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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,138
Question 1: How does the metric relate to the light cone at a particular point? Obviously, the metric should determine...
Oct17-12 12:37 AM
17 1,334
This is a question which has been intriguing me, if two photons A and B travel in opposite direction, what would be...
Oct16-12 10:14 AM
39 4,967
1. Is there anyway we can measure time without depending on or using light? If we can, what are they and do special...
Oct16-12 10:04 AM
99 5,253
if possible could you tag some good video lectures may be feymann or any other good source..thanks...!!
Oct16-12 04:28 AM
35 3,470
Hi. I did a quick search for threads on the block universe and came across one about the implications of the block...
Oct15-12 06:19 PM
Vanadium 50
8 1,144
Does time dilation only affect matter that has mass? For example, A spaceship is 1 light year away from Earth at...
Oct15-12 04:21 PM
3 696
Hi, The theory of special relativity is based on assumption that the speed of light in vacuum does not depend on...
Oct15-12 03:16 PM
7 797
Is it possible to diagonalize the Kerr metric in the Boyer-Lindquist coordinates? If so then I think calculations with...
Oct15-12 02:43 PM
5 2,300
hello, please see the attached snapshot (taken from 'Problem book in relativity and gravitation'). In the last...
Oct15-12 01:32 PM
8 839
Hello, first time poster here! I am trying to understand some results I am getting from this "Relativistic Star...
Oct14-12 04:48 PM
2 845
Good day! I am quite blur with the Space-time concept proposed by Einstein. Can anyone explain briefly on what he...
Oct14-12 04:34 PM
10 1,094
Hi All, I am still trying to wrap my head around the five light year stick and the idea that if you push an object,...
Oct14-12 01:42 PM
13 1,456
If we set c=G=1, then c=1 leads to L=1/T , the G=1 means that M=L^3/T^2 and combining the two means that M=L=1/T so...
Oct14-12 12:35 PM
6 865
I was told in another thread that saying that the Galilean relativity of Newtonian and classical mechanics could be...
Oct14-12 07:19 AM
39 3,182
While I was looking up E=mc^{2}, I have learned such formula only applies to stationary objects and for kinetic...
Oct13-12 07:26 PM
1 750
I would like to know if there are exact solutions using General Relativity to determine: 1) time dilation from...
Oct13-12 06:24 PM
9 1,016
I know little to nothing about G.R. but it is interesting to look up knowledge,especially physics, so please correct...
Oct13-12 01:18 PM
4 877
I have a small intuitive issue with the idea. If you could humour me for a moment, imagine a particle moving at...
Oct13-12 07:36 AM
5 793
Kerr–Newman metric: c^{2} d\tau^{2} = - \left(\frac{dr^2}{\Delta} + d\theta^2 \right) \rho^2 + (c \; dt - \alpha...
Oct12-12 06:41 PM
2 965
Hello all... I am by no means a physicist and neither are my colleagues, however at time we find ourselves...
Oct12-12 02:49 PM
11 1,029
Hello, I've just registered to ask this question. This is something that's been bothering me for some time. I have a...
Oct12-12 01:21 AM
12 1,327
One thing that puzzles me is that, we are looking for the elusive graviton as a medium for transferring gravity. But...
Oct11-12 06:49 PM
7 844
In another thread, Bill_K writes: Wald, is one of the sources that does it the "wrong" way. But it seems that...
Oct11-12 05:34 PM
31 1,716
Intro: If one was to measure the redshifts and distances of all galaxies around earth, they would come to a...
Oct11-12 03:24 PM
4 1,003
Hi, I was reading "Why does E=mc2 and why should we care". This is a statement from the book: "There is a good...
Oct11-12 11:57 AM
8 1,168
Ok I am wondering what would happen if an anti-black hole collided with a black hole of the same mass. Would they...
Oct11-12 01:21 AM
8 1,233
In the Equation E=hλ Could the variables be subsituted for other similar energy problems like E=mc2? Would then...
Oct10-12 08:20 PM
3 820
hello.. I am reading "Relativity, the Special and The General theory of relativity by A. Einstein", and i have a...
Oct10-12 03:38 PM
3 868
I understand that in order for a space to be conformally flat that the vanishing of the Weyl tensor is a necessary...
Oct10-12 12:47 PM
1 566
Einstein in his "Relativity: The Special and General Theory" ch.VIII explains that simultaneity between events placed...
Oct10-12 10:34 AM
47 2,786
Meaning of ct in Lorentz transformation - In Lorentz transformation matrix, the first column is defined as - ct, not...
Oct10-12 09:45 AM
5 754
From what I've read, particle accelerators accelerate particles to near the speed of light. As the speed of an object...
Oct10-12 05:14 AM
15 1,627
Hello everyone, I've been reading the excelent review from Eric Poisson found here. While reading I found a...
Oct10-12 05:01 AM
0 500
I understand that we can write the 4-force in terms of the vector force based on velocity, and the energy of the...
Oct10-12 12:37 AM
5 725
I'm listening to Prof. Leonard Susskind's lectures on GR on at...
Oct9-12 02:33 PM
9 1,532
I am aware of the motives of finding a modification of Newtonian mechanics, but the effects of relativity are so...
Oct9-12 11:41 AM
18 1,996
I am confused about one of the basic findings of relativity, that all coordinate systems are equal and there is no...
Oct9-12 05:57 AM
5 704
Hi all, I'm in a modern physics course and am surprised by how confused I am about special relativity. I know...
Oct9-12 01:17 AM
10 1,144
After an analogy with air and water waves, which are limited in speed by the density of the medium in which they...
Oct9-12 12:21 AM
3 512
Hi, I am new to this forum, and I wish I get some help here. I really can't find any solution to this paradox; I...
Oct8-12 10:16 PM
99 7,238

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