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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,032
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,387
Hi, I am in the process of trying to teach myself GR Maths, at the A101 level, and have been working through the idea...
Dec8-10 09:01 AM
5 1,392
Silly proposition - but take the peculiar results predicted by Einstein in Part IV of the 1905 paper with a little...
Apr5-07 12:08 PM
6 1,058
Hello fellow physicsists! I have some (and will probarbly get more) questions about differential geometry and...
Jun25-12 09:15 AM
9 1,159
If we take a photon as our frame of reference is it safe to say that the universe moves relative to "Us" at the speed...
Aug29-04 06:12 PM
44 3,439
I have been reading GR but I have these gaps in understanding. Can someone help clear them? 1) SR has a...
May20-14 09:55 PM
5 588
Hi, I have some questions about general relativity. I'd appreciate if somebody could enlighten me :) I heard that...
Nov30-12 02:18 PM
24 1,828
I have some questions about time dilation I not really understand to come further (and I find it all very...
Dec8-11 09:19 PM
8 2,678
a)Can we add extra terms with covariant derivative equal to 0 so the coupling constant in relativity is...
Aug29-04 07:18 AM
5 1,226
Why do we say that the position 4-vector, x^{\mu}, is naturally contravariant and that the del operator,...
Feb27-06 06:43 PM
13 1,424
I am not interested in knowing the detailed calculation but would be more than happy if you could just answer the...
Jul17-09 05:00 AM
41 3,255
2 random thoughts that struck me: Q1. If an object is moving downwards towards a large mass at just under the speed...
Feb24-10 03:31 PM
1 892
Hello PF, I have some questions which I cant get an answer, and everything I think is based on intuition and not on...
Apr25-09 08:35 AM
16 1,489
A discussion with nakurusil left open some questions to which answers are highly appreciated. 1. We measure in...
Feb15-07 03:38 AM
29 4,268
Does " What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth" does work in special relativity?:rofl:
Oct23-10 05:13 PM
5 2,224
I hope that a short discussion of the history of theoretical development is not too much off-topic here; this is a...
Feb11-12 10:42 AM
12 3,270
Hi, I have 2 little questions and hope to find some clarity here. It concerns some mathematics. 1) Is the variation...
May2-07 04:11 AM
0 3,381
In the cosmology forum I have admitted to understanding GR only dimly despite, in a previous thread in this forum...
May2-07 07:25 PM
18 3,168
1. Does light(photons) have 0 mass or infinite?(b/c it its mass would be zero, it would take no energy to slow it...
Jan5-07 02:47 AM
44 6,322
Here are two statements of Birkhoff's theorem: "Any spherically symmetric solution of the vacuum field equations...
Aug12-10 05:22 PM
4 913
I don't think this should be a very difficult question for people who are used to working with tensors, but I'm new to...
Feb13-11 02:01 PM
28 1,846
Hey, Starting with the conversation law for the stress-energy tensor; T^{\alpha \beta}{}_{,\beta}=0 . Does anyone...
Oct25-09 05:44 AM
11 1,177
I've just started learning about special and general relativity and came up with a couple of questions that look like...
Oct1-13 03:25 PM
5 1,074
1. A clock is placed on a light beam. Will the clock stop? If yes, why doesn't the beam stop altogether? 2....
Apr12-10 11:02 AM
39 3,327
Scenario 1: A photon is travelling straight towards a star. As it goes deeper in the star's gravitational well, its...
May9-10 04:44 PM
4 682
I'm coming at this from the perspective of something that might be used in a general discussion piece on SR, or maybe...
Mar31-06 04:16 PM
2 1,201
How can we visualize 4D spacetime and how gravity plays a role in 4D spacetime??
Jan29-07 03:34 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
3 1,065
I think i understand that if my friend, let's call him bob - were to travel to the moon and back at near the speed of...
Oct14-11 12:43 PM
5 922
The reason there are so many paradoxes is there is something fishy about Special Relativity (not General Rel) that no...
Oct22-12 10:46 PM
15 970
Okay first of all, I know it's impossible to travel faster than light. But they say that IF.... IF you could, then you...
Feb1-13 01:33 PM
27 2,493
I am looking for help on page 128 equation (14) from zee's book Einstein Gravity. A lot of you may not have the book....
Jul18-13 09:58 AM
3 452
I have a little problem.. Just a little mind problem, that has bothered me for a while.. Lets say there is three...
Nov9-08 02:19 AM
13 1,572
If man were able to travel the speed of light - what would it sound like to this man? Would it be a mad deafening...
Aug13-04 12:25 PM
5 1,776
Jan17-07 05:28 PM
4 1,246
Rindler (1977): Essential Relativity, 2nd ed., p. 249, deriving Maxwell's equations for orthonormal/inertial...
Nov26-10 03:26 PM
8 1,107
Imagine a massless, classically zero curvature, infinite spacetime in which propagates a single actual photon. What...
Nov15-04 07:40 AM
2 1,484
Is the local propagation of an entity at invariant speed a sufficient condition for its stress-energy tensor,...
Sep18-12 07:23 PM
2 904
Is the following correct? In Newton's theory, gravity is a force (described in terms of a scalar potential field and...
Dec17-10 11:09 AM
16 2,337
Ok , during my study , I read that the bodies which are rotating spherically symmetrically do not emit GW;s as in...
Dec26-06 02:43 AM
20 2,653
hi i heard once if you go out into space you get older faster than if you were on earth... any truth in this? if...
Feb6-06 01:11 PM
19 2,148
Are space & time same ,like two sides of a coin , one cannot exist without another ? Also does time exist for photons ?
Jun29-08 07:20 AM
3 1,201

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