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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,253
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,890
Say we have dust filled universe. At some instant of time this universe has a mass density rho, and it evolves with...
Dec21-09 08:20 PM
George Jones
2 1,029
Hey, I'm stuck on part of the calculation for the compton wavelength. Basically, my notes go: Energy of Electron ...
Feb14-10 03:53 PM
8 1,029
Quick Question(s): Who was it that tried to account for the EM force in terms of spatial curvature; i.e., who tried...
Apr27-10 08:26 PM
12 1,029
Lets say we emit a photon from the ground out towards the sky , and as the photon travels away from earth it gets...
Jul8-10 05:45 PM
12 1,029
so, a bit of confusion here - suppose i have a spaceship that can acheive 0.99999C, and i decide to go to a star that...
Aug2-10 04:22 PM
Doc Al
6 1,029
Why doesn't a stationary charge experience a magnetic force? And why does a moving charge produce a magnetic field?...
Sep21-13 02:54 AM
10 1,029
Trying to understand black holes as much as possible without the difficult math.... I gather that matter - or...
May27-08 04:26 AM
0 1,028
A thought experiment: Say that you and I decide we are going to go into orbit around a black hole. I am brave and you...
Oct5-10 07:58 PM
1 1,028
hi if gravity is a force of attraction ,a natural question arises ,why it can't be repulsive?as there is a great...
Mar19-11 07:55 PM
9 1,028
Hi all. Suppose we have two objects A and B, and suppose we tie a rope R to the objects with the rope R's two edges...
Jun19-11 09:30 PM
5 1,028
I like to try and derive little things by myself if I think it is manageable. One such thing is the addition of...
Dec15-11 11:58 PM
4 1,028
What is E = \frac{m_{0}c^{2}}{1-v^{2}/c^{2}}
Mar21-12 06:54 AM
3 1,028
Dear Friends, Discussion of the Einstein's Special Relativity clock paradox is often complicated by the role of...
Jul4-13 11:50 AM
8 1,028
Okay, I realize that there are difficulties in combining the theory of GR and quantum mechanics, but I thought SR and...
Oct29-06 04:41 PM
2 1,027
Why no FAQ for the Twin Paradox? There are a few topics for which a FAQ would be very useful. I'd suggest that the...
Jun2-09 09:48 AM
2 1,027
The Schwarzschild Solution to Einstein's Field Equations for gravity are said to be exact when outside a spherically...
Sep13-09 04:02 PM
4 1,027
my question is. how did they get the time component of the 4-momentum vector to be energy. i try to derive it to...
Sep15-09 08:07 AM
4 1,027
When an object moves in curved spacetime, how does its angular momentum vector transform? My hunch is that the...
Oct10-10 03:12 PM
2 1,027
hi everyone. i'm having trouble understanding the concept of proper time in general relativity. suppose we have...
Feb7-14 06:04 PM
31 1,027
HI guys first post :cool: I need to show that B^2-E^2/C^2 is invariant under Lorentz transformation (E and B...
Apr30-04 09:31 AM
6 1,026
A thought occurred to me when reading the Encarta article on relativity: Now, it occurs to me that the velocity...
May4-04 08:44 PM
8 1,026
Hey guys, I have no background in physics but have been interested in time dilation for a while and have understood...
Aug12-08 09:15 AM
2 1,026
According to the Biot-Savart Law, the equation for the magnetic field around a charged particle moving with constant...
May5-09 08:51 PM
2 1,026
I've always thought that understanding at a profound level requires real precision in the use of language. I was...
Jan10-10 01:25 PM
0 1,026
In my cosmology lectures they say that a negative curvature gives an infinite space but I was thinking what about the...
Feb19-10 07:06 AM
George Jones
3 1,026
The time dilation formula: \Delta t'=\frac{\Delta t}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v}{c}}} says that the closer you come to the...
Jul15-11 12:58 PM
3 1,026
Hi, I just started reading "The Elegant Universe" as an introduction to physics. Up to this point I thought I...
Aug4-11 10:10 PM
5 1,026
Has any experiments been done equal to this scenerio where the twin leaving earth and seeing earth time dilated.. but...
Dec29-12 11:02 AM
7 1,026
I like simple physical setups to articulate and generate good thought experiments. Setup: Consider a hole cut in a...
Mar18-06 01:45 AM
2 1,025
Does the theory of relativity include angular motion? Say we have one body synchronously orbiting a motionless body....
Sep5-08 06:41 AM
3 1,025
I have just recently began to understand relativity, right now I get time dilation and lenght contraction but I do not...
Jan4-09 11:02 AM
12 1,025
My question is, which photon is the one that first hits the square in the following example If I had a large...
Jan11-10 07:35 PM
5 1,025
Hey guys, i was just wondering what would happen if a person was on a spacecraft traveling at 0.9c was standing on a...
Mar15-11 06:06 AM
6 1,025
i constantly feel that newton was right in measuring the relative velocity.einstein makes use of light which has a...
Aug22-11 02:32 AM
2 1,025
While explaining how science works in my biology class my biology teacher said that relativity had been proved wrong,...
Dec19-12 03:19 PM
9 1,025
Hey ,if we need to calculate time dilation with an accelerating frame of reference,cant we simply use the lorentz...
Jan26-07 11:56 AM
Chris Hillman
4 1,024
If time stops at the speed of light, how does light travel throught space and time? Example: The light from a star...
Feb11-10 05:06 AM
3 1,024
As long as there is any energy/mass at all in our universe, time will always be in a "slowed" state. So, let's say we...
Feb26-11 03:42 AM
9 1,024
I am thinking about train paradox here. The only difference between the passenger and the person waiting at the...
May21-11 11:38 PM
3 1,024 Can someone explain the following statement on page 2 of...
Jan13-12 08:12 AM
2 1,024

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