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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 37,395
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,151
This paper discusses the Bell spaceship paradox: Petkov, "Accelerating spaceships paradox and physical meaning of...
Mar17-14 12:34 PM
7 358
As I've red, different points on the rotating disk, or rotating object have different velocities and so they should...
Mar17-14 12:13 PM
3 365
I'm trying to understand inflation (in the cosmic sense). I know that ultimately that's a subject that involves both...
Mar17-14 12:11 PM
1 283
I am wondering how big the local coordinate charts in a coordinate atlas of General Relativity can be. Is it just a...
Mar17-14 08:51 AM
3 265
I was wondering since it is usually foliated into 2-spheres and these are not themselves parallelizable(only the...
Mar16-14 03:48 PM
6 383
Let's say we have a long cylinder and two pistons inside the cylinder, and some vapour between the pistons. Now we...
Mar16-14 11:14 AM
24 796
I see a number of gravitational wave analytic solutions with the metric given in terms of Rosen coordinates. I have no...
Mar16-14 05:32 AM
5 388
Hi guys, this is my first post, I'm a newbie regarding physics and relativity so I hope you can help me here. I've...
Mar15-14 10:36 PM
41 1,261
Perhaps I am red-shifted, but I just saw a video demonstrating space/time as a loaf of bread and depending on how it...
Mar15-14 11:38 AM
10 508
Einstein defined truly or absolutely synchronous clocks as follows: "The simultaneity of two definite events with...
Mar14-14 11:57 PM
1 282
Hi when trying to derive this equation, i am stuck on: =\frac{\partial \gamma^{\nu}(x)}{\partial x^{\mu}} +...
Mar14-14 08:17 PM
8 1,138
In the discussion of a new FAQ entry on the Bell spaceship paradox, the following paper came up: Jerrold Franklin,...
Mar14-14 12:22 AM
15 656
I am having a hard time understanding a scenario that I have not found discussed elsewhere. It has to do with...
Mar13-14 09:55 PM
8 431
The title says it all, really. Are we able to describe GR in terms of a Graded Time Dilation Field in Euclidean...
Mar13-14 02:49 PM
36 1,143
One of the properties of the unique Levi-Civita connection is that it preserves the metric tensor at each point's...
Mar13-14 01:00 PM
94 2,290
Hello, ##E_{tot}^2=(pc)^2+(m_0 c^2)^2## works fine for mass ##m_0## moving with relativistic speeds. What if the...
Mar13-14 09:17 AM
33 855
In Schutz, the christofell symbols are dervied from applying the product rule to a vector in a curvillinear basis. In...
Mar13-14 01:39 AM
1 366
I think I am wrong in what I am about to say so I someone could explain relatively simply where I went wrong I would...
Mar12-14 09:50 AM
1 263
I have always assumed once we pass through a black hole's event horizon, we can throw away the return ticket. But I...
Mar12-14 08:53 AM
1 295
Hello, I am working on a project but I stuck at a point. I found that divergence of two objects are equal...
Mar12-14 05:17 AM
0 226
Well when I watch movies I see space time as 2d. But how do we see the space time from earth to a region lower than...
Mar12-14 04:27 AM
1 260
depending on your frame of reference, correct? If I am standing still, and at the same time (my time) shine 2...
Mar12-14 02:32 AM
13 506
Is there any way of man, in the distant future, bend space time in a way that it would propell something faster than...
Mar11-14 10:34 PM
3 292
So im trying to understand some of the ideas of relativity but there is one thing i don't get. I understand that if...
Mar11-14 09:21 PM
4 319
I am preparing a simple demonstration of gravity for a lay audience, inspired by this applet and the well-known book...
Mar11-14 09:14 PM
1 272
We have had a number of threads on how to synchronise clocks around a rotating ring. One method of doing this is to...
Mar11-14 04:25 PM
2 288
Hey, I read that if a four-vector is 'four-orthogonal' to a time-like four vector then it must be space-like. I showed...
Mar11-14 09:35 AM
1 230
i have the basic question of special relativity why time , length and mass is a function of velocity here? i may know...
Mar11-14 09:04 AM
9 408
If an electron is travelling at C/2, the Lorenz formula says that mass is about 1.15 me, do we get the value of KE...
Mar11-14 07:39 AM
20 787
I was reading a little about the behavior of non-inertial frames in relativity, since I'm interested in knowing how...
Mar10-14 10:30 PM
61 2,076
Here for your consideration is a try at synchronizing clocks on a rim rotating at a constant angular velocity. It is...
Mar10-14 10:16 PM
69 2,343
Sorry if this has been asked a lot before but I did try a quick search for this but could find a simple answer. If...
Mar10-14 08:44 PM
17 683
Assume that there exist two people, person A and person B. Person B is falling into a black hole. I understand that...
Mar10-14 12:30 PM
52 1,466
Does anyone have a link to a version of the EFE fully expanded in terms of the metric?
Mar10-14 10:52 AM
6 329
Why is there a large Shapiro delay when a light beam passes a black hole? Coordinate velocity of the beam is slowed...
Mar10-14 06:19 AM
15 404
Hi, I think I have several misconceptions about the theoretical framework of black holes, I'm just not sure where my...
Mar9-14 08:04 PM
2 196
Most relativity paradoxes are not true paradoxes they merely require some clarification about frame of references,...
Mar9-14 07:54 PM
15 526
Hello! Could you, please, name some(if any exists) good reviews about building the genral relativity? In all...
Mar9-14 06:31 PM
8 565
In reexamining chapter 11 of Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics, especially equations 11.148, it seems obvious that...
Mar9-14 04:22 PM
7 273
Just a thought for the constancy of the light speed. Since photons are massless and therefore if they do not add...
Mar9-14 03:31 PM
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