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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
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The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,145
I want to study the Kaluza-Klain's theory about general relativity in 5 dimensions. Could anyone give me some...
Mar16-04 12:09 PM
1 1,041
Hi Friends, I am Alen, doing research about light. I have submitted my thesis which contains few finding about...
Apr24-13 12:46 AM
Simon Bridge
8 1,041
Here is another train and platform example, offered to examine ghwellsjr's view equating what you see with what is...
Jan28-14 02:34 PM
31 1,041
Hello guys! I've been trying to get some intuition for differential forms. I know the formal theory and I know how...
Jul2-14 09:26 AM
2 1,041
There are 2 people, who are twins. One was born on earth, and the other was born in space. Because earth orbits the...
Aug4-05 11:33 AM
8 1,040
hello! days ago I wondered me without finding any answer: if the limit of the speed is c, does exist a limit for...
Aug20-06 02:14 PM
9 1,040
Hagen Kleinert, in his book, Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics, and Financial Markets,...
Dec27-11 10:08 PM
2 1,040
Hi, I have some trouble with Theorem 2.2.1 in Wald's GR book p.15. He derived formula 2.2.5 by using 2.2.4. Here,...
Jun14-12 04:32 AM
1 1,040
Hey guys. I have a question regarding exercise 6.5 in MTW ("Radar Distance Indicator"). The exercise asks the...
Jan4-14 01:12 AM
12 1,040
Okay, everyone, I know that this is sounds like a set-up question. And that's because it is. But please humor me,...
May27-04 11:51 AM
8 1,039
so according to relativity, gravity is rly curves in space time. I imagine this in a 2d context, with a 2d world...
May5-05 08:37 PM
14 1,039
if a ship is going at half the speed of of light (just imagine okay) and there is a light in the center of the ship...
Nov8-05 10:05 PM
7 1,039
Apologies -- I posted this here by mistake, and have re-posted it in the Cosmology forum. I don't know how to delete...
Sep6-06 07:56 AM
0 1,039
I'm trying to follow this proof/derivation in Relativity demystified basically the book is showing transformations and...
Jul26-09 08:03 PM
4 1,039
Question: As an object approaches C and its length contracts, does space-time contract also, causing the a larger...
Mar30-10 03:28 PM
5 1,039
The derivaton I have seen (for a Schwarschild black hole) is this One imagines a mass m attached to a long (well...
May27-10 01:37 AM
2 1,039
Hello, I am newly learning special relativity. I have this particular doubt> Why is light moving along the...
Nov14-11 07:56 PM
3 1,039
Is there an easy way to see this? can it be see via the penrose diagram? does it have anything to do with how when a...
Apr3-12 10:26 PM
George Jones
2 1,039
As per group property, one could make a product of gr members e.g. Lorentz boost (B) and rotation R, as they...
Oct18-12 03:57 AM
10 1,039
Can anyone explain to me what is contravariant and covariant? I just know that they are tensors with specific...
Sep20-05 12:24 AM
2 1,038
This may sound mind numbingly stupid to those who are seasoned in Physics, but how do we know that it is impossible to...
May15-06 03:24 PM
4 1,038
In the 3+1 formulation of GR we have the following basic variables: g_{ij} = \textrm{metric on a spatial surface}...
Nov29-06 06:12 PM
0 1,038
Hi, I'm sorry to have to ask this, but I can't seem to reason this one out by myself at the moment. Given the...
Oct12-11 06:45 PM
Sam Gralla
4 1,038
How can a smooth deformation of a Lorentzian manifold possibly create one or more singularities?
Feb1-07 08:53 PM
2 1,038
We have a light cone Vertical and horizontal axis representing...
Jun17-09 10:58 AM
1 1,038
This extract is from Bridgman, A Sophisticate's Primer of Relativity. 1962 Page 28. Only the last couple of sentences...
Oct24-09 12:00 PM
9 1,038
I understand that energy depends on mass but why multiply it by C˛ and not some other constant ? Several...
Jan28-12 03:59 PM
1 1,038
While explaining how science works in my biology class my biology teacher said that relativity had been proved wrong,...
Dec19-12 03:19 PM
9 1,038
Why doesn't a stationary charge experience a magnetic force? And why does a moving charge produce a magnetic field?...
Sep21-13 02:54 AM
10 1,038
hi everyone. i'm having trouble understanding the concept of proper time in general relativity. suppose we have...
Feb7-14 06:04 PM
31 1,038
the starship enterprise wishes to fly to a distant galaxy 85 light years away. at what speed would it have to travel...
Jan24-05 01:25 AM
3 1,037
Hi, Could you explain me a few things I still don't get about special relativity ? I've been tought a few years...
Jan3-09 12:57 PM
8 1,037
Hi, I hope my questions make sense at all: Is it possible to define a nonlinear Operator such that letting this...
Jun30-09 02:04 PM
0 1,037 And published in a decent peer-review journal, so don't let the title fool you...
Feb26-10 03:23 PM
0 1,037
Hello, this is my first post here and I'm sorry if I say a dumb thing. Something is bothering me for a long time... I...
Aug11-10 08:40 AM
5 1,037
I like to try and derive little things by myself if I think it is manageable. One such thing is the addition of...
Dec15-11 11:58 PM
4 1,037
Imagine Batman has a new hyper speed Batship that is the shape of his circular bat emblem. The ground has convenient...
Apr19-12 10:40 AM
Adel Makram
9 1,037
What do people think of Nikodem Poplawski's proposal that adding torsion to GR (in the form of ECSK gravity) leads to,...
Dec8-12 02:32 PM
3 1,037
The Schwarzschild Solution to Einstein's Field Equations for gravity are said to be exact when outside a spherically...
Sep13-09 04:02 PM
4 1,036
In my cosmology lectures they say that a negative curvature gives an infinite space but I was thinking what about the...
Feb19-10 07:06 AM
George Jones
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