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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,480
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,138
I have a question concerning the treatment of black holes in General Relativity. As I understand it, the force of...
Dec8-03 09:48 AM
9 1,717
From the lights point of reference is it traveling infinitly fast? is it's travel instantaneous?
Dec17-05 05:06 PM
6 1,717
Hallo. A question about the relationship between the formulas found using the Lorentz transform and the invariance of...
Sep19-10 08:37 AM
4 1,717
Hi everyone, I am looking into relativity as preparation for university and I was wondering if anyone could help me...
Aug13-11 07:01 AM
4 1,717
I have been doing searches on the relativity of time and its relation to the "age of the universe," among other...
Dec7-11 08:03 AM
5 1,717
Say we have 2 bodies of m1 , m2 . The distance between them is a) r1 Ma=m1+m2 b) r2>r1 Mb=m1 +m2 In...
Sep14-07 09:37 PM
2 1,716
I have recently attempted quantifying relativity of simultaneity and I was wondering if my attempt has been...
Jul12-12 03:31 AM
13 1,716
Hi, I've heard it said that for Schwarzschild spacetimes, then the coordinate 'r' is an affine parameter for radial...
Feb6-11 04:07 AM
8 1,716
Hi. I'm reading some quantum field theory and I'm a bit rusty in my relativistic kinematics. I stumbled across the...
Oct22-12 05:36 AM
15 1,716
If someone leaves on a spaceship from Earth at near the speed of light, the clock on the spaceship will appear be...
Dec12-03 09:58 AM
3 1,715
i know those type of question are posted every day but it is short: one twin is on a spaceship and the other on a...
Jul19-06 07:09 PM
16 1,715
I am having problems with this presentation of the train thought experiment. I actually think it's incorrect, but I'm...
May2-10 11:54 AM
2 1,715
Suppose I hold a pencil by its tip and turn it around 20, around the axis which goes through the pencil's length. The...
Nov3-10 09:12 AM
16 1,715
We say that the uniformly accelerated motion x=gtt/2 is not a relativistic motion because after a sufficiently long...
Aug7-06 03:02 PM
2 1,714
I was wondering if anyone had an explicit form of the hamilton-jacobi equations for GR. I had a little attempt myself...
Jan29-08 11:16 PM
1 1,714
Einstein v. Wheeler's Black Holes John Wheeler who died earlier this month (13 April) not only coined the term ...
Apr25-08 05:32 AM
3 1,714
When you are in a box it is difficult to know the difference between if the box is accelerating in space or you are...
Feb22-10 09:10 PM
18 1,714
The example given is as follows : we have 3 space ships(numbered from left to right) placed in space moving at...
Jul15-14 01:37 AM
7 1,714
The gravitational force is zero at the center of a planet, but the GPE is at a peak minimum (most negative). What...
Apr7-09 10:21 AM
4 1,713
Hi there, Physics lovers!! I've got some questions for you!! Denoting by (1)...
Apr21-11 01:37 AM
MManuel Abad
2 1,713
Is several other threads some arguments depend on what circumstances angular momentum is conserved in relativity and...
Sep15-13 10:53 PM
17 1,713
Hello, I just finished reading special theory of relativity written by Albert Einstein himself. Even though I...
Aug5-04 08:07 PM
7 1,712
This time I am asking for help on a problem. I think I have an answer for problem 23, part (a), but I would like...
Oct22-05 09:48 PM
6 1,712
Here's the paper I'm talking about It's times like this I...
Jan14-08 09:28 PM
2 1,712
Hello All I'm new to the forum and have a question. I was looking at the time dilation function and noticed that...
Aug11-11 05:14 PM
9 1,712
two identical ships launch on parallel paths r distance apart. the are completely alone ]. once they reach some...
Apr4-11 11:46 PM
9 1,710
The subject of time dilations has always fascinated me. Sometimes the thought experiments can get confusing but there...
Nov10-11 08:11 PM
4 1,710
"Gravitomagnetism is a widely used term referring specifically to the kinetic effects of gravity, in analogy to the...
Aug10-12 01:47 AM
13 1,710
I've read that in GR, gravity isn't considered to be a force, or that it's considered to be a fictitious force because...
Sep13-07 02:08 AM
5 1,709
if the time and distance between 2 events for observer A are t and d then what is the time and distance between those...
Sep21-08 12:43 AM
8 1,709
Physics books rarely make the distinction between active or passive Lorentz transformations. The usual Lorentz...
Mar22-13 09:39 AM
13 1,709
Can the theory of general relativity be deduced without appealing to the ideas of special relativity? Quantum...
Jul10-04 07:07 AM
2 1,708
Forgive me if I'm being naive or if this has been answered before, but, I was wondering if someone can explain to me...
May2-09 04:02 AM
8 1,708
I was just re-reading some of Hawking's writings, and apparently he is fairly stong supporter of a quantum theory of...
Oct10-09 11:44 AM
Jonathan Scott
11 1,708
Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a very enjoyable holiday season. Currently I'm developing a short film to...
Jan4-10 06:56 PM
15 1,708
I'm trying to use the equations on this page and I have solved the following. Is it correct? ...
Aug4-11 03:54 AM
1 1,708
hi, I understand that Tab,b=0 because the change in density equals the negative divergence, but why do the christoffel...
Aug9-11 01:19 PM
3 1,708
Why is it that when describing time dilation, we say that the object (the thing observed) slows down relative to the...
Dec16-12 06:04 AM
20 1,708
I had 1 year ago a little discussion with DaleSpam about the short Lorentz derivation (triangle) if a photon alone...
Apr16-13 06:38 PM
16 1,708
This is a thought experiment that best depicts my issue in understanding special relativity, particularly the...
Jul31-10 09:53 PM
20 1,707

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