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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,496
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,122
Hi, I'm interested in what people think of Dennis Sciama's 1953 paper on the origin of inertia in which he shows...
Feb2-12 05:11 PM
5 2,083
Two individuals A and B are traveling through space at a velocity in the "x" direction at and are next to each other...
Mar28-12 04:56 PM
17 2,083
Hi, I am doing exercises regarding relativity. I know how to calculate relative speed in one dimension, but I have...
Aug13-04 06:25 PM
11 2,082
Please help me in the folowing problem: It is well known that the radar echo (police radar) establishes a...
Feb18-07 05:10 AM
12 2,081
I believe the experiment proves nothing and the comeout means nothing the experiment similars to this: in...
Aug19-08 04:30 AM
11 2,081
If two objects, let's say two pool balls (or giant balls of neutronium for that matter), are placed in a closed...
Sep11-08 09:20 PM
21 2,081
Probably there's a simple answer for the following question. What prevents a neutral particle falling into a black...
Apr6-10 09:57 AM
18 2,081
What is the rationale for the sign convention in the space-time 4-vector? How is it related to the sign convention in...
May1-08 08:51 AM
9 2,080
I understand that magnetic force is a relativistic effect of electric force. Is there a force which is the...
Jul3-08 12:30 PM
12 2,080
How many numbers does it take to describe a point in space in GR?
Jan18-10 06:32 PM
10 2,080
There was an old thread but for some reason it is now closed... So I'd have to restate this question: Why does...
Jul10-12 11:10 AM
10 2,080
Okay, I know that sun wont become BH (Black Hole) , and I know about Chandrasekhar limit and...
May18-09 06:25 AM
3 2,079
I have a spacetime which is (I think) AdS_2. The metric is, I'm trying to find...
Dec5-10 04:07 PM
9 2,079
when we say "a topological action", do we only mean that the action is metric free? or is there some other meaning for...
Jan19-11 04:46 PM
2 2,079
these should be some very easily answered questions. how does anyone know photons exist? im guessing they can be...
Mar31-12 12:51 AM
8 2,079
Why the six generator of the restrict lorentz group are the three rotation's generator(angular momentum) and the three...
Dec8-08 03:14 AM
3 2,078
Ok so im just a layman that reads too much and understands too little, but I was hoping someone could help me out with...
Dec28-09 06:33 PM
0 2,078
Greetings, I was watching a video lecture by Alex Filipenko of Berkeley's Astronomy Dept. and I was shocked to hear...
Mar14-06 02:03 PM
13 2,077
The solution of Einstein's field equations for a simple black hole show a slowing of time as you get close to the...
Feb27-14 11:44 AM
37 2,077
In the equation x = vt it is generally accepted that x and v are vectors and that they have a common eigenvector....
Sep4-13 06:37 PM
21 2,077
All right. So, given that the speed of light varies in a gravitational field, Why, then, does the Michelson-Morley...
Jun10-04 07:00 PM
21 2,076
How/why does a superconductor amplify the effects of gravitomagnetism? It must have something to do with a coherent...
Sep11-07 09:55 PM
9 2,076
I have re-written this as as I accidently deleted my original post. I was wondering if the relativistic Doppler shift...
Mar17-12 04:03 PM
4 2,076
If I understand correctly, an object with mass can't reach the speed of light because at the speed of light it would...
Jul7-12 09:32 PM
13 2,076
Some say that the reason Einstein developed the GR is because he wanted to avoid the spooky "action at a distance,"...
Sep7-06 10:50 AM
10 2,075
I have recently read a paper written by H.A. Lorentz in wich he repeatedly referred to an "ether"... what seems...
Jun9-06 02:36 AM
Hans de Vries
12 2,075
Problem 17.3 in the "problem book in relativity and gravitation" states: "Show that once a rocket ship crosses the...
Sep23-11 12:13 AM
20 2,075
I was reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene and I wanted to see how to do one of his examples with math. Here's...
Jul22-10 12:41 PM
14 2,075
In the following article ...
Jul24-11 09:45 PM
9 2,075
Maybe an old topic. But if you reflect a light wave, and if the light wave is not coming back in exact the same...
Dec24-11 12:53 PM
15 2,075
If Einstein's relativity tells us that movement is relative to the observer, and if temperature is determined in the...
Oct20-12 03:09 PM
18 2,075
In another thread dextercioby posted the comment I want to address this interesting comment here so as not to divert...
Dec20-04 05:01 AM
15 2,074
Suppose we have an observer at a large distance from the event horizon of a black hole, pouring matter towards the BH...
Dec8-05 01:16 PM
6 2,074
Hi All, I was recently trying to understand the Special Theory of Relativity and my understanding of the resolution...
Jan9-08 04:34 PM
5 2,074
will the following actions be appropriate g^{\mu\sigma}\frac{dA_{\sigma}}{d\tau}=\frac{dA^{\mu}}{d\tau} Please...
Jun7-11 09:35 AM
24 2,074
Time invariance implies conservation of energy. Space invariance implies momentum convervation. What convervation...
Nov1-07 04:07 PM
9 2,073
Where can I found an expressionfor the shear stress tensor in GR with some explanation about it? Thanks blue
Sep13-05 01:43 PM
4 2,073
Where is the horizon of the AdS space? What's the relationship between AdS space and black hole? Is there any...
Nov29-06 12:12 PM
Chris Hillman
1 2,073
Hello, does anybody know a proof of the equivalence (or differences) between the "total mass" integral \int T_munu...
Oct29-07 06:16 AM
6 2,073
In the section shown here ...
Apr24-10 07:55 PM
18 2,072

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