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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,085
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 113,683
Hi, not sure if this is the right area for such a post but.... I was just thinking if the hubble space telescope can...
Aug3-08 08:08 PM
2 2,456
I have a question about the hydrostatic equation for a star's central pressure. I know that the central pressure for...
Aug4-08 07:38 AM
5 12,925
Does anyone have any idea how to get the photometry of SDSS data?
Aug5-08 06:39 PM
4 2,462
I've got a telescope (Meade DS114 -- reflecting, D = 114mm, F= 910mm, f/8) that I'm trying to get together again. We...
Aug6-08 08:53 AM
1 1,674
I was reading an astronomy article about the size of the milky way ...
Aug6-08 12:20 PM
1 2,597
Hi all, My question is, does the radius of a star vary significantly between different wavelengths? I am...
Aug6-08 12:26 PM
1 1,782
How is the sun earth distance currently determined? I read about a method where the distance between the earth and...
Aug6-08 03:02 PM
3 2,383
Just a question, I am by no means a astrophysicist... just a lowly thinker who doesn't think much IF a multiverse...
Aug7-08 12:48 AM
1 1,603
what is the best telescope? refractor or reflector? is the principle of reflecting is better or the reflacting?
Aug7-08 09:19 AM
17 2,775
when light hits a object,its image is tranfered from the object it hit until it hits something else.when the light...
Aug7-08 01:22 PM
15 2,514
I recently read a thread that pointed to some constants that caught my attention. Before I go off the deep end with a...
Aug10-08 02:59 PM
14 1,597
Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I'll be trying to come up to speed over the next few weeks.. I am trying to...
Aug10-08 04:05 PM
7 2,996
Hello I have been reading a textbook on cosmology and have come up against a self test question I just can't crack!...
Aug11-08 03:51 AM
9 3,213
On galaxy rotation curves, the velocities of stars (or gas) rotating about their galactic centre remain fairly...
Aug11-08 03:41 PM
3 1,921
Since the outer boundry(s) of our expanding universe are moving at a less than the speed of light rate there must be...
Aug12-08 02:41 AM
13 4,092
Just curious as to how someone may determine what orbital distances are "safe" or "stable" for planetary interactions?...
Aug12-08 10:00 AM
2 1,343
how to measure the spin angular momentum of there any specific formula for blackhole Or the usual J=mvr...
Aug13-08 02:40 AM
1 4,711 ScienceDaily (Aug. 8, 2008) — Prevailing theoretical...
Aug13-08 07:02 PM
7 1,876
According to Kepler third law, the ratio of the squares of the periods of any two planets is equal to the ratio of the...
Aug14-08 04:31 AM
3 3,191
Ever wondered what it is like to make a major discovery in astrophysics? You may be interested in reading Jocelyn...
Aug14-08 10:39 AM
1 1,670
how does the movement of stars compare to the movement of planets
Aug14-08 11:09 AM
Louis B
12 15,632
was just reading about the hubble ultra deep field photo / life the universe etc; here ...
Aug14-08 05:47 PM
45 11,316
I'm working on this project and I've kind of come to a roadblock. Here's a little background: we have a 1 solar...
Aug14-08 06:15 PM
Silly Lung
3 2,019
I am having some problem understanding this.. By Newtons Gravitation Law we know: F=Gm1m2/r^2 centre of the...
Aug20-08 07:05 AM
2 3,490
The first two are theoretical. Please excuse grammatical and spelling errors. If you had a spaceship at the edge...
Aug20-08 10:38 AM
5 5,716
Why is the Hubble constant assumed to be "constant"? Just to keep things simple a la Occam's razor? Or is there a lot...
Aug20-08 07:49 PM
2 1,189
Hello to all, Just a question related to a thought I’ve had for some time now… Most astronomy interested people...
Aug21-08 10:35 AM
14 2,228
Does anyone know of a good mathematical reference covering the use of one-parameter group actions to model rotations...
Aug21-08 04:58 PM
4 1,731
Why don't the rings of the outer planets coalesce into moons? I realize they already have moons, but why don't the...
Aug22-08 10:17 PM
0 1,244
This came up on another web site I read, and it got me to wondering, so I am certain someone here could answer this. ...
Aug23-08 11:50 AM
Bob Weaver
6 4,239
What exactly is meant when a spectrum is said to be "hard" or "soft", or "harder"/"softer" compared to a different...
Aug23-08 09:32 PM
4 5,734
Could the missing mass/dark matter be (migrating)? Black holes of various sizes? I have serious doubts if the missing...
Aug24-08 07:24 AM
5 1,868
After the recombination epoch neutral hydrogen was formed in the universe. Since neutral hydrogen absorbs radiation in...
Aug24-08 05:16 PM
3 7,266
Aug25-08 06:01 AM
12 2,667 This came out at the...
Aug25-08 11:14 AM
6 2,793
I have a question about tides. I just read an article that states tides are influenced by the moon, sun.planets and...
Aug27-08 12:44 PM
2 1,393
Question: can a signal be made or manipulated that can reach the end of the universe (or beyond)? (Can also be...
Aug27-08 06:22 PM
2 1,257
a black hole is basicaly a massice rip in space with an invisible gravity source. a wormhhole is a rip in time and...
Aug27-08 06:50 PM
14 2,960
(This was originally posted in Why mass causes space to bend but I started a new thread as it was going slightly off...
Aug28-08 12:35 AM
0 1,370
I've recently come across some doubters as to the existence of dark matter. If you find yourself among that group,...
Aug28-08 06:31 PM
4 2,026

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