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General Astronomy

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Astrophotography and amateur astronomy are welcome!
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astrophotography, photos Sticky Thread Pinned: Astrophotography photos ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Looking for advice? Willing to share your expertise with other PF members? Brave enough to share & discuss your...
Apr22-14 01:42 PM
502 147,592
Hi everyone Use this topic for posts about ongoing/upcoming stargazing events (e.g., comets, eclipses,...
Apr14-14 07:08 AM
282 104,972
We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be...
Apr9-14 07:52 AM
234 81,162
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Apr10-13 11:08 AM
139 89,339
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 38,733
Four away from the brightest, five away from the dimmest, Turning and Turning around one sphere, Four away from...
Jul14-04 04:52 PM
13 2,315
Do dark energy models explain anything about the expansionary phase after the Big Bang? Maybe matter wasn't formed...
Jul14-04 02:05 PM
1 1,967
Okay.. this is just an idea out of the blue sky, but.. what if we (the universe) is going through reversal right now?...
Jul13-04 07:42 PM
10 1,570
Juz in addition to the previous thread... Ever thought that the universe is actually form from a very gigantic star...
Jul13-04 02:06 PM
8 1,577
These questions just popped into my mind and I was wonder what celestial objects are your favorates. So here are the...
Jul13-04 01:54 PM
15 2,379
The stars always have smaller mass than the mass of the black hole that emerges out of their explosion. How come?...
Jul12-04 12:46 PM
4 1,953 Im not sure if an event horizon has actually been...
Jul12-04 11:43 AM
18 2,537
There is a news column in Science that talks about soon-to-be-published results from the group at LUNA in Italy. ...
Jul10-04 07:38 PM
22 2,019
earth's magnetic field is produced by what?
Jul10-04 05:31 PM
1 1,763
All other issues aside, a mathemetician who is asked to explain cosmological redshift (more distant objects regularly...
Jul10-04 01:03 PM
46 5,041
Hello, the radiation belts consist of electrons and protons that are trapped in a doughnut-shaped region centered...
Jul9-04 05:27 PM
1 1,628
The planets in the solar system are almost complanary. I wonder why? I know it has something to do with their common...
Jul8-04 05:33 PM
6 1,230
At this and other PF forums people have several times been referring to the very precise test of General Relativity...
Jul7-04 08:09 PM
0 1,064
hey, i was reading about "variable light speed" theories by Joo Magueijo and John Moffat ...
Jul7-04 07:14 PM
20 1,833
In my other thread I learned that gravitation red-shift does exists. Now I'm thinking of an explaination of why most...
Jul7-04 07:07 PM
36 3,606
As I mentioned in another thread (relative to PG 1012+008), it is common for mainstream astronomers to treat...
Jul7-04 03:34 PM
0 1,219
produced by the earth affects or interference the communication system?
Jul7-04 09:42 AM
3 1,375
hi... Juz curious... when does the gravitational pull of earth starts? eg: Let's say a comet/ a space rock...
Jul7-04 07:18 AM
3 1,660
Was wondering how they steered cassini through saturns rings, on that note how do they know where these probes are at...
Jul7-04 12:08 AM
bozo the clown
3 1,133
Can some one explain to me how did the moon started rotating around the earth, especially, assuming that the moon's...
Jul6-04 11:07 PM
11 1,353
Does anyone know anything about a tenth planet (a planet that orbits outside of pluto's and neptune's orbits) that was...
Jul6-04 01:16 PM
6 1,201
From; A...
Jul6-04 12:22 PM
9 2,021
Mission to Saturn: International effort to explore Saturn, Titan NASA, the European Space Agancy and Italy's space...
Jul6-04 12:21 PM
4 2,059
Why can't we see Venus at night but at dawn and dusk?
Jul6-04 12:01 PM
1 1,812
What do you do when you lose a Lander? Simple, launch another TWO! Huh????????????? And why on Earth would anyone...
Jul6-04 08:15 AM
2 1,473
Do polarization cross-sections from opposite microwave background n-poles disobey the Bell inequality?
Jul6-04 03:33 AM
1 1,232
WMAP has conclusively proven an expanding universe. anyone care argue?
Jul5-04 08:20 PM
7 1,750
As the universe expands and disperses, there is less of a gravitational well for photons to climb out of before they...
Jul5-04 09:07 AM
Dark Knight
9 2,245
Why must geostationary orbit at the equatorial plane?
Jul4-04 07:55 AM
2 1,533
what do you people think? I dont think we ever did.
Jul2-04 07:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,395
Jun30-04 04:06 AM
10 1,338
Recently I read that Universe is 156 Billion Light Years in size. Even if every thing moves at speed of light, a 13...
Jun29-04 03:01 PM
28 2,502
Honeysuckle Creek 35th Apollo Anniversary Question: Who received the first images of Men walking on the Moon?...
Jun29-04 12:21 AM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
0 1,390
Can anyone tell me how to locate HST images? There is a picture of NGC7603 on this web site. ...
Jun28-04 10:54 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
5 1,578 "All the pieces add up to 78 billion-light-years....
Jun28-04 06:56 PM
22 6,045
What is topological defects in cosmology? Is this a current field of research and what are their progresses?
Jun28-04 05:19 PM
1 1,394
Very interesting.
Jun27-04 05:44 AM
The Bob
21 4,236
Here is a current paper: the authors can only be described as the...
Jun26-04 05:35 PM
1 1,464
Are there any pictures of other sun's, like ours, in space?
Jun25-04 03:00 PM
2 3,062
I'm sure this question is elementary for most of you, but I want to make sure I'm on the same page as everyone else. ...
Jun25-04 08:56 AM
5 6,235

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