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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 113,558
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,044
A thread on this forum Plans for Asteroid Mining has more than 9000 views. From that I conclude that belief that...
Y 07:41 PM
1 164
Folks, I'm struggling to write a monograph that details the potential of a rotating supernova directing a gamma ray...
Y 02:26 PM
2 130
Hello, I was just curious why do all of the planets in the solar system orbit in approximately the same plane? Why...
Y 09:56 AM
25 30,819
Hey! I'm new here and I just wanted to ask a question and maybe I'll come back here once I have started college in a...
Aug18-14 08:59 PM
8 493 LEDA 074886, also known as PGC 74886, is a dwarf galaxy with a rare rectangular shape,...
Aug18-14 08:03 PM
1 161
Hi, quick question for you guys. I was having a discussion the other day with a friend of mine, about whether it was...
Aug18-14 05:02 PM
2 237
Or is it too soon?
Aug18-14 12:07 PM
3 270
I'm rather new here so please forgive me if this is answered somewhere else, but I was unable to find it while...
Aug17-14 08:54 PM
1 233
i had this science project in school on black holes and i came an article stating we live in a black hole theory link...
Aug16-14 09:57 AM
6 656
Or is earth the only world in the inner solar system with caves.
Aug15-14 11:21 PM
7 559
You must have heard the recent news that the first woman ever, Maryam Mirzakhani, just won the Fields Medal. ...
Aug15-14 05:33 AM
Simon Bridge
1 422
What could we learn if we found the second moment of mass for a taurus and use E = mc2 to find second moment of energy?
Aug15-14 04:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 320
I've researched multiple histories of Greek astronomy, and have not found a satisfactory answer to this. When...
Aug14-14 02:56 PM
3 403
Comets have what is called an "induced magnetosphere". Has anyone been able to document polarity in any of the...
Aug14-14 02:14 PM
1 289
Hello All, Padmanabhan's discussion of dynamics mentions that in general the two dimensional harmonic oscillator...
Aug13-14 11:40 PM
2 390
What exactly does it take to figure out the orbital parameters or planets and what's the Math behind it? Can it be...
Aug13-14 11:29 PM
9 603
A star 890,000 light-years away patrols our galactic frontier By Ken Croswell, author of The Alchemy of the Heavens...
Aug12-14 01:41 PM
7 763
I invented my own phrase for a sky gazing experience; "Perfect Full Moon" It is something that I think most people...
Aug12-14 11:07 AM
4 480
I'd like to have two main questions about it. 1. Radiation protection : theoretically, were thick leaded glass...
Aug11-14 03:12 PM
17 859
Disclaimer: I'm not a physicist I've never quite grasped interstellar gas clouds (i.e. the material for new stars)...
Aug9-14 06:20 PM
22 6,964
With this post I am hoping someone would be kind enough to lead me in the right direction. I am a layman who knows...
Aug9-14 02:48 PM
8 655
I could not find a thread about this (and I hope I don't start a duplicate one :smile:). I got a mail from a friend...
Aug7-14 12:30 AM
4 937
These papers, and, make a case for direct detection of...
Aug6-14 10:39 PM
9 1,259
I am currently autodidacting the basics of astrophysics, and I of course came across the term specific intensity. The...
Aug6-14 04:08 AM
12 693
I am using the C library that comes with the book Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus...
Aug5-14 08:00 AM
3 2,461
Can two objects have same world line in Minkowski Space, if they are having same speeds ?
Aug5-14 01:09 AM
Simon Bridge
1 431
Hello. I would like to know. Does matter when heading towards a black hole then crossing the event horizon threshold...
Aug4-14 11:05 PM
3 563
Is it possible to calculate the entire orbit of an interstellar piece of rock that has entered our solar system from...
Aug4-14 10:38 PM
9 1,343
Does anyone have a Matlab file for solving the stellar structure equations that they wouldn't mind passing along? I'm...
Aug4-14 12:28 PM
5 719
Think about this hypothesis: Solar activity changes the distribution of mass on the sun. This change could move the...
Aug3-14 09:28 PM
4 563
As a teacher, I am trying to help students understand the scale of the universe. Using the analogy of sand as...
Aug1-14 11:52 AM
5 1,573
Hello everybody! Extreme interferometers like Ligo, Virgo, Leo600, Tama300 try to detect gravitational waves...
Jul31-14 01:18 AM
2 1,006
Calculating latitude at noon is easy: say I got ##73^o## on 6/20/2014 So, ##90^o-73^o=17^o## then...
Jul30-14 02:54 AM
11 4,561
I have seen some documanters,and I have talk with some people about this issue: "Did human go to Moon ?". Many...
Jul29-14 06:43 AM
2 675
hello, my name is shaad, i was wondering if both theories of spacial destruction (The Big Crunch and The Big Freeze)...
Jul29-14 02:54 AM
4 629
The hot side of Kepler-70b is immensely hot. It orbits a star 21.8 times brighter than the sun at a distance of just...
Jul28-14 08:57 PM
3 726
If Titan's hydrocarbon seas were seeded with tardigrades, would the tardigrades survive and thrive?
Jul28-14 11:14 AM
3 896
Hi fellas, I have taken white dwarf stars as my undergrad thesis choice, so I need some suggestion on good books on...
Jul25-14 01:17 PM
3 983
Hi guys this is my first post! I've been trying to find a plot of the atmospheric transmittance of Venus but I've had...
Jul25-14 11:34 AM
2 1,179
hi, please explain me how to define a luminosity function? what is meant by luminosity interval? and the last one ,...
Jul24-14 09:25 AM
clumps tim
2 891

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