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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Y 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,531
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 40,882
Is it possible to have a space-time with no killing vector? Alternatively, can I define the metric only with the...
Sep27-13 10:09 AM
3 556
Ciao. Time slows down when traveling close to light speed. So my question is. I travel out in space to a...
Feb24-06 01:21 AM
15 1,998
Hello All, I'm trying to wrap my head around SR and I have a couple questions: If two space travelers (A) and (C)...
Dec11-10 06:00 PM
5 773
Maybe some one can help clear up a problem. According to Wikipedias article on time dilation “In the case that the...
Jun18-10 12:09 PM
79 7,097
Hey guys! I am considering a space with a diagonal metric, which is maximally symmetric. It can be proven that in...
Oct19-12 04:40 PM
3 969
I was reading on relativity and the speed of light being constant and I thought of a something that seems too...
Sep25-11 01:09 PM
25 7,138
I have a question,why is time and space inseperable,that is,why can't one exist without the other? Oh and I have...
Feb3-08 05:57 PM
Shaun Culver
23 2,548
Hi In trying to get to grips with SR/GR (I'm still unsure about what differentiates them!) one of the things that...
Nov2-06 10:51 AM
9 1,496
as we increase our speed, time goes slow for us, does it mean we will be left behind in times only or as time goes,do...
Aug31-11 07:58 PM
4 1,679
What does actually mean by the saying that Einstein united space and time?
Nov28-12 05:51 PM
8 1,028
So if the interval between two events is spacelike, does that mean that the two events cannot effect each other? Does...
Jul6-08 06:03 PM
4 1,313
hi, In special theory of relativity time is considered as a fourth dimension of space-time, using speed of light.I am...
Nov2-04 12:35 PM
11 2,614
How does time and space appear to a photon in vacuum (i.e. photon at at the speed of light)? Does time stop, when...
Jun25-11 12:38 PM
2 948
Hello all . My questions are : Space/time are any meaning without matter or energy ? Space/time are exist without...
Dec6-12 03:37 PM
10 1,399
Good day! I am quite blur with the Space-time concept proposed by Einstein. Can anyone explain briefly on what he...
Oct14-12 04:34 PM
10 1,192
We know from experiment that time (a measure between two events) slows as we approach speed of light, but does the...
Jan12-09 12:37 PM
7 3,112
I understand that the curvature is caused by the depression of a mass in the space-time surface. What I don't...
Aug16-11 06:37 PM
16 4,295
If gravity rises from the fact that mass bends space-time and stuff falls in because it actually follows a straight...
Apr1-13 11:51 AM
21 1,403
Hi Guys, A question about the curvture of space-time by mass. Where is the point of maximum curvature?? Is...
Nov25-12 11:52 PM
6 1,179
Hi everybody, As you know, the Einstein field equation R_{μ\nu} - 1/2Rg_{μ\nu} =κT_{μ\nu} implies that at...
Apr1-14 11:31 PM
10 596
What would the units be on the curvature of spacetime? G(curvature)=8πGT/c^4
Aug28-10 07:02 PM
5 1,307
I have just started a class that deals with relativity. My professor uses space-time diagrams all the time but has...
Sep5-09 12:38 PM
8 2,037
I really find difficult understanding what spacetime diagram does relativity use while defining its notion of space...
Nov13-13 12:44 AM
20 2,086
Hi there I understand the general idea about the Theory of Relativity and the idea of a 4 dimensional space-time...
Jun24-11 05:10 AM
1 892
what is space-time disturbance..can anyone explain it to me.
Sep27-08 06:45 PM
3 2,274
I don't understand how the space-time fabric works. I've seen videos where the sun is in the space-time fabric and it...
Oct25-09 05:46 AM
3 2,227
I would like to ask another 3 question, 1.Gravity causes warps in the space-time fabric in general Relativity what...
Jan4-08 02:46 AM
10 3,627
is it possible to compare Einstein 4D space-time to a fluid ?
Aug26-09 08:39 PM
3 1,784
under which circumstances do we say that something in special relativity is the conseqeunce of space-time geometry...
Feb28-06 08:44 AM
6 1,779
Hi, is Spacetime geometry there even without the presence of matter or does matter produced Spacetime? Or in other...
Apr23-11 08:07 PM
4 1,451
Space-Time is deformed from a uniform gravitation field to one that is compressed inward so as to form a curvature....
Mar3-09 08:07 AM
5 1,812
Cinsider please the invariance of the space-time interval in an one space dimension approach...
Jan27-09 10:53 PM
5 1,782
Please tell me if the following statement is correct: In cc(dt)^2-(dx)^2=cc(dt')^2-(dx')^2 dx and dx' represent...
Dec30-07 05:05 PM
country boy
16 4,261
Hi, so I was going over my lectures notes and I was looking at the Invariance, S2 for space time. I was just...
Oct23-12 07:28 PM
3 705
Why is it possible that an object can be found in the same place in different times but can not be found at the same...
Jan9-11 08:09 AM
6 1,202
Hi. I know that as an object travels faster, its mass increases. Would this increase create a larger curvature in...
Nov19-13 09:29 PM
9 809
I find in the literature the following transformation equations for the space-time coordinates x'=g(x-vt) t'=t/g...
Sep8-08 06:28 AM
31 5,625
A mass moves through space-time at constant velocity. Space-time around this mass is warped by the mass and as the...
Jan31-14 12:43 AM
8 563
Imaging at a Trillion Frame Per Second - Ramesh Raskar ...
Oct21-13 03:07 PM
3 545
I've read about Schwarzschild and Kerr metric, I confused about the spacelike singularity(occur in non-rotating...
May28-10 05:55 AM
2 2,147

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