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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 111,308
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 44,413
it takes many years to see the change of arms of a galaxy. so how was the rotation of arms measured?
Nov8-11 10:50 AM
4 1,732
Hey guys, just wondering really how feasible you think Nemesis theory is? For those of you not familiar with it; ...
Nov7-11 03:12 PM
5 2,955
Hi, I have a question/doubt/general-lack-of-understanding here: I have a simulated solar system here, with...
Nov7-11 10:45 AM
7 2,124
Hi everyone, i'm looking for a website that can show me how the solar system was in place the minute i was born....
Nov7-11 03:51 AM
11 4,247
as mass is converted to energy in stars, is universe losing total mass?
Nov7-11 03:13 AM
1 2,084
I would be thankful to you, if you tell me which book do you consider to be best, on the subject of cosmology, for: ...
Nov5-11 09:12 PM
4 12,781
My understanding is that if for example one object is orbiting another, then the mass center of the two masses is...
Nov5-11 06:07 PM
11 3,356
A thought experiment I have been thinking about this for twenty years and I would like to hear your opinions. It...
Nov5-11 02:15 PM
4 2,459
On a clear, dark night, one may observe the sky and see a few bright streaks of light across the vast dome of the sky....
Nov4-11 04:25 PM
0 1,863
So I am doing research for the different energy sources that might be available for a space base in about fifty years...
Nov4-11 12:33 PM
4 2,292
The moon orbits the earth on nearly the same plane as the earth orbits the sun. Does this coincidence of orbital...
Nov4-11 05:20 AM
3 2,587
Why do we have only one sun and moon on planet earth , while there are more than one sun on other planets ? Is there a...
Nov4-11 02:49 AM
4 2,209
I heard from a friend that such a thing was recently discovered. Any news on this?
Nov4-11 12:57 AM
1 1,868
Hello all, I'm a surveyor working on an Excel spreadsheet to convert FK5 positions into altitude and azimuth...
Nov3-11 08:25 PM
Scott S
1 2,042
Hello all, I am a student of high school and found an interesting question, but I do not know resolve. I'm from...
Nov3-11 04:42 PM
6 2,167
Hope this is the right forum.. What does the community think of Branson's Virgin Galactic? Will it be nothing more...
Nov3-11 03:40 AM
7 2,534
Hi. Just joined the forums. I've not taken a physics class since high school, but it is an interest of mine, so...
Nov2-11 06:02 PM
4 2,331
If a globular cluster is a dense(relatively speaking) collection of stars, why don't the stars attract each other...
Nov2-11 05:20 PM
25 4,548 "After completing this study, we know less about dark...
Nov1-11 10:22 PM
6 2,670
I am curious to know what would be the benefits of a Lunar Base? I know that some benefits include the harvesting...
Nov1-11 04:32 PM
44 6,259
The orbit of Pluto crosses the orbit of Neptune because the eccentricity of Pluto is much greater than Neptune and...
Nov1-11 01:48 PM
8 6,571
Hi, I am new to this forum but I am an applied physics student and I'm working on a seminar on deep space...
Nov1-11 06:07 AM
1 2,396
will light of all colors bend to the same extent or is it different for different frequencies?
Oct31-11 05:22 PM
1 1,578
Hi I'm about to write a java program where I wish to simulate planets orbit curve around the sun, so that I can set...
Oct31-11 03:27 PM
36 8,279
Is the speed of different bodies in the same planetary orbit equal to each other? I think it should be the same...
Oct31-11 11:44 AM
14 3,183
Hello Physics Forums, complete astronomy noobie here. My question is about how a main sequence star turns into a red...
Oct31-11 01:31 AM
3 2,614
For example if the pulsar is rotating with a fourth of the speed of light? Or more generally, what effect does the...
Oct30-11 09:19 PM
7 2,482
Any reason why cold dark matter isn't just ice? All the chemical reactions going on out there since the creation of...
Oct30-11 12:04 PM
9 5,322
what is the total amount of energy radiated per second by our milky way
Oct30-11 02:44 AM
1 1,644
Good afternoon gentlemen/women, I have a question regarding Lawrence Krauss' talk called "A Universe From Nothing"...
Oct30-11 01:20 AM
3 2,561
I saw the recent report where CERN was able to measure something that traveled a tiny bit faster than light. It made...
Oct29-11 02:55 PM
10 3,078
why galaxies are having uneven distribution of stars, in the form of arms? actually stars should have been like a thin...
Oct29-11 02:00 PM
1 1,742
I am doing a research paper in my Laser physics course, and I want to relate lasers to astrophysics. Does anyone have...
Oct29-11 09:57 AM
7 2,258
Basic question, I know... but.. When a star collapses and becomes a black hole, is it the same mass and does it...
Oct28-11 04:21 AM
4 2,571
I have two questions with regards to galactic rotations. Does the concept of a Galactic/Cosmic Year also apply to...
Oct28-11 04:04 AM
11 2,818
what is the smallest possible size of a black hole?
Oct28-11 02:56 AM
9 2,484
Hi, not sure if this belongs here or Astrophysics or..... ?? Goldilocks planet found, planet Gliese 581d. Sorry if...
Oct28-11 02:51 AM
52 8,326
When Fermi was asked if he believed in the existance of E.T.s he replied "where are they?" and I think the idea was...
Oct28-11 02:45 AM
1 1,739
Over in another forum I've got myself in trouble by suggesting that theoreticians haven't paid enough attention to...
Oct27-11 04:04 PM
34 9,860
This is the Hernquist model, with density ρ(r) = M(total)*a / 2πr(a+r)^3 M(total) is the total mass. a is...
Oct27-11 12:25 AM
0 1,308

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