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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,283
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,915
i dont know if this is the right section for this but here goes my doubt,I read that the rest mass of a photon is...
Apr22-06 05:04 AM
44 3,491
HI, According to GR, gravitation is simply the geometry bending. Does this also apply on Earth? We can stick on...
Jul4-10 08:34 AM
42 3,491
Hello all. First time posting here. I have a basic understanding of special relativity and I have few questions...
Dec20-09 05:01 AM
16 3,489
During discussions in other threads I have been coming to the conclusion that the idea proposed here may be true. ...
Sep21-13 09:11 AM
24 3,488
We have all seen the graphs of space time. The ones that look like a bowling ball pushed into a bed. But what are...
May6-10 02:49 AM
4 3,487
Can anyone tell me the date and the journal of Eddington's original paper that suggested the new coordinate system to...
Jan28-09 05:25 PM
2 3,485
Can anyone point me to a good source using the Schwarzschild metric that gives Einsteins predicted result of the...
Jun20-10 06:55 PM
36 3,482
Hey everyone, I've searched the threads for an answer to my question but came up short. Basically what I want to know...
Jun10-12 06:11 PM
21 3,482
The relative motion and the relative time of any inertial system to another one is in literature available (to me)...
Sep14-08 02:47 AM
46 3,480
Hi all, I have been interested in the Theory of Special Relativity for the past few years, and there is something...
Aug31-10 05:38 PM
6 3,480
We covered SR last semester in Modern Physics I and also covered early Quantum Theory and started Modern Quantum...
Jun21-10 10:25 AM
38 3,479
I would like to create (with everyone's help) a list of experiments etc that support SR and GR. These should be...
Jul2-04 03:05 PM
28 3,477
Hello, I don't understand what is the difference between. e.g. the (1,1)-tensor T_{a}^{b} and T^{b}_{a}, i.e. when...
Feb3-09 09:20 AM
10 3,477
according to the theory nothing is faster than light so if there were a rod very very long(eigth ligth min long) and...
Apr6-08 11:36 PM
36 3,474
I have a problem with relitive motion. If a light source is moving toward me a some high percent of c, the light will...
Aug5-08 09:54 PM
27 3,472
I'm wrapping up 3 weeks on relativity in my freshman calc-based physics course at the community college where I teach....
Nov3-12 10:32 AM
31 3,472
I'm curious about something - What quantities in physics do you think are "defined" quantities, i.e. quantities which...
Dec6-04 07:14 PM
10 3,469
Consider the clocks C(0)(x=0,y=0) ticking and clock C(x,y=0) stopped and fixed to read t=x/c. Source S(0,0) emits a...
Jul21-07 02:50 PM
country boy
18 3,469
I read about Einstein's hole argument and about diffeomorphism. Pasive diffeomorphism is changing of coordinate...
Mar25-12 01:02 PM
13 3,469
I recently read somewhere that speed of light is faster in cesium vapors. It is described as leaving the cesium...
Aug28-10 02:32 PM
5 3,468
i'm toying around with the schwarzschild metric using it to find distances from a star in sphereical coordinates. ...
Dec4-06 10:48 PM
Chris Hillman
15 3,466
In black hole physics and GR, what does the term back reaction means?
Dec30-05 04:00 AM
1 3,465
My limited understanding of relativity tells me that "gravitational forces" are really just due to the curvature of...
May8-06 03:51 AM
16 3,464
This has bothered me for some time. I must be missing something. Photons, being the massless particles that they...
Aug10-07 02:55 PM
6 3,463
As stated in SR, mass of the object increases with its velocity right? Lets assume that all the objects in the...
Jan18-12 04:03 PM
36 3,463
To be more exact, does gravitation have a force similar to the other basic forces: electromagnetic, strong and weak...
Jul7-04 11:56 PM
10 3,462
I understand it is always possible to diagonalize a metric to the form diag at any given point in spacetime...
Nov27-06 11:18 PM
Chris Hillman
4 3,462
Restmass: m_0 = \sqrt{\frac{E^2}{c^4} - \frac{p^2_x}{c^2} - \frac{p^2_y}{c^2} - \frac{p^2_z}{c^2}} Relativistic...
Feb10-10 12:48 AM
22 3,462
Lorentz Transformation says x'=\frac{x-ut}{\sqrt{1-u^2/c^2}} Does its derivative ...
Jun7-04 06:31 AM
1 3,461
I know that it took approximately 3 minutes for lights to travel from sun to earth. Let say the sun is gone now. Like...
Sep15-07 03:01 PM
21 3,461
Hello, My name is Joe and I am a junior in high school. I am taking AP Calculus right now along with a basic physics...
Nov15-07 04:16 PM
18 3,460
i was hoping someone could explain why light speed even enters the e=mc2 equation. energy equals mass times the speed...
Mar24-04 10:37 AM
4 3,459
There is some discussion about the expansion "of space" in a thread that actually belongs to a different topic so I...
Mar1-04 09:15 PM
27 3,457
Is it possible for anything in the universe to have absolute zero velocity? I'm not talking about Zero Velocity in...
Nov11-11 08:36 PM
24 3,453
The time travel cliché of the “Grand Father” paradox is logically flawed and has driven the notion of the multiverse...
Nov13-09 12:20 PM
33 3,453
According to "physics today" ...
May15-12 10:05 AM
17 3,453
Hello all, I am new to the Forum and have no formal Physics training. I have an interest in the subject mainly due...
Oct8-09 06:32 PM
16 3,452
Some introductory texts and most "popular" literature has not kept up with modern conventions and mathematical...
Jan11-04 10:33 PM
30 3,451
Hi, I'm stuggeling trying to understand the physics behind this. I just don't know where to start. Everything I...
May11-05 02:16 AM
36 3,451
I found some interesting task about tachyons: "Spaceship A sends to spaceship B ( distance between A and B is...
Oct13-07 06:54 PM
12 3,450

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