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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,760
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,398
Hello, I have two problems. I'm going through the Classical Theory of Fields by Landau/Lifshitz and in Section...
Jun16-14 05:54 PM
4 470
If two photons ( A and B ) are traveling in opposite directions from a point in a vacuum will the relative speed of...
Jun16-14 04:39 PM
9 629
i have read that existence of photons as a mass less particles came from the energy momentum equation. E^2 =...
Jun16-14 01:13 PM
4 627
Something thats been bugging me, but unable to find an answer for.. The speed of light (in a vacuum) is absolute,...
Jun15-14 01:48 PM
33 1,239
The stress-energy tensor is an actual tensor, i.e., under a spacetime parity transformation it stays the same, which...
Jun15-14 01:45 PM
4 558
Consider an unbreakable nail. A nail of length 10cm moving at 0.866c. If i stop the nail by hitting its cap, would...
Jun15-14 01:44 PM
8 400
I really don't understand what it is and what is the use of constant, like in this equation of transformation. ...
Jun15-14 10:14 AM
4 383
As far as I'm informed time slows down the lower the gravity and the faster we move. Let's say I go out in space with...
Jun15-14 12:38 AM
7 489
From my understanding, an arbitrary (0,N) tensor can be expressed in terms of its components and the tensor products...
Jun14-14 11:38 PM
4 462
I have this crazy and goofy dream to construct an artificial black hole. Not a crude analogue, but the actual...
Jun14-14 06:06 PM
22 1,301
To=(time of moving object.) T=(Time of standing object.) ^=power of number. sqrt=square of number.(x^1/2) Law...
Jun14-14 01:14 PM
7 470
Hi everyone: I just started to learn special relativity but totally being confused about "velocity", "momentum" and...
Jun14-14 06:49 AM
Jeffrey Yang
8 548
Well I just have one question. Is the existence of wormholes really possible or not? I've only seen them appearing in...
Jun13-14 08:23 PM
40 1,741
So light can be bent by a gravitational field, and follows the curvature of spacetime. does light have a gravity field...
Jun13-14 05:04 PM
1 350
It is very important for me to know how scientists detect the speed of light in details...because there is something...
Jun13-14 03:50 PM
27 1,019
So, this has really stirred my interest. To be clear, I'm not citing these as sources, simply linking for discussion;...
Jun12-14 07:37 PM
Simon Bridge
9 1,052
Hey guys, I was recently thinking about theoretical ways to accelerate objects (spacecraft) and I had the idea that...
Jun12-14 03:30 PM
3 455
I know that you probably get tired of weird questions like this so I apologize in advance. I was thinking about...
Jun12-14 03:23 PM
12 529
Out of interest I'm studying a book "A first course in general relativity" which is a great book in my opinion because...
Jun12-14 10:28 AM
8 482
I read recently that " present only GR theory predicts the required 13 parameters for agreement with critical...
Jun12-14 09:57 AM
1 264
So, if I travel in a ship at light speed in a line from earth to space for 10 minutes. Than turn around and travel...
Jun11-14 10:21 PM
13 522
I've been reading Dr. Harold G. White's work on recent developments in Warp Field Mechanics, and thought up the...
Jun11-14 06:20 PM
1 352
Hi, I'm trying to understand what the nature of gravity is. I know it is a force, and I know that heavy objects tend...
Jun11-14 05:32 PM
16 1,122
A interesting question came up to my mind, and it's related to the concept of different synchonization methods. If we...
Jun11-14 08:01 AM
15 698
It is often said that we basically live in the past, since it takes time for light to travel from objects to our eyes...
Jun10-14 12:40 PM
35 1,060
In, BBC - Wonders of Universe, Professor Brian Cox explains that universe is stretching and the space that we live in...
Jun10-14 05:36 AM
1 424
I have used GRTensorII and Cadabra for some time. And I think Cadabra have great potential for GR. But the current...
Jun10-14 04:24 AM
16 1,617
If a planet is traveling through space and distorting space, why does it not slow down? If a boat travels through...
Jun9-14 10:07 PM
4 525
Suppose that a wheel is rotating around its axis in free space with no friction, with no external forces acting on it....
Jun9-14 01:22 PM
8 820
Let us have an observer moving at some velocity v. And let our observer have 2 mirrors, one on either side of...
Jun8-14 06:04 PM
10 527
I am reading this paper and I came across under eq12 that the new metric is...
Jun7-14 06:01 PM
3 367
I've read a lot of places about length and time dialation or length contraction of an object relative to an observer,...
Jun7-14 06:51 AM
54 1,814
The spin 4-vector is defined in the rest frame of the particle as s^{\mu}= (0, \vec{s}). Why is the zeroth...
Jun5-14 05:13 PM
3 394
Why is it that the covariant derivative of a covariant tensor does not seem to follow the product rule like...
Jun5-14 02:15 PM
20 853
Assuming it were possible to build a sturdy enough rod like structure, say equal the length it would take light to...
Jun4-14 01:51 PM
10 725
I have seen numerous articles referencing the teleportation of information over a distance of 3 meters using quantum...
Jun3-14 05:05 PM
5 433
What is the proof of Einsteins famous equation E = mc2 ?
Jun3-14 04:30 PM
86 2,994
If light has a maximum speed of c, what frame of reference is that speed determined from? For example, if you were...
Jun3-14 10:55 AM
7 573
I'm confused by something I read, that said: Ref: What does...
Jun3-14 09:58 AM
5 376
Been reading laymen's books on general relativity and I'm in need some clarification! ... Line 1: The shortest path...
Jun2-14 08:35 PM
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