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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,687
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,328
Sorry if you have already covered this subject. Is it possible to apply the formula F = -GMm/R^2 for a relativistic...
Dec17-06 01:58 PM
4 1,682
Suppose mass A is at rest and soon to be accelerated ( pushed ). Mass A can not be accelerated all at once because...
Mar20-07 07:46 PM
12 1,682
An astronuat in a nuclear ship accelerates away from earth and gets very near the speed of light, .99999% in fact. ...
Apr7-08 11:27 AM
9 1,682
if the time and distance between 2 events for observer A are t and d then what is the time and distance between those...
Sep21-08 12:43 AM
8 1,682
Dear fellow relativiters, I never fully got how to get from the field equations of Einstein's R_{ \mu \nu} -...
Dec27-12 05:48 AM
12 1,682
Hi everyone, before I post I apologize for my bad English! I am not a physicist but I am interested in this stuff...
Nov2-13 04:20 PM
20 1,682
Let's say there are two objects of the same mass. One of the is moving, the other not. Now let's look at both of them...
Dec10-03 05:05 PM
6 1,681
I've read that in GR, gravity isn't considered to be a force, or that it's considered to be a fictitious force because...
Sep13-07 02:08 AM
5 1,681
Einstein v. Wheeler's Black Holes John Wheeler who died earlier this month (13 April) not only coined the term ...
Apr25-08 05:32 AM
3 1,681
Before people start bashing me for not reading up on other threads, I did try and perhaps I am not physics-savvy...
Oct30-13 10:43 PM
20 1,681
Imagine for a moment a closed system. All that exists in this system is two like-charged bodies which would have the...
Jun19-07 11:32 AM
7 1,680
After mulling over special relativity for a while, I have come to some conclusions that seem correct, but I don't know...
Nov11-07 05:05 AM
5 1,680
It occurred to me that, as far as calculating the position or movement of objects a reference frame can be rotational,...
Feb8-08 03:45 PM
3 1,680
Are there other observations for the bending of light apart from Eddington 1919...i want to know that whether bending...
Mar29-08 11:19 AM
7 1,680
I have a cube with a spectrometer at the center of each face. In the center of the cube is an exited glob of hydrogen....
Jun20-08 08:12 AM
13 1,680
...time dilation and length contraction would mean that I could travel the entire 'breadth' of the universe in zero...
Sep10-08 11:52 AM
21 1,680
Hi, I am a bit confused about a certain aspect of Special Relativity and I am hoping someone can clear this up for...
Oct23-08 07:11 PM
9 1,680
Was just thinking about this earlier today. Digging through a couple books, I haven't found an obvious statement one...
Dec13-08 11:25 PM
25 1,680
If light travels at constant velocity c in vacuum and constantly relative to any inertial reference body, then does...
Apr15-10 05:46 PM
13 1,680
two identical ships launch on parallel paths r distance apart. the are completely alone ]. once they reach some...
Apr4-11 11:46 PM
9 1,680
As I've just recently started studying relativity, I need some help with these basic concepts. So this thread is...
Jun9-13 09:30 AM
17 1,680
Hi All, Probably some of you have seen papers relating Woodward research of the origin of Gravity and Mach's...
Feb23-04 05:58 AM
6 1,679
In all descriptions of the Michelson Morley experiment I know of, the two arms of the interferometer are at right...
Jul8-07 06:40 AM
country boy
3 1,679
Can anyone tell me whether Wien's law of displacement is valid in Relativistic frame?? Any help would be greatly...
Sep14-08 10:47 PM
2 1,679
Hi, I've heard it said that for Schwarzschild spacetimes, then the coordinate 'r' is an affine parameter for radial...
Feb6-11 04:07 AM
8 1,679
if light hits a mirror at a 90 degree angle, wouldn't it HAVE to travel slower than the speed of light when it hit the...
Nov21-11 11:03 PM
5 1,679
Does the relative motion of a thing slow down the relative motion of a thing? Hope that makes sense or you can work...
Jan18-12 08:53 PM
10 1,679
Dear all, It is known that the recent ICARUS finding was in agreement with Einsteinís Special Relativity Theory...
Jun4-12 02:00 PM
Mark M
2 1,679
I understand that the speed of light can be slowed down when it passes through different mediums. I also understand...
Dec22-13 08:26 PM
24 1,679
Hey everyone, (First off, this is not a HW question, but I can move it there if you are unhappy about my...
Jan15-09 05:00 PM
0 1,678
I'm trying to use the equations on this page and I have solved the following. Is it correct? ...
Aug4-11 03:54 AM
1 1,678
:confused: Some papers say that Palatini Formalism still works if the frame variables e^i_a is not an isomorphism...
Apr5-06 12:20 AM
4 1,677
What is the approximate fractional difference in time measured between a quartz watch crystal resonating either...
Mar10-07 12:25 PM
3 1,677
This is a thought experiment that best depicts my issue in understanding special relativity, particularly the...
Jul31-10 09:53 PM
20 1,677
ok, if when we look at a planet that is say 100000 light years away, and we can see it emitting light, and that light...
Nov27-11 04:28 PM
14 1,677
I had 1 year ago a little discussion with DaleSpam about the short Lorentz derivation (triangle) if a photon alone...
Apr16-13 06:38 PM
16 1,677
Popular Science has been running an article about Sonny White, a prominent engineer at NASA's JSC. White has been...
Apr6-13 06:46 AM
14 1,677
I've just been thinking (prolly a bad idea): Lorentzian metrics aren't actually metrics at all are they? Infact...
Nov16-04 02:03 PM
5 1,676
Are there any experiments which test special relativity? I know of the KennedyĖThorndike experiment, but it involves...
Nov19-06 04:44 AM
4 1,676
Trying to see the logic in deriving length contraction and time dilation using the Lorentz transformations and inverse...
Apr5-14 02:15 PM
43 1,676

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