please i would like to learn physics from the internet...
Mar23-08 09:40 AM
13 1,609
Hello I red in web side " The photon has mass " Is that real ? and what about m = h / lamda * c
Mar23-08 02:36 AM
2 993
I ( Swaminathan) started studying theory of relativity. I need some help in understanding the following: Special...
Mar22-08 07:44 PM
92 11,725
Hi GR had presented two types of motion , the geodesic motion and the non-geodesic motion . We know that the...
Mar22-08 01:55 PM
the shadow
1 1,296
Consider a system containing multiple massive objects, where the field is weak everywhere and velocities are...
Mar22-08 12:35 PM
0 1,609
An extremely elementary question but.... Lets say we had a spaceship sitting on earth under the influence of...
Mar22-08 11:42 AM
12 2,961
AAPPS Bulletin Vol. 15 No. 5, October 2005 ...
Mar21-08 10:05 PM
46 7,643
Do you know any attempt or sound proof of the Belinsky-Khalatnikov-Lif****z (BKL) conjecture? What is the present...
Mar21-08 09:38 AM
0 1,429
Hi, can someone explain or point me to some reference which explains the exact mathematical nonsense that emerges when...
Mar21-08 08:36 AM
0 913
If temperature or heat, is particles vibrating, and nothing moves faster then light. Doesn't this create a fundamental...
Mar21-08 04:57 AM
4 1,075
Classically if you lift up a body, say a brick, you are doing work against the gravitational force, this work is then...
Mar19-08 06:22 AM
6 1,561
Please be patient, as you are dealing with a relativity newbie here! I've read Einstein's book, "Relativity: The...
Mar18-08 08:36 PM
27 4,608 According to the author, magnetism is an implication...
Mar18-08 08:21 PM
1 912
Hello; What does it mean physically if I have? R_{a b} = Ag_{a b} I think it means that my manifold is an...
Mar18-08 09:17 AM
3 2,981
The null result of the Michelson-Morley experiment led Lorentz to believe that the ether can never be detected because...
Mar18-08 07:24 AM
26 4,229
The main question is really: can you consider a reference frame at rest w.r.t. a non-rotating massive object to be an...
Mar18-08 06:27 AM
2 2,064
in another forum a person said that the gravity moves off as an object. i seid that is no true the dialog has been...
Mar17-08 02:49 PM
7 1,991
Is the value of Pi related to the curvature of space-time? Is it the value that it is because space-time is more or...
Mar17-08 02:40 PM
18 5,687
Suppose, you live on a planet in orbit around Alpha Centaury which is approximately 4 light years away from our own...
Mar16-08 06:35 PM
4 1,231
Every time I try to learn special relativity the statement is made that ds^2 = ds'^2. This time I am trying to derive...
Mar16-08 04:42 PM
14 2,621
It seems to me that all of the talk about "absolute" acceleration is a complete non-issue, in terms of relativistic...
Mar16-08 03:35 PM
15 6,055
GR is invariant under general coordinate transformations. If I understand correctly, this is basically devoid of any...
Mar16-08 09:09 AM
Ken G
8 2,357
I am beginning a textbook on SR and I have come across the introductory example of disagreement regarding...
Mar16-08 01:17 AM
5 4,093
Hi friends,. If black holes absorb light also, how can it exert any gravity outside a particular region? Or something...
Mar14-08 11:13 PM
1 1,080
So, we have the "relativity of simultaneity", which is meant to show us that two relatively moving observers have...
Mar14-08 03:13 PM
30 4,213
I am having trouble understanding how the explanation of the paradox solves the problem. What if people in two...
Mar14-08 02:06 PM
6 2,066
I saw in a website that Einstein found the deflection angle of a ray grazing the sun through this relation ...
Mar14-08 12:28 PM
2 1,982
I'm a bit stuck with trying to interpret this for acceleration in earths gravity. The question is: D^2 Y^d =...
Mar14-08 09:30 AM
0 1,478
Ok. There are some concepts here that I am having trouble reconciling. I would first like to "stipulate" that for...
Mar14-08 07:12 AM
9 2,123
What are the appropriate units for the left half of the GR equation? Meters? square meters..? To put it another way,...
Mar14-08 04:52 AM
6 1,639
The twin paradox is very confusing, and even after reading the explanation, I still get questions. The only...
Mar13-08 10:39 PM
9 1,335

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