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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,086
hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums. yesterday i was at the local B&N and bought stephen hawkings "a...
Feb9-06 11:36 AM
3 2,130
I imagin this thought experiment: a train which travels with the speed of light is trying to enter a tunel which has...
Sep9-07 03:30 PM
Doc Al
7 2,130
Can someone explain to me how those who believe relativity also believe that the earth revovles around the sun. I...
May3-09 05:13 PM
19 2,129
I think I have come across something that invalidates something one of my Physics professors said back in college,...
Jun25-14 09:23 PM
27 2,129
To quote from ‘Time, Gravity and Quantum Mechanics, by W. G. Unruh’; “A more accurate way of summarizing the lessons...
Mar24-08 11:16 AM
11 2,128
If the universe is bounded then there will be an absolute frame of reference. This could be found by summing all...
Apr1-08 12:13 AM
14 2,128
Roger Penrose is reported to have said: And I understand that, in Minkowski space-time, the relative velocity...
Nov29-09 03:01 AM
7 2,128
Maybe an old topic. But if you reflect a light wave, and if the light wave is not coming back in exact the same...
Dec24-11 12:53 PM
15 2,128
In the Einstein tensor equation for general relativity, why are there two terms for curvature: specifically the...
May11-12 02:00 PM
13 2,128
When I first learnt time dilation I was given this equation proven using the light clock example. t = γt' ...
Aug12-13 03:34 PM
34 2,128
So, I was just thinking what if the time dimension was a tiny curled up dimension like one of these supposed extra 8...
Jun26-10 05:46 PM
25 2,127
will the following actions be appropriate g^{\mu\sigma}\frac{dA_{\sigma}}{d\tau}=\frac{dA^{\mu}}{d\tau} Please...
Jun7-11 09:35 AM
24 2,127
There is a classic result by Tolman, Ehrenfest, and Podolsky that in classical GR, the interaction between pencil...
Jul17-11 03:17 PM
18 2,127
Hi, I've red a lot these days about the ladder paradox and I have a question about it, but firste let me quote...
Jun9-13 04:45 AM
24 2,127
i dont understand a problem :confused: if i two photons A & B travel in a straight line but in opposite directions...
Jul12-06 01:32 PM
15 2,125
I ahve always wondered why only the curvature term R_{\mu,\nu} been considered in GR. From differential Geoetry, how...
Feb13-08 04:47 PM
2 2,124
I do not know the details, but I have read that some theories allow backwards time travel using wormholes. Backwards...
Dec9-09 11:56 PM
18 2,124
Hello Forum, if one observer A is at rest, its clock measures proper time. Observer A could look at the clock on a...
Jul5-12 09:43 PM
13 2,124
Are there any resources or texts that treat Minkowski geometry in a purely coordinate-free way?
Sep16-12 09:46 PM
15 2,124
I'd like someone to confirm whether I am on the right track here. Most formulations of the twin paradox involve a...
Jun2-13 01:54 AM
40 2,124
under which conditions we could say that the same experiment is performed in different inertial reference frames. I...
Jul13-06 08:28 AM
5 2,123
What will gyro alignment be if ? Establish a free spinning spherical gyro similar to a GPB gyro; but designed to...
Oct17-06 11:18 AM
6 2,123
How many numbers does it take to describe a point in space in GR?
Jan18-10 06:32 PM
10 2,123
I'm a high school chem and physics teacher, participating in a recreational online chem course hosted by MIT. One...
May20-14 01:39 AM
91 2,123
This is probably a repeat question from somone somewhere, but here goes. Please fill in the blanks. I don't need a...
Jul30-09 04:14 PM
22 2,122
This is another version of bell’s spaceship paradox. Consider two spaceships A & A’ separated by a distance L, and...
Oct3-13 09:18 PM
12 2,122
Hi all, I just recently introduced myself to SR theory, and now I'm a bit stuck already (probably like most...
Dec9-07 01:58 AM
5 2,121
Am I right in saying that exotic matter or energy is responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe? If...
Dec13-07 03:25 PM
2 2,121
In physics questions, objects are shown to travel at relativistic speeds, like 0.6c or 0.8c. This is all hypothetical,...
Apr21-09 01:53 PM
7 2,121
I have encountered a difficulty which arises from my attempt to combine non collinear Lorentz transformations in...
Jul12-14 09:46 AM
12 2,121
I`ve read that the universes expansion is accelerating. To explain this we have introduced concept of Dark matter and...
Oct28-09 03:10 AM
4 2,120
Probably there's a simple answer for the following question. What prevents a neutral particle falling into a black...
Apr6-10 09:57 AM
18 2,120
I worked through a simple twin paradox problem, and I think I have the correct solution. However, I wanted to confirm...
May18-12 01:45 AM
14 2,120
From what I understand of GR, time dilates due to the gravity of massive bodies. I like to think of it as the three...
Dec25-09 03:00 PM
4 2,119
As you will see this is my first post so I apologize if I have chosen the wrong sub-forum. My academic training...
Feb26-12 10:10 AM
8 2,119
So i was considering minkowski space which is a 4-d manifold, why is that we use the tangent and cotangent space, to...
Mar19-12 10:01 PM
13 2,119
Ok. There are some concepts here that I am having trouble reconciling. I would first like to "stipulate" that for...
Mar14-08 07:12 AM
9 2,118
In the following article ...
Jul24-11 09:45 PM
9 2,118
Hi, I've been listening to a Professor Jim Al-Khalil's scipod on time travel. I think this guy is bloody...
Nov17-11 06:10 AM
9 2,118
What is the simplest derivation of the transformation rules for Maxwell's equations in special relativity? I'm...
Apr5-14 02:14 AM
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