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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Mar11-14 10:20 AM bcrowell 

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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 37,471
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 37,206
Ok, I'm uneducated in physics and all I know is what I've learned from the internet and a single book "universe in a...
May5-08 10:49 PM
24 3,151
Hi, I hope this is the appropriate forum.. pls move if not. I've been trying to learn how light "speed" found its...
Nov27-11 09:33 AM
31 3,150
If you walk at constant latitude with your arm always sticking towards the North pole, is that parallel transport of...
Jul17-11 04:59 PM
15 3,148
We all know that the geometrical foundations of general relativity follow riemann's geometry and not the euclidean...
Apr12-06 01:02 AM
7 3,146
I was trying to write some "popular science" story on special relativity and explain it to kids a couple of days ago,...
Aug18-10 09:36 PM
26 3,146
posted by MARCUS. if it was only energy density that would be mysterious enough but have you registered that it is,...
Oct6-03 11:21 AM
4 3,144
Really should call it "Big Bounce" instead of Big Bang. Yesterday another paper was posted at the Los Alamos arxiv...
Oct5-03 01:45 PM
12 3,141
The Einstein field equation relates the curvature of space to the distribution of matter, representing the latter with...
Feb9-07 01:20 PM
17 3,139
My direct question is at the bottom of this post, but I thought I would set the scene. Skip the first part if you...
Mar29-04 04:19 PM
10 3,138
Why is light velocity c-v and c+v in Einstein's derivation, On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies (Annalen der...
Mar11-08 05:25 PM
5 3,138
Hi guys, Relativity says (actually, proves) that nothing & absolutely nothing can be faster than light (assuming...
Jul15-04 01:59 PM
31 3,137
Is the speed of light a constant or can it be slowed down or sped up?
Jul12-08 08:42 AM
George Jones
32 3,136
OK, so I know time and space are connected and that as you approach the speed of light that time slows down. They...
Dec14-09 01:43 PM
2 3,136
Nothing can be said about an objects speed in space unless it is compared to the motion of another object. 1. Can...
Feb8-08 10:30 PM
15 3,135
I'm no physicist, but I read that the speed of light is constant from all observers (regardless of relative speed) and...
May20-10 04:46 AM
17 3,135
I do not believe the Special theory of relativity is in correct, however the question did come up in class the other...
Apr21-10 03:40 PM
23 3,133
I read the entry about the Ehrenfest rotating disk paradox on Wikipedia, but the entry does not actually answer my...
Jul31-07 12:27 PM
2 3,131
Many derivations of mercury precession angle per orbit \Delta\Phi, equate this to extra angle per orbit \delta in...
Aug1-08 07:17 AM
1 3,131
Another thought on the equivalency of gravity and acceleration and it's affect on light. If a beam of light was...
Nov26-08 02:55 AM
Jonathan Scott
2 3,131
I just got my first official introduction to relativity in my textbook (I'm equivalent to a high school senior...
Jan5-12 04:43 AM
35 3,130
I need help, please, in understanding two extreme but quite different situations, say 1 and 2 below: 1. Suppose...
Sep16-06 02:49 AM
44 3,126
When I say "SR" in this post, I mean the set of classical and quantum theories of particles and fields in Minkowski...
May20-10 08:31 AM
28 3,124
i read brian greene's book 'the fabric of the cosmos' a long while ago, and i remember being surprised by the notion...
Nov13-11 06:48 PM
3 3,123
How does general relativity predict the expansion of the universe? I know this is probably a very broad question,...
Jan23-06 05:44 AM
18 3,122
First off, I'm curious about the accuracy of this paper: ...
Jun14-11 05:28 AM
2 3,122
Cosnider a universe with only two objects, a planet and a star... From the rest FoR of the Star, the planet appears...
Jan21-12 01:42 PM
18 3,122
I know that folding spacetime is completely possible, and i'm pretty sure that the answer i'm looking for is in...
Jul8-10 07:13 PM
3 3,121
Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum for it. Pls move if not. I've read and heard several times about...
Nov2-11 06:09 AM
30 3,121
Would there be paradoxes arrise if information could pass instantaneously? If there where no limit how fast things can...
Sep29-08 02:45 PM
32 3,119
Does putting the concept of acceleration in SR make it equivalent to GR? I see a lot of sources (including many...
Dec20-12 11:53 AM
49 3,119
Let me apologize in advance for not reading the entire rotating disk thread. I think that the following question is...
Sep20-13 03:13 PM
82 3,119
Hello Gals, I know what a scalar is. I know what a vector is. I know what a linear transformation is. But what...
Jun3-09 10:01 AM
16 3,118
Situation A positive test charge q is moving parallel to a current-carrying wire with velocity v relative to the...
Oct27-07 10:11 AM
3 3,117
There are various explanations for Thomas precession in the literature and I would like to come to a deeper...
Mar20-14 05:20 PM
70 3,115
One term I fully understand yet I have never seen how one actually does the calculation is the local gravity a...
Jul19-11 02:16 PM
11 3,114
This is sort of a long post but I have to explain the following situation in order to ask the question so bare with...
Dec4-06 08:44 AM
17 3,113
My understanding is that as I move, from my FoR all objects and space itself (according to Einstein) contract along...
Mar17-13 02:41 PM
53 3,112
I've heard that if the speed of light were to change there would be no effect on the universe because changing it...
Feb2-08 06:41 PM
22 3,111
Light is energy.Also light has photons as energy carriers.So,if large amount of light is concentrated on a small area...
Jan12-07 04:39 PM
34 3,111
I know that it took approximately 3 minutes for lights to travel from sun to earth. Let say the sun is gone now. Like...
Sep15-07 03:01 PM
21 3,108

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