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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,434
Hello, I am reading a book about General relativity, i understand that energy of the EM tensor go in the stress-...
Aug24-14 12:35 PM
4 342
In order for the light to take the same amount of time for both paths in the interferometer, simple geometry implies...
Aug24-14 07:55 AM
11 527
Equations of state for photon gas and relativistic electron gas This entry develops equations of state that are...
Aug23-14 11:28 PM
0 105
Definition of Large-Scale Isotropy and Homogeneity This post is part of my attempt to develop a formal definition...
Aug23-14 11:23 PM
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Corrections to Narlikar paper The paper by Jayant N Narlikar ’Spectral shifts in General Relativity’ in the...
Aug23-14 11:04 PM
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Einstein tensor in the FLRW frame - Part 1 of 2 This note develops a formula for the ##G^{00}## component of the...
Aug23-14 10:48 PM
1 92
Consequences of Energy conservation in a FLRW spacetime This entry uses the local energy conservation law to derive...
Aug23-14 10:39 PM
0 79
So I have been reading about the nature of gravity, and I have become a little confused as to how gravity is produced....
Aug23-14 08:44 PM
6 401
Hi all. As you may be aware, there are a handful of modern derivations of the Papapetrou equations i.e. the equations...
Aug23-14 04:24 PM
3 273
I would appreciate it if some senior member would give me feedback about this result that I have been using in my...
Aug22-14 09:30 AM
3 403
I would like to think that I understand how 4-velocity is defined in special relativity. It makes sense to me that one...
Aug22-14 04:42 AM
4 291
Hi, On p.4 of "A First Course in General Relativity", Shutz says that we redefine the units of time so that the new...
Aug22-14 01:55 AM
18 550
Hi guys, i've been thinking about this experiment for the last few hours and I have a few questions which I am deeply...
Aug22-14 12:31 AM
9 473
What if Schwatzchild has made the same mistake as Newton? ( 1 - 2MG / c2 r ) dt can be view as a binomial...
Aug21-14 11:24 AM
5 353
In this source explaining how to derive the Schwarzchild metric, the person came up with an ansatz and worked from...
Aug21-14 08:31 AM
1 208
Does the following argument prove that any method of faster than light communication is impossible? 1. A...
Aug21-14 01:53 AM
74 2,460
Depending on where I go to get a good understanding of the Lorentz transformations, I run into two formulas for time...
Aug21-14 12:22 AM
2 268
It is known that, by the expansion of the universe, galaxies that are roughly 4200 megaparsecs away travel away from...
Aug20-14 05:12 PM
15 867
Question the thing in the region of space that cannot be seen from us because they recede faster than the speed of...
Aug19-14 08:08 AM
2 296
I'm looking for proof that Wolfgang Rindler coined the term Event Horizon. I believe that it was Rindler because...
Aug19-14 03:34 AM
3 318
First, here is my source: As...
Aug18-14 10:40 PM
5 462
From what I know, to get the reverse trace form of the Einstein field equations, you must multiply both sides by gab...
Aug18-14 03:14 PM
3 333
Hello, i am new here. I have been studying SR en GR for a while on a hobby level, and i keep pondering on the...
Aug18-14 12:50 PM
37 1,054
If time is being warped by gravity/accelerated motion, does that mean that our clocks are inevitably slowed down since...
Aug18-14 12:04 PM
7 398
Is space time like a bowling ball on a trampoline or does it surround all matter like water does a submerged object?
Aug18-14 06:44 AM
15 585
Has this idea been recognized outside Frankfurt? Pseudo-complex General Relativity...
Aug18-14 05:28 AM
1 369
After learning more about relativity, and the vast amount of knowledge that is on this forum, I would like to clear up...
Aug17-14 08:28 PM
2 278
A first stage of the determination. We have a body of length L = AB, which moves along the x-axis with velocity v,...
Aug17-14 07:37 PM
31 1,170
Imagine a theoretical universe which contained only two photons with the same energy. Imagine that each photon began...
Aug17-14 05:55 PM
18 881
How is gravity created? If you have any theories or new facts discovered please share. If u have your own theory...
Aug17-14 05:08 AM
18 868
In General Relativity spacetime is described by a metric. The most common one is the Schwarzschild metric, valid at...
Aug16-14 04:39 PM
3 320
I think this will be a quick question... If the Schw's metric is a solution of the vacuum, then what does the mass...
Aug16-14 02:35 PM
3 370
I was watching a Science Video explaining why Ligtht travels slower in a Transparent Medium than in a Vacuum. I...
Aug16-14 12:37 PM
5 405
Here is a new video, addressing a common question on this forum: jlTVIMOix3I It's similar to that one, but has...
Aug16-14 08:35 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 489
They say there is no measurement if travelling in a ship at the speed of light you can do to tell whether you are...
Aug15-14 09:48 PM
76 1,715
Recently read about a release from 2006 about an electromagnetic superconductor that generated a small gravity field...
Aug15-14 06:42 PM
2 273
How can we define SPACE TIME CURVATURE with respect to dark energy and dark matter ?
Aug15-14 01:35 PM
2 352
Hi everyone, I have a few questions about relativity. I've been reading about relativity and its effects and I...
Aug15-14 01:23 PM
11 598
i have a question, that nobody seems to be able to answer : is math actually suited for reality ? Basically the idea...
Aug14-14 09:05 PM
5 855
I feel I understand relativistic velocity addition fairly well. However, the way I usually see it modeled is with two...
Aug14-14 05:14 PM
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