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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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Short version: How accurate is this paper: Long version: Hello! Physics is...
Dec21-10 02:48 PM
1 1,185
The intention here is to discuss paradoxes in Special relativity in mainstream physics, any idea?
Sep13-10 04:44 PM
Doc Al
11 1,597
A little problem with special relativity. The equation for general relativity E^2= M^2c^4 + P^2c^2 is usually...
Jun15-08 09:25 AM
10 1,988
Here's a little special relativity puzzle that I found interesting. Say we have two particles initially at rest in...
Jul7-07 01:09 PM
4 1,469
So imagine you are staring at a two seperate photons. Instantaneously, you jump into the frame of one of the photons....
Dec29-04 11:38 AM
9 1,289
Here's the question from my text: "Alice and Bob are movin in opposite directions around a circular ring of radius R,...
Jun4-06 02:56 AM
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An intersting question was asked in my class today when learning about time dilation. We were shown the classic...
Apr17-12 06:28 AM
S1lent Echoes
2 690
I took a course in special relativity as an undergrad, but am now almost 6 years removed from it and have not retained...
May7-08 03:56 PM
6 1,492
Ok here's the short story. A friend of mine is in grad school for physics. I have a BS in physics, however i graduated...
May8-10 02:21 AM
4 873
1) When Einstein said, Just when the flashes 1 of lightning occur, this point M' naturally coincides with the point...
Nov4-09 01:37 PM
13 1,673
Here is an article I submitted to ArXiv some time ago: (Relativity without tears)....
Jan9-08 07:16 AM
0 556
I posted this topic in a physics forum on another web site, but I thought this forum might be a better place to get...
Sep4-08 11:46 PM
11 1,244
Hello! I have no formal relativistic education, however, I am plenty of an enthusiast. Finding relativity...
Feb21-12 02:54 AM
2 839
Just a quick question on spacetime intervals in spacetime. Why is the spacetime interval between two events given by...
Jan25-12 08:26 PM
3 1,573
If you are traveling away from earth on a space ship near the speed of light, it is well known that the moving clocks...
Jun25-09 03:00 PM
Doc Al
2 997
Here's a few kickers for those of you who don't know a lot about the mathematics of relativity: The locus of all...
Dec16-03 07:06 PM
1 1,132
In high school we learn Coulomb's law for electrostatics, and later in University find that the correct version of...
Jun19-08 11:58 AM
25 4,329
Inflation says that space between objects is expanding. Matter is held together by forces carried by bosons traveling...
Nov10-11 08:43 AM
7 1,198
Quick disclosure, I'm only a few weeks into modern physics, and still trying to get a firm grip on the mechanics...
Sep29-13 09:52 AM
11 993
Now i heard it is possible for an electron in the tube of a television tube to travel across the tube at a speed...
Aug14-12 05:03 PM
4 897
In deference to ElectroPhysics request to end posting to the Twin Paradox thread, those who wish to make further...
Jan11-05 03:50 AM
19 2,317
What is the difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity?
Jun14-05 02:05 PM
25 46,823
Greetings all, Taken in the limit of a small distance where the Earth appears flat, does a stationary object...
Nov27-13 11:03 AM
10 687
Re-reading "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" by A. Einstein from 1905 (English translation I found on the...
Feb15-08 06:23 PM
6 1,680
After mulling over special relativity for a while, I have come to some conclusions that seem correct, but I don't know...
Nov11-07 05:05 AM
5 1,612
Hi, I have just recently begun delving into SR, and there are a few questions I would like clarified if possible,...
May19-13 07:40 AM
13 680 If the speed at which light waves propagate in vacuum is independent...
Feb2-14 04:32 AM
40 1,427
I've searched around and I keep getting various answers, explanations, and examples for Time Dilation and The Lorentz...
Dec16-08 09:25 PM
4 1,156
i dont understand when to use substitution as used in the answer to this question: how fast must a pion be moving,...
Apr11-05 12:56 AM
4 4,373
Hi all, I'm new and have been following the conversations for a few days.By way of getting acquainted, I wonder which...
Nov18-05 11:47 PM
3 5,239
Hi, I'm 13 and I really really love Physics, so I thought it would be a good idea to join this Forum. I research Maths...
Nov17-09 04:09 PM
1 763
Please i am only in ks3 but i like physics. Please may someone explane the theory of special relitivity to me. Be...
Dec4-09 10:40 PM
9 1,480
When you move through space time slows down, this is part of special reletivity right. Hence when Light is moving at...
Aug21-04 11:48 PM
10 1,627
I was trying to write some "popular science" story on special relativity and explain it to kids a couple of days ago,...
Aug18-10 09:36 PM
26 3,145
I am trying to understand this.Would I be correct in saying that the reason that the maximum speed possible is the...
Jun13-11 01:48 PM
14 2,420
I am just a little bit unsure about something I read on the "twin paradox". It talks about Dick and Jane who are...
Jun5-08 02:32 PM
7 3,682
Is this doable, a calculation to go from A to B on a helical path? To simplify the problem we could consider A...
Sep17-10 08:04 PM
41 2,906
Take the following setup: A series of pulses of radio signal is relayed around the world, along the equator. There is...
May29-10 09:42 AM
3 1,175
I am still trying to understand a few things about special relativity. Lets say I am traveling at the speed of...
Feb23-11 07:40 PM
9 1,305
In the books I've read about relativity the introduction is a definition of simultaneity which is given by the famous...
Dec3-10 12:17 AM
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