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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,262
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,898
I am looking for a mathematical solution of the following "paradox" regarding the Oppenheimer-Snyder collapse of a...
May12-14 03:33 PM
3 366
It is said that light particle being mass-less charged particle are not affected by gravity but space, which is...
May12-14 02:44 AM
14 647
I will just describe a common thought experiment to do with special relativity and a question I have about it. Note...
May12-14 12:51 AM
6 512
Hi, I am working through Section 5.8 of Sean Carroll's book on GR. Does someone know where I can find the bridging...
May11-14 10:48 PM
1 285
As I've understood so far, there are theoretically many types of acceleration. In all cases except in the Born...
May11-14 02:33 PM
2 455
Hi, I am having trouble understanding why Tij can be non-zero for i≠j. Tij is the flux of the i-th component of...
May11-14 11:28 AM
4 594
If each person exists in an unchanging state in the block universe, and the flow of time is an illusion caused by the...
May10-14 02:31 PM
18 991
Greetings, I'm having some issues with a problem that I is related, though not identical, to Bell's spaceship...
May10-14 01:51 PM
HJ Farnsworth
4 567
Let's say there's an electric current in a neutral loop of wire. Then we change to a frame where the loop is moving....
May10-14 11:53 AM
6 338
I've been thinking about the geometry of spacetime itself, and it has really been mind-blowing in some way. If space...
May9-14 04:59 AM
16 720
Reading into some special relativity, I have seen E=mc^2 proposed from the assumption of four momentum conservation...
May9-14 04:04 AM
6 652
What would be the example of the twin paradox where there is no acceleration at all ? Only different periods of...
May8-14 07:40 AM
12 1,708
Let's say there's a current going around in a superconducting loop in vacuum. Then the loop gets buried in huge amount...
May8-14 06:45 AM
2 339
Length contraction velocity question. Suppose there are two sets of binary neutron stars in mirrored synchronous...
May8-14 01:34 AM
27 1,220
As far as I understood the relativity: 1. Massless particles travel at the speed of light. 2. As the speed...
May7-14 03:23 PM
3 370
Do you know how could I interpret the Einstein Tensor geometrically (on a general manifold)? For example the...
May7-14 02:42 PM
1 298
Hello, I am studying general relativity right now and I am very curious about the Ricci tensor and its meaning. I...
May7-14 02:16 PM
6 453
Why does one particular 'frame of reference' have fictitious forces (like inertia) whilst another one doesn't. I...
May7-14 01:01 PM
3 328
I have spent some time reading other threads and other source. However I could not find any clear derivation of...
May7-14 07:02 AM
28 1,174
I now have a general understanding of relativity but it threw up a few issues. I understand that there are no...
May6-14 11:51 PM
16 592
I am in a zero mass space ship at rest in my chosen frame of reference. A cylinder with a diameter equal to the sun...
May6-14 06:34 PM
20 743
Hello I was reading something the other day and wondered what a two-particle lagrangian would look like in SR. I'm not...
May6-14 05:33 PM
10 468
Hello. So I always hear people say, "If someone flew in a ship at light speed to a far away star and then came back to...
May6-14 11:11 AM
7 519
Consider a pole of 1 light second long in the ##y## direction (the vertical line(s) in the enclosed figure). It is...
May5-14 11:05 AM
14 613
Hello, What is the most general cylindrically symmetric line element in the canonical form? Best regards.
May5-14 08:31 AM
3 315
quote from wikipedia: "According to the special theory of relativity, it is impossible to say in an absolute sense...
May5-14 02:50 AM
16 863
In the Feynman lectures, feynman describes the hot plate model of space curvature and shows that light is bent around...
May5-14 01:14 AM
17 672
Hi, I want to know how can we arrive at the generators of Lie algebra if we have killing equation ? on the other...
May5-14 12:32 AM
2 365
how can we write and interpret Lorentz generators in light cone coordinates?
May4-14 10:47 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 373
Hello, Some knows how to Bondi deduce his radiating line element? I read some papers and there isn't any hint about...
May4-14 07:21 PM
2 236
Hi people, please could someone enlighten me on gravitational time dilation. I have read online that some places, such...
May4-14 04:39 PM
13 584
In classical mechanics we can get a nice overview of the dynamics of a system by looking at its position-momentum...
May4-14 03:12 PM
1 264
Light is deflected in a gravitational field and this effect has been measured empirically, confirming the predictions...
May4-14 09:37 AM
11 566
If i am moving at the speed of light, facing the direction that i am going in, everything in front of me appears...
May4-14 08:02 AM
15 576
When light is greatly slowed via a medium in laboratories, is it still constant among reference frames?
May3-14 09:39 PM
9 351
In Dirac's book on GRT, he says the following, p. 45: "In curved space the conservation of energy and momentum is only...
May3-14 06:37 PM
3 364
if we know the relations between time and distance at the moving frame and stationary frame why can't we derive the...
May3-14 12:09 PM
4 284
If I am understand correctly a moving mass has more energy than a stationary mass. Mass and energy are two forms of...
May3-14 11:44 AM
4 405
One problem in understanding Special Relativity is that it is intuitively hard to agree with relative simultaneity. ...
May2-14 02:58 PM
60 3,574
This is taken from B. Schutz's First Course in General Relativity. Am I alone in considering this an abuse of...
May2-14 02:11 PM
17 629

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