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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 114,292
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,313
I know there are a lot of these questions, but please bear with me, I couldn't really find these precise scenarios...
Aug30-09 11:51 PM
3 1,260
So this is the deal, I'm 17, and I have a passion for science, especially Astrophysics, and I want to major in that...
Aug30-09 02:50 PM
2 804
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the distance between earth and moon and how the other planets and sun interfere in this...
Aug29-09 02:45 PM
2 1,010
This is a question relating to the current observation, and what exactly they mean. According to Lorentz...
Aug29-09 10:25 AM
15 1,804
I was not sure where to put this, but since I am looking for Astronomy related ideas, I thought this would be a good...
Aug28-09 08:12 PM
0 2,025
The "Black Hole" theory has been around for quite a while now and it is amazing that people still talk about it. When...
Aug28-09 11:07 AM
39 5,615
I bet:) no
Aug28-09 12:34 AM
1 1,906
If all the stars, except the sun, went out (stopped burning/giving off heat), would we feel any heat loss? Yes or...
Aug27-09 01:36 PM
4 1,379
Hi Can someone explain why orbits are elliptical and not circular? Does elliptical orbits still follow the rules of...
Aug26-09 05:27 PM
15 7,279
Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first thread! :) I would like to know how I can compute the Cartestian...
Aug25-09 12:47 PM
4 4,215
it is saidf that if you have a mass large enough, the gravity created by that mass is enough to warp space. Now people...
Aug25-09 08:23 AM
7 6,023
When was the speed of light discovered? And what steps did he/she take to figure out what it was?
Aug24-09 10:51 PM
3 1,252
So I took my telescope out last night and got to actually, really see Jupiter for the first time and it was amazing!...
Aug24-09 05:49 PM
8 7,477
I'm a science fiction writer, as yet unpublished. I really like to try to get as much of the science right as I can. ...
Aug24-09 05:46 PM
3 1,932
Hi, For a research paper I'm in the process of writing, I need the list of all the radio pulsars located in the Large...
Aug24-09 01:12 PM
0 1,613
I've recently been pondering the following thought experiment: Assume that the Earth was to gain a large amount of...
Aug24-09 02:26 AM
2 1,891
Hello. This may seem like a somewhat trivial question and may be placed in the wrong subforum (sorry if it is), but...
Aug24-09 02:24 AM
1 1,437
In a question is says that Brightness = Luminosity/4πr₂ (for a star). Procyon = 7L☉ and 11.41 light years as...
Aug22-09 09:52 PM
5 7,593
I was reading in a Scientific American an article called: "Misconceptions about the Big Bang" By Charles H. Lineweaver...
Aug22-09 03:15 PM
9 2,662
Hi All A puzzle of the very distant future. Imagine a brown dwarf, about 0.02 solar masses and 0.1 solar radii....
Aug22-09 04:49 AM
2 1,335
newtons universal constant is very complicated due to that i am new to modern earth science i searched on the net and...
Aug21-09 05:43 PM
2 982
The Saturn V rocket for the Apollo missions had rocket reignition at stage 3 to boost speed from 28,160 km/h to...
Aug21-09 03:21 PM
2 7,138
If you were using a single radio telescope (not an interferometer) how could you tell whether a radio source was a...
Aug20-09 04:38 PM
1 3,682
I have found some papers about strange observations in the earth gravity during total solar eclipses. There is a very...
Aug20-09 09:57 AM
1 1,784
OK, I've been wondering, what's the significance of saying "speed of light in a vaccum" if lightspeed is a constant....
Aug20-09 02:54 AM
4 3,112
I saw some green lasers on dealextreme recently, they have units that go up to 200 mW:...
Aug19-09 09:22 PM
36 4,458
How efficient are the current auto-star systems?
Aug19-09 05:59 PM
6 1,479
if a star collapses in its all sides simultaneously, why it become a flat disk later? (as if it crunches to the...
Aug19-09 05:05 PM
meni ohana
6 1,851
I apologize i do not know if this question makes practical sense i am only a person interested in physics, Is it...
Aug19-09 01:56 PM
3 1,418
I've been searching for hours and I've found nothing more than "because of the earth's revolution around the sun", so...
Aug18-09 08:46 PM
15 4,078
One of the outstanding questions I have in physics relates to scaling relations. Say you're presented with a...
Aug18-09 04:07 PM
0 896
I have never owned a telescope before (only 20x80 binoculars) and I am looking to buy one now. I have 600 dollars to...
Aug17-09 05:56 PM
7 1,610
Are there any alternative theories/explanations of why light from distant galaxies is redshifted by an amount...
Aug16-09 01:30 PM
5 1,887
Black holes, Time technically stops after the event horizon correct? So, Let's say, We had a string.. That cannot be...
Aug16-09 12:41 PM
1 826
Bigger stars are significantly brighter. That pushes back their Habitable Zones (HZs), where D2 ~ L, which makes them...
Aug15-09 05:38 PM
41 6,872
I have heard that a significant coronal mass ejection or solar storm can knock out the power grid. Can such an event...
Aug14-09 10:50 AM
4 1,861
Hi, in a lecture I was told that the cooling of neutron stars cannot happen via the 'direct' Urca process (beta...
Aug14-09 01:39 AM
5 2,354
My astronomy book tried saying that the moon is spinning into outer space, away from earth,; it was blamed on tidal...
Aug13-09 09:46 PM
42 21,582
Hello PF readers, I've got trouble in finding neat examples of spectra of various stellar objects including...
Aug13-09 05:11 AM
1 936
12 August 2009 My question relates to the search for antimatter in the cosmic space. As far as many laymen know,...
Aug12-09 04:41 PM
2 1,135

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