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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,768
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,408
Hi All, It is Experimentally very evident that the speed of light in any any frame of reference is constant. But...
Dec22-03 06:14 AM
75 4,849
with the increase of a body's velocity to the speed of light (v->c) so does the body's mass increase m->infinity....
Dec19-03 10:35 PM
9 2,224
Some introductory texts and most "popular" literature has not kept up with modern conventions and mathematical...
Jan11-04 10:33 PM
30 3,485
Despite some recent studies that indicate the speed of light may have been slowing down, NASA has announced results of...
Dec20-03 02:31 AM
8 3,758
the most recent LV paper I know of was just revised and reposted 18 December 2003...
Dec20-03 04:49 PM
4 1,461
These three appeared this year, present versions are dated April, October, and December 2003 ...
Dec23-03 12:18 PM
10 1,842
I'm reading, General Relativity, by Robert M. Wald. On page 39 he has the following notation: \displaystyle{...
Dec28-03 07:28 AM
5 1,630
I've just gotten around to reading "The Elegant Universe" and it has an explanation of why it is impossible to travel...
Jan8-04 10:11 PM
12 4,106
From the reference point of a photon, at what velocity are the photons around it traveling at? I'm asking it...
Dec27-03 09:25 AM
2 1,599
Greetings, In some discussions about GR, I heard the term "covariance" and covariant form (eg, covariant form of...
Dec29-03 09:03 AM
13 3,083
If the maximum speed was say a 10th what it is, would it have any drastic changes in the universe? I guess there...
Feb3-04 01:51 AM
21 7,352
Gravity is supposed to slow time down. Going fast is supposed to do the same thing. Increasing gravity is the...
Jan12-04 12:19 AM
18 5,288
im not sure if this is some sort of scientific double talk, but to circumvent problems with speed >C, it is now more...
Jan2-04 09:18 PM
6 1,487
What has Wheeler-de-Witt equation got to do with gravity and the problem of time?
Jan14-04 06:01 AM
23 5,519
Hai friends.. We are getting enough data on speed of gravity.But what about the speed of other mechanical...
Jan7-04 08:31 AM
3 1,529
A recent post of slower than normal speed of light brought to mind "what If" light speed was faster. C being a...
Jan1-04 07:29 PM
1 4,561
Does SR work/holdup if something were to travel at multiples, instead of fractions, of c? For example, if you...
Jan2-04 10:09 PM
5 1,647
Recent release, passed through Ned Wright's Cosmology site: ...
Jan9-04 09:06 AM
1 1,586
Lets say you take a 30 gram bullet and fire it out of a barrel that gives the bullet a linear velocity of 86.6% of c ...
Jan19-04 05:30 PM
13 1,627
I would like your opinion regarding an explanation I gave elsewhere. I hold that the explanation below is straight...
Jan19-04 05:46 PM
6 3,776
My physics teacher is having me prove two of Einsteins formulas as a homework assignment. One is his formula for the...
Jan11-04 01:02 PM
0 2,565
I thought the idea was that light should move faster coming towards the Earth than moving away but that it was found...
Jan11-04 07:36 PM
4 1,134
I say NO. If energy can be converted to Mass and Mass can be converted to Energy, then, being a layman, what would...
Jan13-04 09:12 PM
16 4,516
Seems Olaf Dreyer has a number of papers just out! And...
Jan13-04 04:58 PM
0 1,202
In trying to get my head round GR and quantum gravity, I'm puzzled about the following questions: Is the guage...
Jan12-04 08:32 PM
0 1,230
Let's say that we have two planets -- planet A and planet B, 100 Lightyears apart in space. Centered directly between...
Jan15-04 10:25 AM
2 1,465
I am sure this has been addressed many times but, is the speed of light really absolute? If a photon path is indeed...
Jan26-04 10:32 PM
23 6,973
If gravity is "enabled" (for lack of a better word) through the gravitron, how could black holes have a gravitational...
Jan18-04 04:18 AM
3 1,540 a 24 page paper on the "FINE STRUCTURE", concludes that it...
Jan22-04 11:29 AM
13 1,654
The conversion of energy into mass is usually seen in nuclear or atomic binding. We have two particles of mass M,m and...
Jan20-04 10:54 AM
6 4,533
Anyone knows what it is "Relativistic Kinematics"? Please give me some "introduction"," History" " Reference...
Jan19-04 01:43 PM
1 3,982
According to the best current data available to cosmologists today, the universe is not only expanding, but the speed...
Jan22-04 06:40 AM
7 2,332
Sensible comment is invited from those with mathematical training with regard to the content of...
Jan20-04 06:07 PM
0 1,393
regarding my page Einstein vs him self I must admit I was wrong due to an optical illusion reading my primary book. ...
Jan21-04 04:52 AM
1 1,589
A gravitational field condenses space while slowing time. If we look at space and time as comprised of finitely-sized...
Jan25-04 09:41 AM
11 1,651
Distance to star, much little Considering the effects of the relativity theory in terms of the curvation of space, I...
Jan31-04 03:14 PM
4 2,262
Does the expansion of universe dependent on both energy and mass, and does the speed of the expansion change the...
Jan24-04 03:58 PM
1 2,039 Ask most physicists about tachyons, however, and you'll be told...
Jan29-04 06:13 AM
7 2,346
After playing around equations producing velocities greater than C in normal space due to space-time warping i had the...
Feb3-04 05:44 PM
0 1,398 Further data came in supporting z quantisation, but the astronomical...
Jan30-04 07:29 AM
4 1,958

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