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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,711
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,241
What is it that makes a galaxy rotate, is the gas it was formed from rotating?
Jan25-08 04:50 AM
12 2,924
I'm not a big astronomy whiz or anything, nor am I great at math, but I need help. For some reason or other, I...
Jan25-08 06:20 PM
5 1,689
The words neutron degeneracy pressure and electron degeneracy pressure are thrown around a lot when talk of white...
Jan25-08 07:09 PM
7 8,223
Somehow, I find news items such as this one much more interesting to read than those about maps of dark-matter halos...
Jan25-08 09:31 PM
4 2,425
Question: A space shuttle is in an orbit about the Earth. At its apogee, it uses thrusters and increases its...
Jan26-08 02:18 AM
2 6,735
I'm curious as to how a vehicle might change velocity or direction in space? Do virtual particles act as a medium by...
Jan26-08 05:45 AM
1 4,748
When I see a news story about when to see celestial events (in this case an alignment) how much to I have to adjust...
Jan26-08 08:06 AM
1 1,426
I am looking for a table of spectral and luminosity classification that shows the breakdown of spectral classes, mass,...
Jan26-08 04:37 PM
2 2,097
For a known observing location 60degree N, and known altitudes (from horizon, +15degree and +65degree) of some two...
Jan26-08 06:19 PM
0 2,179
I've seen that Mars' apparent magnitude varies between -2.9 and 1.8 and Mercury's from -2.0 and 5.5 (wikipedia said so...
Jan27-08 07:55 PM
2 8,691
Jan28-08 12:47 PM
0 1,730
What exactly is life support? Is it somthing on the shuttle or in their suites? Is it just somthing to recreat the...
Jan28-08 01:02 PM
11 2,654
Consider a de-Sitter universe with exponential expansion (cosmological constant dominated). As explained here: ...
Jan28-08 02:27 PM
10 3,010
It's quite simple Physics to show that the moon landing sites cannot be imaged by Hubble as its angular resolution is...
Jan28-08 05:26 PM
5 2,911
For this to happen there must have been two stars that went super nova in close proximity, if so i find hard to think...
Jan28-08 05:36 PM
8 2,564
This question was recently on a test for our Astronomy Class. I was extremely confused by the question and the logic...
Jan29-08 01:00 PM
4 4,473
I was simply wondering if dark matter is most-likely a Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Plasma.
Jan30-08 10:50 AM
23 4,600
Can anyone explain how to graph Right Ascension and Declination on a globe graph?
Jan30-08 02:32 PM
7 6,044
Recently I read about Analemma on the internet but I cannot visualise their formation depending upon the causative...
Jan31-08 05:55 AM
1 2,958
A given body of knowledge can often be presented in a number of orders. What follows is one order for black hole...
Jan31-08 06:58 AM
5 12,718
I can't find any useful page which explains in detail how to calculate the equivalent resolution of an optical...
Feb1-08 11:37 AM
2 2,391
The maximum mass of a 'naturally existing' cryogenic diamond crystal is equivalent to the Chandrasekhar limit of M_{t}...
Feb2-08 04:09 AM
0 1,843,what makes earth rotate....I believe I'm still in my *discovery*phase(normal for a 15 yrs...
Feb3-08 06:37 PM
55 11,946
Hey guys, I'm working on this n-body planetary system simulation and I was just wondering if anyone was familiar...
Feb4-08 12:56 PM
9 4,996
Not sure where to put this post, care more about whats happening on atomic scaI le so i put it here. I am currently...
Feb4-08 07:53 PM
1 2,236
I am having trouble with one of the problems on my hw. The question is: Because light carries momentum, it creates...
Feb5-08 05:04 AM
George Jones
6 2,192
I am looking for a general approach for a type of problems as follows... Certain circumpolar star has a maximum...
Feb5-08 02:53 PM
4 8,283
so i am building a refractor telescope and i dont know what size to make the tube and what material to use for it? ...
Feb5-08 10:46 PM
1 3,201
"the Moon is falling towards Earth. However, it also has an orbital speed from the momentum gained during its...
Feb6-08 03:42 AM
7 1,800
Ok two questions for all u smart people out there: 1. What is the difference between a pulsar and a brown dwarf?...
Feb6-08 07:45 AM
1 1,322
The costs are huge. However, is it possible not having a huge amount of money?
Feb6-08 01:32 PM
Abbas Sherif
3 2,458
When a supernova occurs is it expected that the gravity wave will reach a point at the same time as the light?
Feb6-08 08:23 PM
3 4,833
... so that there are no seasons and it's spring forever? It would make many species go extinct. But is it...
Feb6-08 09:57 PM
7 4,190
can mankind do like the ISS and launch many sections of a orbital space-dock into the orbit and use these as a...
Feb7-08 02:27 AM
6 3,506
Feb7-08 07:07 AM
0 1,717
Hello, A couple of questions: The distance to the moon is calculated as increasing by 38 millimetres per year by the...
Feb7-08 03:13 PM
John Richard
3 1,474
Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum but I am a budding SciFi authro with many ideas. And I just wanted to...
Feb8-08 08:55 AM
3 2,246
I could not find much info on neutron degenerate matter. Only in reference to neutron stars. ...
Feb8-08 10:52 AM
4 5,127
I have a question that I can't figure out. In the Sun, it takes several hundred thousand years for a photon released...
Feb8-08 04:52 PM
2 1,821
Does a gamma ray ray carry enough information to prove its source?
Feb9-08 03:48 PM
5 1,508

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