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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,709
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,236
At what altitude and velocity is an orbit geosynchronous? Please include calculations. I am too old for this to be a...
Jul10-08 10:44 AM
Loren Booda
11 4,402
Hi, I recently came across an article on which I am somewhat skeptical, because one has to pay to see it, but...
Jul10-08 11:57 AM
2 1,702
I'm curious to know, if energy is carried by the bulk motion of matter, that is called... what?
Jul10-08 04:21 PM
2 4,952
Often I will hear quoted such and such Pulsar has a period of X and a Pdot of Y. However this is somewhat ambiguous...
Jul13-08 09:02 AM
George Jones
3 1,669
If we can agree that a blackhole can exist, and that its gravitational field is intensified with its mass, the we can...
Jul14-08 09:05 PM
3 1,446
Where can I get some data for Binary Star system? Thanks in Advance
Jul15-08 02:06 PM
2 1,585
I happened to see this and thought someone here might be interested It has been accepted for publication in...
Jul15-08 08:28 PM
1 1,262
The present big bang theory is available at Big-Bang...
Jul16-08 09:00 AM
4 2,364
Hi there! Does anyone here know what the typical light levels are at the Martian surface (in daylight hours!) and...
Jul16-08 10:51 AM
0 2,852
can someone Explain the NS-NS or NS-BH or BH-BH mergers proposed to explain short GRB’s. Thanks
Jul16-08 12:43 PM
2 1,659 What's the deal with some of these new planets being named after...
Jul16-08 12:52 PM
5 1,522
A year ago we had a HW problem about galactic rotation curves: If the dark matter density is \rho=...
Jul16-08 04:21 PM
0 1,897
Sorry, it doubled posted for some reason
Jul16-08 06:57 PM
0 1,036
I know it's not a bright question, but I'd like to know the answer as well. I've read that the high atmosphere of...
Jul17-08 06:19 AM
5 1,535
I heard an interview with a physicist on the radio who was talking about how the pioneer 9 and 10 felt an anomylous...
Jul17-08 10:18 AM
16 4,747
Will ever Uranus be tidal-locked by the Sun?
Jul17-08 01:35 PM
3 2,522
I understand Einsteinís theory of relativity quite well but I keep thinking about different things and getting...
Jul18-08 06:30 AM
27 4,845 You may remember Deep Impact was launched in 2005 with the...
Jul18-08 08:02 PM
5 1,602
Assume we have a sun-plannet system in a perfect, stable orbit. The gravitation force cancel out with the...
Jul19-08 10:55 PM
8 1,952
I haven't heards much of Chandrayaan in the past months. It was supposed to be launched in 2008 start. What now??...
Jul20-08 07:10 AM
0 1,728
Traversing our own galaxy is a lifelong quest for me and I am actually pondering it and long for it all the time,...
Jul20-08 03:31 PM
10 2,807
I live in Southern California, right in heart of Orange County and within walking distance of Disneyland and when I...
Jul21-08 07:11 PM
5 4,854
This could be a question of particle physics, but I just want to see how much we know about this force yet? Any...
Jul22-08 01:04 AM
13 3,188
I wonder if it would be possible for some kind PFer to create me a map of the current position of the planets and...
Jul22-08 06:33 PM
4 42,601
Maybe this isn't as feasible as I'm hoping, but if very big organisms existed on Mars at some point during its...
Jul23-08 05:42 PM
1 1,979
I had a thought the other day that I would quite like feedback on: Could the universes accelerating expansion be...
Jul23-08 11:05 PM
4 1,757
Real pictures from Space? Most people have seen pictures the Hubble space telescope has taken of deep space....
Jul24-08 09:42 AM
7 1,627
1) the earth moves around the sun. What is the force causing this movement around the sun? I know that there is a...
Jul24-08 06:16 PM
5 3,502
Recently I wrote a letter to Jet Propultion Laboratory's Webmaster but never got a response. It stated that the Solar...
Jul24-08 07:08 PM
3 1,524
What if our Sun was a blue giant or was some other color? Would the planet be lit with that color? What would it be...
Jul24-08 10:04 PM
15 16,639
Hello there, I'm developing a 4x Space Opera game. For my galaxy generation algorithm I'm using an improved version of...
Jul26-08 11:21 AM
0 2,091
I read this paper and I don't understand how compute the...
Jul26-08 01:33 PM
0 1,206 This is pretty suprising to me and I dont...
Jul27-08 09:32 AM
2 1,574
I just happened to stumble across this bit of research and thought it might be of interest to folks. ...
Jul27-08 12:39 PM
0 1,650
Not sure what forum this question belongs in... so I'll post it here. I understand the concept of gravity warping...
Jul30-08 06:06 AM
4 1,480
Hi ! I have mounted a tri-axis accelerometer on a telescope which gives me angles for x,y & z axis, is there a...
Jul31-08 05:11 PM
1 4,309
Aug1-08 03:09 PM
3 1,478
I have been thinking about this for a while, and I am not sure about how I can visualize this. Lets imagine that...
Aug1-08 09:07 PM
15 3,285
This may strike some people as really weird but after reading the book, God and the New Physics by Paul Davies, I came...
Aug2-08 07:58 AM
3 1,400
To clarify, I am seeking a mathematical model upon which I can build a program which could populate a fictitious E0...
Aug3-08 07:32 PM
0 2,177

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