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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 111,280
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 44,410
I guess this is a relatively simple question, but depending on the answer can have complex follow-up questions. So...
Aug12-09 07:49 AM
8 1,612
I am intriqued by a recent series of three papers on black holes: Title:...
Aug12-09 04:45 AM
9 3,177
All right, I know I'll make an azz of myself with all the big brains around but I have to know. (My physics knowledge...
Aug11-09 04:40 PM
3 915
Could a black hole actually be either one of two things: a worm hole that leads to another universe or could a black...
Aug11-09 12:22 PM
6 1,005
the sound of spinning black holes in case your wondering where i got this from,well,here it is
Aug11-09 01:17 AM
9 3,326
Hi! I'm pretty much a pop science guy so I can't say I know much about the underlying math or physics, but after...
Aug10-09 11:44 PM
7 3,053
I have a silly question: what do people understand by "the atmosphere of a gas giant" ? Isn't most of the planet...
Aug10-09 06:26 PM
2 1,668
Lammerzahl, Preuss & Dittus' paper Is the physics within the Solar system really understood? claims that the following...
Aug9-09 05:28 PM
7 2,348
Hi all, I'm working on a problem where I have to find the time it takes for a planet to form from a protoplanetary...
Aug9-09 02:43 PM
2 1,252
I saw on t.v. that the moon's distance to earth as measured by lasers reflecting off of the mirrors left on the moon...
Aug8-09 12:36 PM
Bob S
6 1,467
Is it true? I've heard this news couple years ago: Not for the short distances but during long distance travels light...
Aug7-09 10:25 PM
1 954
We know our sun will eventually become a read giant, and go nova. Is anything expected to survive? The expected...
Aug7-09 05:17 AM
11 3,588
Could there be objects between Mercury and the Sun? Like, say, asteroids?
Aug7-09 01:18 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,560
I was wondering about the light emitted by one of these neutron stars. To my limited knowledge, neutron stars are...
Aug6-09 07:23 PM
4 1,053
If I was stationary on the Moon looking at Earth, would it never appear to move from its location in the sky? I made a...
Aug6-09 04:52 PM
6 1,675
Aug5-09 10:58 PM
21 2,052
How do all of these space telescopes work with frequencies other than visible light? For example, the Spitzer...
Aug5-09 08:12 PM
4 4,102
Is there an upper limit to the density of a planet's core?
Aug5-09 05:49 AM
8 1,782
If asteroid belt objects are in part iron, is this then consistent with such differentiated pieces being solidified...
Aug5-09 05:38 AM
2 1,858
What happens if two blackholes of identical mass collide, but one is anti-matter and the other is regular matter? ...
Aug4-09 08:11 PM
6 5,475
Hi! In this problem I have to calculate the distance to a cefeide star, I know visual magnitude, m_{v}, his magnitude...
Aug4-09 06:25 AM
3 4,484
if light cannot escape a black hole then how do they emit stuff called hawking radiation.
Aug3-09 05:35 PM
7 1,695
i dont know much about the subject but since ive gotten intrested in it there is something that has been on my my...
Aug3-09 04:59 PM
3 1,257 It is losing height...
Aug3-09 01:28 PM
Count Iblis
5 3,285
This website gives a break down of the ten most abundant elements from spectrum analysis of the sun ...
Aug1-09 02:16 AM
2 3,480
As I understand things, the following are true: The further away in space we observe, the further back in time we...
Jul30-09 09:50 PM
2 1,239
In the usual summer spate of disaster movies, I noted a new twist. An extraterrestrial disaster from a super solar...
Jul29-09 08:25 PM
4 1,970
Hi everyone, I'm new here, I have just discovered this forum and I think it will be very useful! First of all I...
Jul29-09 06:11 AM
10 6,273
Not sure if this subject belongs in Astrophysics, or Cosmology, or even Quantum Mechanics, or somewhere else! It is...
Jul28-09 09:29 PM
33 3,193
Hello, Sorry if this is not the right place but I'm trying to find this for days now... I'm trying to find a...
Jul28-09 07:01 PM
8 4,015
I noticed on Modern Marvels that they mentioned sometihng about hte first satellite put up for broadcast TV...
Jul28-09 02:48 PM
4 2,019
we are living in this milky way galaxy which got separated from bigbang ,the separation would not have taken place in...
Jul28-09 04:04 AM
2 1,382
Is it generally true that the further away a galaxy is (and more red-shifted), the more it tends to contain lower...
Jul28-09 03:36 AM
3 2,069
I never knew this before today but apparently NASA decided not to save Hubble because of the Columbia incident? ...
Jul28-09 03:25 AM
19 2,510
I've been studying up on physics, and a question occured to me. According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster...
Jul26-09 04:36 PM
12 2,031
I don't get it...even Guth from MIT who is one of the pioneers of the big bang concept says that "we know that...
Jul24-09 11:37 PM
7 2,442
The 'measurement' of the radial expansion of the moon's orbit is 3.8 cm/yr...
Jul24-09 04:27 PM
14 4,497
When sun puts more gravitational force(numerical values) on moon than earth, then why moon does not revolve around the...
Jul24-09 11:55 AM
2 1,052
I don't know if this is in the right forum but i was wondering what is time? Does it have any relativity to the things...
Jul24-09 10:15 AM
3 855
Does this even make sense? Just how immense would that be?
Jul23-09 08:57 PM
3 1,925

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